You are my world (Part 9)


ep starts with adi at offce..
Adi comes to a girl.
Adi:hi winny,after a long time.Hw a u?
Win:wht a surprice.Wht u doing in ashok uncle’s office.U’re become handsome.
Adi:it’s a long story,u too looking beatiful.
Both smile.
Next raman brings ishu home.
Amma:wht happen?Come inside.U look tired.
Ram:ishu,cme this ur home,not that.U a my wife.
Ishu:that is my home.I should go.Pihu needs me.
Appa:u go ishu,i’ll talk to her.
Raman brings ishu home.Family welcomes her.
Mrs.Bhalla:my daugter,frnd u’re a light to the darkness.
Simmi:my sis don’t leave again.No matter wht we always with u.Ananya hug ur aunty.
Ishu takes blessings frm mr & mrs bhalla.Raman smiles.Simmi takes ishu to room.Raman comes.Family locks them inside.
Ishu feels shy.She gets sad seeing ruhi’s pics.
Ishu:if ruhi is alive,my heart is aching.Ishu coughs.Ram comes closer to ishu.He keep his hand on ishu’s hand.
Ram:she is alive in ur heart.If u cry,hw can she bear.
Ishu holds raman’s hand.
Ishu:but u torn my heart 7yrs ago.Promise me.

Credit to: Vms

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  1. hi!due to some error i cant write long ep.also i am busy with exam,so cant update everyday.plz give me ur opinions.

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