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You are my world (Part 19)


ep starts shagun comes home.At the door mrs.Bhalla stands”Don’t go inside”.She takes her to iyyer house.Shagun gets shocked seeing whole family there.
Romi:raman & ishita lived seperately for 7yrs.We shoud give them some time.
Pihu:shagun aunty come inside.Let’s play games.
Amma:let’s play card game.Iyyer family vs bhalla family.
aliya:i am in iyyer side.
Toshi:no matter wht panjabians are the best.

Ishu wearing long white frock wait 4 ram at room.She thinks”ur late ram,plz come fast”
At iyyr house everyone fed up of game sleep,some sleep at floor,bed & setty.but stil adi awake.aliya sees him.
ali:aren’t u sleep.Wht u thinking?
Adi:it’s about a girl.
Ali:oh!Tell me i am eager to knw who is that lucky girl.

Ram comes home late at night.he enters the house and gets shocked seeing candals & flowers.Fb shows,
ram talking with shagun & manoj.
Man:it’s just a suspect.More tests should be done.
Shagun cries.
Ram:u heard wht manoj told.Plz promise me that u don’t tell this to anyone.

to be continue..***

Credit to: Vms

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  2. Nice dr…Waiting to know what happens…?

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