You are my world (Part 6)

ep starts with raman tells” ishita bcz of ur & ruhi’s memories we left for america.i sold my whole buis & started a new one in america with mihir”.amma says “enough raman,we never forgive u.U are responsible for everything.Ishu come insidE.Ishita looks at raman.Both look at each other,ishu goes to her home.balla family looks sad.

ruhi is in her room.niddhi comes and gives food.ruhi says i don’t want,i want to go back to ishi ma.ruhi runs out throwing the food.two guards come and catch her.ruhi cries “let me go,ish ma..”

romi brings pihu home.romi asks mother why all look sad.she explains everything.

Next shows ishus mom,appa thanxs mani for saving their daughter.Aliya says i wil mis u ishu aunty.
Ishu:i’ll visit u.
Mani:let’s go aliya.It’s late.I hve a imp. meeting tommrow.

next shows ishita coming out with mani.raman at balcony thinks how to face ishita.Will she forgive me.he gets jealous seeing ishu with mani.raman:What he doing here,talking with my wife late this night.

precap-aliya Sees ruhi crying..

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