You are my world (Part 21)


Ep begins with raman removing strand of hair fell on ishita’s face.ishu looks on.
ram:u’re so stunning.ur stil my lovely matter wht u wear,ur the most beautiful woman in the world who took my heart.
Ram kiss her cheeks.Ishu hug ram.
Ishu:come let’s eat.
ram:haven’t u take dinner yet?
Ishu:Hw can i?without u.
Both takes the dinner.ram went to kitchen &when he came ishu is no where to see.Ram gets panic.a song plays teri meri..Ishu hug ram from behind.Both dance.Ram gets teary eyed.
Then ram takes her to room.ishu sleeps on ram’s arm.Both fell sleep.

At iyyer house adi sleeps on aliya’s shoulder.

nxt dy morning at iyyer house all get awake.
toshi:bale bale!Look everyone our new couple.
Adi gets shock seeing his head on aliya.both get shy.
Adi:i am sorry,in sleep i think.
ali:it’s k yaar,i can understand.
simmi:let’s go home.

everyone enter the house.ishu & ram get shy.

to be conti..**

guys,i cant write ff 4 some days due to a exam.keep remember my ff.more twist are to come.thanxs all who commented.

Credit to: vms

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