You are my world (Part 18)


ep starts with adi talking witk aliya.
Ali:i’ll stay here until my papa come.
Adi:then we can meet oftenly.

ishita comes to room & stares at raman,”he now sleeps nicely”she thinks.She kiss his forehead,”good night my lovely ravan kumar”.Ram smiles in sleep.

next dy shagun meets manoj at hospital.
Sha:why u called me here?I came with ram bcz my car is stil at garage.
Man:i called u to tell something regarding ram’s medical report.
sha:wht is it,i am afraid.
Man:don’t get panic,according to his reports doctor suspects he is having a cancer.
Shagun and manoj get shock seeing ram standing infront.
Sha:wht u doing here.I thougt u left.
Ram:u have forgoten ur purse in my car & i heard everything.
a person stands near the door.he calls ashok”sir i hv a good news”

at bhalla house..
simmi:ishu,ritu spoil ur romance.
ishu:this ritu i’ll catch her.
Toshi:bale bale,ishu let’s give a surprise to him.
Ishu:wht u telling mom,i can’t undestand.
Sim:come on ishu.

shagun comes home thinking.

to be contin..*

Credit to: vms

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