You are my world (Part 5)

Ep starts with Raman coming towards Ishita,Ishita runs to Raman and hugs him tightly.She cries my Raman..Raman cries and kisses her forehead.Then Isita’s Amma and appa along with Mihika comes there and all get shock seeing Raman with Ishita.Mihika calls Ishu Akka.Isita hugs them.

Amma tells we thought u commit suiside.Ishita tells amma,appa I lost the one who gives me everything,my little Ruhi.I was totaly lost.When Raman scolds me,I felt guilty for her death.I jump to a river.Mani saves me and taken to a hospital.I was unable to make my mind to come to my family.But I came after about 5 months.when i came manager told that you all leave india,I was totaly one knew where you all went.I tried with mani to find you.But i failed.Even raman has sold his whole company,no one understands how much i mis you all.

Raman tells when u commit suicide U family blamed us for ur death.They all left the flat,we even dont know where they have gone,

Precap-amma calls ishu lets go to our home.ishu looks at raman

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