Worth waiting for….(KKB) Few shots! Shot 6 Final shot!


Pragya was getting ready for her work as today and looking at her mangalsutra through the mirror only reminded of Abhi’s memories….Pragya, Every day I am seeing this around my neck but why can’t I see the person who tied this on me every day?
Bulbul saw Pragya looking at the mirror and that too at the mangalsutra. Bulbul, Di u are just wasting your time waiting for him! But I told u this many times and u are not listening to me!

Bulbul knocked the door and Pragya came back to senses. Pragya “Bulbul…I am ready let’s leave!” Bulbul “Haan ok….Shall I drop u?” Pragya “It’s ok Bulbul…I am meeting my friend on the way too…so….” Bulbul “Oh ok di! Take care and let’s leave the house now!” Bulbul, It’s strange…. Di don’t usually meet her friend before going to work! Who is that special friend now? Or is it Jiju?

On her way to work Pragya stopped near a restaurant and looked around. Pragya, Where is he? He asked me to come here right?

Abhi was already there and saw her from a distance. Pragya texted Abhi asking where was he and he replied her to walk in front and see. Pragya smiled looking at him and sat opposite him. Abhi “Sorry Pragya….” Pragya “No problem yaar…I know u won’t call me if u are free so it’s fine….” Abhi “Pragya I just want your help….” Pragya “What help?” Abhi “Can u like kiss me?” Pragya in shock widened her eyes and asked “What??” Abhi “You heard it right! You have to kiss me now! He is looking at us!” Pragya “He? Who is that he?” Abhi “I will tell u all that later but just kiss me! So that I can escape from him!” Pragya “But how can I? There are so many people here!” Abhi “Ya I know….but I will handle all that u just kiss me before u leave…like on my cheeks with a smile!” Pragya thought, what is this…I shouldn’t have come here when he called me in the first place!

Abhi “I am really sorry Pragya…but I really have no choice…just stay here for a while and when we are about to leave then u kiss me!” Pragya looked perplexed and just nodded her head not knowing what to do now….

He was talking all the way about his work and she was tensed all the way about how she is going to kiss him. Abhi “Ok now it’s the time and don’t mess it up Pragya!” Pragya clumsily nodded her head and stood up and he too stood up. Abhi now signalled to her for the kiss. She walked towards him and leaned up. Pragya closed her eyes and kissed on his cheek with a smile. Abhi just hugged her making Pragya taken aback and he quickly rushed her to his car before anyone starts in taking picture of them….Pragya was shocked all the while of what had happened a while ago…..Abhi “I am really sorry Pragya…I will drop u at the college!” Pragya “It’s ok but tell me who are u doing this for?” Abhi “For one of my sponsor….he asked me to marry her daughter and I said I have a girlfriend but he never believed me…so I had to ask u to come down as he was spying on me….” Pragya “Oh…” Abhi “Ya I am really sorry again…” Pragya “It’s ok and why are u keep on asking sorry…I am fine with it…” Abhi in doubt asked “You are fine?” Pragya looking out the window said “Yes it was just a kiss…” Abhi “Ya u are right it was just a kiss…” Pragya, how do I tell u it was my first kiss to u…it was not just a kiss to me…Abhi, Why do I feel she is hiding her feelings towards me now? Why she never look at me and said it was just a kiss….and she is smiling until now as if she liked kissing me….

He dropped her at the college and smiled looking at the lipstick mark through the rear mirror. Abhi, It’s her first kiss to me and it looks really nice on me! I hope to get more kisses from her…
He drove off from there to his home. Once he reached home, he texted her saying thank u for the help and she replied it’s my pleasure….Abhi thought, it’s my pleasure too to have a kiss from her….

Pragya for the whole day was thinking about her kiss to him and was also happily doing her work like never before…..
Bulbul, So this is what di has been doing! I just followed her and noticed her kiss to him! Then why can’t he just bring her back in his life? Such an irritating idiot that my sister had fallen in love with….
As days passed, Bulbul can’t believe that her di was still secretly meeting Abhi. Bulbul, Now this is too much and I have to take actions to show who is this Bulbul!
Abhi even invited Pragya to his house for lunch and she too went without informing Bulbul. Pragya was happy at least in this way she is able to be in touch with Abhi and not being able to miss him badly….

Then one day….
Bulbul “Di! You are going to the seminar, today right?” Pragya “Haan Bulbul! I am leaving soon…It’s quite far from here too!” Bulbul “Ok di…Take care and I am also going out of town for a while regarding work!” Pragya “Oh is it? Then we have to lock the main door of the house!”Bulbul smiled hearing that and Pragya thought why is she smiling for locking up the house. Bulbul “Ok di u go first and I will need to check whether I packed everything properly or not!” Pragya left the house and Bulbul was keep on giving a cheeky smile that made Pragya confused.
As for Abhi in his room was getting ready for an event and was dressing up and that’s when he was looking around the room and saw something that was not supposed to be in his house….

Abhi, How can this be here? He walked towards the direction of the table and picked up the something. How can she just removed this? Is that way she came here for lunch and left silently with a worried face? How can she even remove the mangalsutra that I tied on her? So now she is not waiting for me anymore? I still have all rights on her! How can she do this even without my permission?

He immediately called Pragya but she already switched off her phone as she was at the seminar. Abhi, What the hell? She even switched off her phone and how do I reach her now? With full of anger he went to her house and found it to be locked and he was disappointed with her actions….more than disappointment it was more of anger that he couldn’t control. He tried asking the neighbours but they were also not sure about their whereabouts….Abhi somehow managed to get Bulbul’s number and called her. Abhi “Bulbul! I am Abhi here and where are u all? Why is the house locked?” Bulbul “Why are u asking this? We left the house and u said u only will come back on some Diwali right?” Abhi “Bulbul please tell me where is Pragya! I want to see her!” Bulbul “Acha…now u want to see her!” Abhi “No! I always want to see her!” Bulbul “I don’t know…she went to some seminar…” Abhi “Where? Just tell me the place!” Bulbul “I think it’s…..” Abhi “Don’t think Bulbul…please tell me the exact location!

I know u are just taunting me!” Bulbul “Ok wait…I will text u the location!” Abhi “Ok faster!” Abhi impatiently was waiting for the message from Bulbul. Once he received the message, he rushed to the place and found it to be too crowded and asked permission to get inside the place. Abhi after a lot of struggle managed to get in and heard Pragya’s voice. He turned to look at her but she couldn’t see her. Pragya was giving a speech on relationships…..

Abhi hearing that was getting more furious. Abhi, With me she broke my relationship and now she is talking about relationships! What the hell? Let me go and stop this now! No….There are so many people here and I don’t want to make fuss and everyone will think that I am mad! I will wait until this ends…..
By then some of them have noticed his presence and were disturbing him for selfies and he had to be very rude to them as he was in no mood to entertain them! He had to wait for a few hours for the whole event to be finished….He saw her walking towards the lunch area and he just went towards ignoring the crowd.

Abhi shouted “Pragya! Come with me now!” He never gave her time to respond and just pulled her away from the crowd. He quickly brought her to his car and drove rashly to some isolated place. Pragya was too shocked and was keep on asking him where is he bringing her to but he didn’t answer a single word to her. It made her felt very terrible and with mixed emotions…

Abhi stopped at the isolated place and asked her to get out of the car. Pragya “Why this place? Why did u bring me here?” Abhi “Do u remember this place in the first place?” Pragya looked around and remembered it was the same place that she met him in streets when he was drunk in a very bad condition. Pragya “Haan I know…I met you here for the first time….” Abhi “You remembered, right? Why do u remember it until now?” Pragya “What kind of question is this? I just remember and how does it matter now? To ask this u bring me here?” Abhi “No! You remember this as you had a bad impression of me from that day on wards!” Pragya “What are u telling? Did I say like that?” Abhi “No!! But what u have done makes me think like that….” Pragya in confusion asked “What have I done?” Abhi “What have u done? U even dare to ask me that?” He took the mangalsutra from his pocket and showed her. Pragya in a puzzled tone asked “Whose is this?” Abhi “Can’t u see? This is yours!” Pragya “It looks same as mine but not mine!” Abhi “What?? Don’t lie! U are not wearing it too!” Pragya showed her mangalsutra that she was wearing but managed to hide it under her blouse. Pragya in a anger tone asked “Then what is this that I am wearing?” Abhi was now stunned and puzzled at the same time…He looked at the mangalsutra that he was holding and asked “It’s not yours?” Pragya “Why do I in the first place need to remove it? Don’t u know what does it mean if I remove it?”Abhi in a low tone said “Haan….I know….but I thought u removed it on that day after coming for lunch….” Pragya “That was a week ago! And now only u saw this! Ya I know right…You are too busy to get your success!”
Abhi “What?? I am not just busy to get my success! It’s also for u! For us!” Pragya “For me? Did I ask u to be successful when we were together?” Abhi “No…..but….” Pragya in a stern voice asked “No right? Then u are now accusing me like this!” Abhi “Did I said I am accusing u but u had the dreams of me being successful….so that u can love me…” Pragya couldn’t understand what he was trying to tell. Pragya “What are u thinking ah? I will love u only if u are successful! When did I say this way?” Abhi “Enough Pragya…enough of hiding the truth…you meant like that when u were talking to Bulbul when I came to propose u….” Pragya “Can u explain to me clearly?” Abhi explained to her what he heard her saying on that day when he decided to leave. Pragya “Is this how much u understand me?” Abhi “What do u mean?” Pragya “I think I should have been more clear to you about my thoughts….

I didn’t mean that I will only love u if u are successful….I didn’t want to disturb u as Bulbul was keep on pestering me to propose u! And I said it’s enough for me to live with u and I don’t want to disturb u as I had understand that u were trying hard to succeed…..” Abhi looking at her intently “You never wanted my success to love me?” Pragya with tears in her eyes looked back and said “I just wanted u to love me…..that is the success I wanted….” Abhi hugged her to his chest and said “I am sorry Pragya….I should have asked u….”Pragya “No….I am sorry….I should have told u…” Abhi “You waited for me all this while just for my love?” Pragya looking up at him said “You also waited for me all this while for my love right?” Abhi kissed her forehead and said “ You know Pragya…. When words were there to express my feelings, then my love was not there….

when love was there to express my feelings, then words are not there with me now…” Pragya “Don’t say like that…..whatever happened between us only made us closer now….so don’t feel for it….” Abhi “Ya I know Pragya….but we both waited for each other with a lot of worries na….” Pragya “Just forget this….and now my only worry is how long are we going to be here?” Abhi “Why are u worrying about that now?” Pragya “Because….I want to be back with u in our home!” Abhi smiled hearing her excitement to be back at their home….Abhi “Soon but then whose mangalsutra is this? Who placed it on my table?” Pragya broke from the hug and said “I know who did this! It’s Bulbul!” Abhi “What? Why did u think so?” Pragya “I just think so as she looked at me being lost looking at my mangalsutra that day….then today she was also smiling weirdly….” Abhi “But it’s good that she did this…I am just wondering how she managed to placed it in my room…” Pragya “Purab! Your PA is her boyfriend! He should have done that!”

Abhi “What? He is her boyfriend? That I never know….” Pragya chuckled and said “Yes u never know a lot of things until now….” Abhi “Hey Pragya…what else I never know?” He said that by pulling her towards him by grabbing her waist. Pragya was taken aback by his move but she enjoyed it…..Pragya in a soft tone said “Hmm…You should be coming back on a Diwali to get me back….not now…..” Abhi “Acha…so I shall leave u again? Is it?” Pragya “Arrey no! By the way why did you said u will bring me back on a Diwali?” Abhi “You never realized that we met on the streets when it was Diwali!” Pragya “Oh yes….” Abhi “Now u never realize that!” Pragya smiled hearing that and looked at him closely with all her senses lost to him….

He too looked at her with all his senses lost to him until his phone rang….
Pragya “Suniye….” Abhi “Hmm…” Pragya “Your phone is ringing!” Abhi “Oh! It should be from the event organisers! I missed the event today!” Pragya “What? U missed it?” Abhi “Now how do I answer?” Pragya “Pass me the phone….let me answer!” Abhi with curiosity asked “What will u answer?” Pragya “You will hear it na…just trust me!” Abhi passed his phone to her and she answered the call “ Hello Sir I am Pragya….He couldn’t pick up the call as he is busy now in some work…but sir it is worth waiting for him as he is worth it right? Don’t worry sir as he will be there before the event ends! He will be there for the closing ceremony!”

Abhi hearing that was overwhelmed as she indirectly mentioned that she is feeling worth waiting for him all this while….After ending the call, Abhi in a seductive tone said “Pragya….I just don’t want to wait any longer to show u how worth u are to me!” Pragya “Haan u have to wait to show me that as we have to attend the event now!” Abhi gave a sad face and looked at Pragya making her laugh out loud…..
That’s how worth waiting for ends with waiting to be worth it as it increased their worth for each other in various ways….

This waiting thing is also present in my family in a mysterious way and that’s how I got this idea to write this few shots! Hope u all enjoyed it and thanks for the support so far! Princess Madhu I have finally ended this and how was this? Haha I took almost two days to type this as I was keep on taking breaks. As usual I am not sure how was the shots! I am waiting for responses as I think it is worth for me!

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      Thank u Lopez! I had to end it as I can’t think of how to continue! Sorry for that!

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      Aww I am really touched by your words! Thanks for the lovely comment Minu sis!!

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    Kyun Mujhse Khafa… Tu Hai Mere Khuda…
    Why are You upset from me, You are my God/Lord
    Deewane Se Tere… Kya Ho Gayi Khata…
    What mistake has (have) Your devotee (I) done?
    Jo Ho Gaya Juda…
    That I’ve become separated from You
    Ho Jaaunga Tabah…
    I’ll get destroyed
    Kyun Mujhse Khafa… Tu Hai Mere Khuda…
    Why are You upset from me, You are my God
    Deewane Se Tere… Kya Ho Gayi Khata…
    What mistake has Your devotee done?

    Kyun Tere Bin, Rehta Hai Din
    Without You, why does the day
    Mujhse Yun Rootha Hua
    Remain upset from me
    Kyun Saari Raat, Mujhko Ye Chaand
    Why all night, I feel that this Moon…
    Lagta Hai Toota Hua
    Is broken
    Na Meri Ye Zameen… Na Mera Aasmaan…
    The Earth isn’t mine, the Sky isn’t mine
    Deewane Se Tere… Kya Ho Gayi Khata…
    What mistake has Your devotee done?

    Sulgi Hui, Saansein Meri
    My breath is burning
    Maangein Jo Tujhse Hawa
    It is asking for wind from You (to extinguish the fire)
    Deedar De, Ya Waar De
    Give me a sighting of You or grant me something
    Dede Na Dil Ko Dawa
    Please give me medicine for my heart
    Na Tujhse Mila… Na Tujhse Mita…
    I haven’t met You, I haven’t been destroyed by You
    Deewane Se Tere… Kya Ho Gayi Khata…
    What mistake has Your devotee done?
    Jo Ho Gaya Juda…
    That I’ve become separated from You
    Ho Jaaunga Tabah…
    I’ll get destroyed

    This is My State now !
    I just wanna Hug u and give a kiss to u ! (on cheek okay ?)
    I am regreting being here sitting in my house , reading your updates and commenting !
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    But Believe me I will some how make this truth some day before I exit from this world ! PROMISE ! ?
    PRINCESS I LOVE U SO Much !? I Owe My Life , Love Everything to you !?
    And Did u notice something … the sudden change of my identity to that name ! I wanted to Be your True Devotee so I made addressed myself that way so as to be similar to My Perfect sister “MAYA” ! (4 letter word , startin with M and ending with A resp) See na in this too I only showing all th love that I have for My Princess !
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    Sayonara !?

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      And U are worth having So Much Of Love and Happiness beyond limits in your life !??

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