You are my world (Part 2)

episode starts with adi blaming raman.suddenly raman starts to cough and blood comes out from his mouth.Then faints down.Adi and romi catch him.Everyone shouts raman..

next shows ishita cries raman.A girl comes and ask what happen aunty.She says i saw a bad dream Aliya..Aliya gives water to ishita and tells papa has a important meeting so plz pick me to scl.Next shows ruhi comes to her new scl and gets shocked seeing ishita.She runs for her But unable to catch her.ishita on the way sees pihu in the rd with romi.she stops the car and gets shocked seeina pihu.when she went to the place calling ruhi,they doesnt hear and goes to car.Romi starts the car and goes.Ishita cries calling romi.

Next shows raman in hospital.adi and shagun near his bed raman murmurs ruhi,ishita in sleep.Adi cries this is my fault.Papa got sick because of me.Shagun says ill talk with manoj.He told this a allergic condition…

Precap-ishita in her roomthinks may be raman has come to india again.I was so tired of finding my family….

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