Worth waiting for….(KKB) Few shots! Shot 2


Is waiting worth it? Waiting to get weakening moments? Or waiting to get winning moments? What do u all think? It have both weakening and winning moments but it can be also considered as getting weakened to win or winning to get weakened…..Let’s see how is it in this story….
Abhi was remembering his days with her….his first love….his first dream…..
(Following is the lines taken from a local tamil song here called mutharkanave-first dream…)
When I saw my first love….All my sleep was lost…

Why did you do this to me? Is it fair for you to kill me like this?
This is my first dream….This is my first love….
With conviction and fire in your eyes, the way you look kills me….
With no arguments and no cases filed, you won me over and over again….
If I explain in the language of poetry, would you understand my pain?
There are many girls in the world but my heart only yearns for you….
Because I was drenched in the rains of your love….my afternoons became cold like the night…
This is my first dream….This is my first love….
Abhi, You are my first love….you are my first dream Pragya….I always dream of you….It is easy to dream but it is difficult to make the dream come true….I am waiting to make our dream come true…Will I be able to do it? That is the most awaiting moment of our lives…..Please wait Pragya….

Pragya looking at herself in the mirror smiled remembering him….Pragya thought, Those around me say that I am not in my senses….I am a fool…Let it be but I am not a fool to you right? That is what matters to me the most….You made me dream….you made me live my life as a dream…now I am just waiting for you to be in my dreams….in my life…..
Abhi recalled their first meeting….
Who would expect her to be so strong in help me lifting me? Did she got the strength to lift me as we were destined to be the strength for each other? I don’t know but she lifted me…walked with me when I was drunk and unconscious in the streets….What made me love her? Is it that help of hers? No…help doesn’t really leads to love…helping others is human’s nature…it’s humanity…but making others to feel happiness leads to love….that’s how I fell in love with her…..She made me feel happiness by giving all her happiness to me….In return I could only give her some moments of memories that she is cherishing until now….

Pragya recalled their first meeting…..
I didn’t want to leave him alone in that condition but I didn’t mind leaving him in my heart….Why is that so? It was the care and concern that I had for him…..He needed it as much as I needed…..I could see how vulnerable he was through his eyes….It was just like me…I could relate to him. That could be the reason why we are related to each other even when we are far apart……
Pragya came back to senses when someone called her. Pragya, This Bulbul na…always disturbing my thoughts….and always irritating me by saying that he won’t come back! Suniye…please come fast na…at least to prove that she is wrong!

Pragya “Haan coming Bulbul! Now what u want?” Bulbul “I want u to see this!” Pragya looked at the newspaper that Bulbul showed and she smiled widely….Bulbul “You are smiling? U should be shocked right?” Pragya “It may shock you but not me…in whatever situation I see him it only brings a smile to me….as long he is fine in his ways….” Bulbul shook her head in disbelief and just mumbled to herself for Pragya’s beliefs….
As for Pragya, she was keep on looking at the newspaper and was admiring him…..
What was in the newspaper?

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  1. Sissy this s truly unfair??? suspense!!!! 1 of my fav song??? lovely update??❤❤lovely abhigya❤❤?? keep rocking ??update nxt part soon sissy????

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  4. Maya

    Thank u Mokshi sissy but the song its not from the tamil movie majnu…its from a telemovie called Mutharkanave in Singapore! Suspense ah? Not really sis? and Princess Madhu! VERY soon they will see each other?? so no worries!

  5. Superb?? loved it❤️❤️

  6. Superbly Superrrb ???! Loved it !???

  7. Saranya24

    Ohh again u left in suspense anyway loved it akka love u muuaahh?????

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  9. Monesha

    Wow wow wow….. AWESOMEEEEEEE…… Episode. I loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeeeee…… I am warning you akka. If you impressed me overly then confirm i will not leave you. Then you have to bear my love torcher. It will be very difficult coz I will not leave you ever. About episode again and again you are KILLINGGGGGGG me akka. I am only one girl for my parents. I am just talking about you all whenever I am getting time. That too you, prathi akka, maahi akka, saranya akka, duva, and lakshmi akka. I am really impressed by your talent. Keep writing….. And keep rocking….. Love you a lottttttt loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa….. ???

  10. Prathi

    Random Queen again u left us with Suspense very bad!!

  11. Awesome akka?love you♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. Superb…

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