Worth waiting for….(KKB) Few shots! Shot 1

As the breeze caressed her face, she remembered his touches on her….like the honey at the core of a flower, that’s how his sweet and lovely face is at the core of her heart and it will be there forever……

She adorned herself with jasmine flowers on her hair and was dressed up in a pink saree….A traditional girl with strong beliefs in traditions was now looking at the door steps…. she was waiting for his arrival…..

Someone “No matter how much u wait for him….He won’t come back….He left u forever….” Hearing that made her furious and went near the person. She told the person in a harsh tone  “I am not shouting at u as he will come back and shout at u for telling like this! He will come back and I will wait no matter how long it takes….”Someone “Are u scaring me? Remember that u are waiting for him more than 2 years….still he is not back yet!” She told “Whether it is 2 years or 20 years…I will wait and he will be back as he had told me…..” Someone “He just told u….not promised u!” She “His words in whatever he told me are all the promises of our love…..” Someone “Nobody can change u!” She with a wide smile said “Thank you!”

Where are u? When will u come? I am waiting for u at every Diwali for the past 2 years…Diwali is said to be the festival of lights… lights…my lights is filled in your happiness…when will u fill the happiness in my life?

Do you know something? I actually want to hide u like the pearl hidden inside the shell after I get you….I can’t afford to lose you again once you are back…..

Somewhere near to the place where she was living….he was looking at the beach…

He thought to himself, I know u are waiting for me….but how do I tell u I am near to you only? But I need time to reach you and your heart…..your heart that is deeply hidden within me…..

As time passes, some say that there is no point in waiting…but in our case as time passes there is a lot of points connected while waiting…..Wait for me Pragya…I know it doesn’t matter to u if anyone tells your wait is not worth it….as u consider I am the only one to be worth waiting for…..

Looking at the waves remind me of your wave-like smile….hearing to the sounds of waves remind me of the peacefulness that surrounds u….Everything that is around me reminds of u….Do u know why? It’s because u are my everything that is part of my life….

As moments passed, even waiting can be painful…but waiting for something that is everything in our lives is not painful but it’s peaceful….

Why is there this waiting in the first place? Let’s see in the upcoming shots….
It’s nice to see some commenting after a long time…and some newly commenting…and some always commenting to support me! Thanks for all that support and about this one it’s multiple shots now…it will be few shots of 3 or 4….Hopefully it’s that way…and how was this? Hope u all liked it!? I wrote this as I was unable to sleep…so there maybe some mistakes…Sorry for that!

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  1. Wow.. Few shots.. I become more happy when I saw your name.. Y he is not going to her when she is near? Waiting yaar…

  2. B_Ani

    i know it will be u wid the name itself didi…this is just cool and awesome. and its really worth waiting for!!!

  3. Princesskrisha

    Again few shots wow awesome di its awesome n great di pls post nxt part soon di n sense of belonging too di

  4. Interesting start…superb keep going…

  5. superb sis keep rocking

  6. Interesting sissy☺☺☺☺ ur wrds r just lovely???❤❤❤ no wrds to describe???? loved it ❤❤❤???eagerly waiting for ur nxt shot sissy ??????

  7. Monesha

    WOW….. WOW….. WOWWWWW….. AWESOMEEEEEEE…….. You are rocking….. I have to praise you more but due to less time i am giving you a short episode. I really loved it to the COREEEEEEEEEEEEE…… My dear ROCKINGGGGGGG…… And CRAZZZZZZZYYYYY……. Akka. Really nice intro…. Waiting for next episode. I am learning different things by your ff. I don’t know how you are getting this words from your brain. Love you a lottttttt… Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa……. ????

  8. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrr…… Interesting…..

  9. I AM WAITING !? Turning Crazy now ???! pls post the next shot soon ???! atleast mere liye !??? Superb sis !

  10. Asmithaa

    i am waiting..

  11. Intrestinggg!!!..

  12. Wait, I realised I am missing your one shots, oh no no, I am missing the Addiction! Shoot! This no less than a mess! Wait , My brain has been corrupted due to examination session going on! So That is why I am randomly coming at TU, ?????? Oh my, let me comment directly! Dear this was awesome one shot ever, ROS! Random One shot, this randomness gets me adicted! So As i can not neglect the addicton, I would read your all one shots once this session gets over! Till then I will surely continue to read these 4 shots or 3 shots! Can not afford to miss it! Today It was seriously awesome ? I loved it!

  13. Reshma_Pradeep

    Oh My Dear………….It’s AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m getting addicted to your Shots day by day………….Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Prathi

    My dear Random Queen is up with another few shots? Bring it on waiting 🙂 🙂

  15. Seeing the title itself I knew it’s my IB! This was Awesome????? loved it❤️❤️❤️ i am going crazy now!!?? waiting for the next part! Plz post it soon!!

  16. Saranya24

    Sorry queen frst stop blabbering tat its not gud ok all ur shots ff are always lovely to the core love u loads akka??????

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