Worth waiting for….(KKB) Few shots! Shot 4


Abhi carried Pragya to his car and placed her gently on the seat. He sprinkled water on her face and she slowly regained consciousness. Pragya “You are still here?” Abhi “Then u expect me to leave u just like that?” Pragya “Oh….” Abhi was sitting beside her and looked at her intently…Pragya was affected by his strong gaze towards her and she was fidgeting with the ends of her duppata. Abhi “How are you?” Pragya “Hmm…fine…You?” Abhi “Okay…”Pragya “Okay so I have to go now….thanks for the help!” Pragya was about to open the door and Abhi “So fast? You don’t want to see me at least for a while and that too after 2 years?” Pragya “I always see you in Televisions, magazines and newspapers….and physically maybe it’s now but emotionally I have so many ways to see u….” Abhi “Haan but I don’t have all these ways that u said to see you….” Pragya “Does it matter to u by not seeing me?” Abhi “Definitely it matters as u are my wife!” Pragya “That is only to u but not to this society as u never acknowledge yourself as a married person!” Abhi “That’s because a married person and that too as a Rockstar is not that attractive to sponsors! Once I am in a high success then I will surely acknowledge you as my wife to everyone!” Pragya thought to herself, when will be that day? I just want to be beside you as your wife but u want success to beside you……

Pragya “Ok as u wish and I always support u!” Abhi, at least now u can say that u want to beside me as my wife and I will leave all this success behind for u….u only want this success to be beside me…….

Pragya “So….I heard that u are writing lyrics too?” Abhi in a excited tone “Haan! You know that? Yes Pragya! And I am having so much difficulties now to think of a girl’s thoughts and feelings….The song is about a girl’s thoughts and feelings towards a guy she is in love with but she is hiding it for some reason….but I don’t know how is a girl’s thoughts and feelings like! Is it like in more depth or something very shallow? Do u have any opinion about this?” Pragya smiled widely hearing him very excited. Pragya “A girl’s thoughts and feelings are deeply rooted….like the roots of a tree beneath the ground that can’t be seen and as for guys like u….your thoughts and feelings are like the branches of trees which are widely seen by all those around u……” Abhi looked perplexed not able to understand what Pragya was trying to convey to him……Pragya “You don’t get it ah?” Abhi scratching his head in confusion “Yes! Why can’t u tell it in a simple way?” Pragya “Hmm…u go home and think about my words and if u still don’t understand then give me a call!” Abhi “Ok sure! But u changed your number right?” Pragya in a surprised tone asked “So u tried calling my old number?” Abhi with a sad face said “Haan I called u to wish u for your birthday! But couldn’t wish u as your number was out of service….”

Pragya smiled in happiness that he still remembers her birthday. Abhi “It’s ok now u give me your number!” Both of them exchanged their numbers and Pragya “Ok I have to go now…” Abhi “Hmm…I know it’s getting late for work right?” Pragya in amazement asked “How do u know it’s time for my work?” Abhi sheepishly smiled and somehow managed by saying he just made a guess. Abhi, How can I not know as I live near you….and always have interest in knowing what u are doing…..because my only interest is u after I find u are the one worth for me…..

Pragya bid bye to him and was becoming emotional in the thoughts of leaving him….Unable to stand her emotions, she just hugged him making Abhi confused as she never really hugged him before….Pragya quickly rushed out of the car before Abhi reacted in a way that upsets her….

Abhi, She hugged me? That too with tears? She never did like that even when I left her! Is she missing me?

Pragya, Why did I hugged him? I shouldn’t have done like that….But he is my husband na…so what’s the big deal in hugging him? Yes when he question me regarding the hug then I just tell that he is my husband and I have the rights to hug him…..

My finds were completed by this fairy in my life…..She is my fairy who completed my finds for living, life and most importantly love……

Princess Madhu! Sorry I couldn’t finish this few shots by today but hopefully very soon and don’t worry u will get an update for this tomorrow itself! So no need to wait that long! I felt that I should explain more for their waiting for each other so please wait that I can explain further in the next shot!

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  1. Lovely episode!??

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  4. superb episode di loved it. It is really “worth waiting and reading” your all the stories I am really blessed to read your stories eagerly waiting for the next episode

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  6. Bestest ???! Their scene was Aweeee ! ???

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