You are my world (Part 7)


ep starts with Shagun comes to raman at the balcony
shagun:raman wht u doing late this night.
Raman:why u came here?Where is manoj?
Shagun:i came to hear everything from mom.I came to see ishita.
Ishita sees raman talking with shagun.She gets jealous.Raman says look she is there.Raman comes with shagun to meet ishita.
Shagun hugs ishu.Both cry.
Raman:what u doing with mani late this night
Ishu:should i answer ur quesions always.
Raman:yes you are my wife.
ISHU:am i?then tell me what u and shagun do in the balcony.
shagun thinks this is not the time to meet ishita,i’ll meet her tommorow.she goes.
raman:what?u jealous?
Ishu:I am not.I believe u raman.I should go now.Gn.
Raman thinks plz come to me don’t leave me again ishita.
Ishita thinks plz raman stop me.

Ishita in her room thinking.pihu comes.
Ishita:my ruhi..
she hugs her.pihu:my name is pihu,papa told u went far away.plz don’t leave me again.both cry.amma&appa cry.
ishu:i’ll never leave u again.
pihu:then why u stay in here?
Ishu cries….

Credit to: vms

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  1. Super but try to write it(episode) big

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