You are my world (Part 8)


next dy morNing..
raman comes to meet buisnes client.
he sees ishu there.
Ram:wht u doing here?
Ishu:i came for the meeting,i came on behalf of mani.
Ram:oh ur doing his work now.
Ishu:yea,he is the one who saved my life,i am indebted to him
ram:tell ur mani to meet me.I am going
ishu:stop raman..
ishu holds ramans hand.they both hv a eyelock.Suddenly ishu breath difficulty.Raman holds her
ram:are u okay,whts happening
next shows at hospital..
Doc:this hapens when patient suferring a pain for long time.Take this inhaler if needed.
raman goes to ishu.
ram:are u okay.
ishu hugs raman

ishu:plz dont leave me i cant live without u.If i die,i want to die on ur arms.
ram:wht rubbish u telling.stop talking.
Raman kisses ishus forehead.come with me,our room is
empty without u.
ishu:my heart will stop if u leave me again.
ram:ur heart is with me.U are my world ishu.
Both smile and hug.
Next shows ruhi cries

ruhi:mama papa help me..
A man come”stop shouting.If not,we inform madam”
At office adi looks at a girl ..Who?..

Credit to: Vms

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  1. Nice episode but it was short try to expand it

  2. Very nice. Ishita and Raman ki confession is awesome

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