You are my world (Part 17)

ep starts with raman & ishita stares at each other.Ishu turns to go.Ram catch her hand.
Ram:so u don’t want to thnx me.
ishu:why,ur my husband.It’s ur duty to keep ur wife happy.
Ram turns ishu to him.He goes closer to her.ishu smiles.
Ram:so ur my wife.

ishu goes backward.she slips & fell on the bed.Ishu tries to get up.But ram stops her & keeps his hand on her body.Ishu looks on.Ram get closer to kiss her.someone coughs.Ishra get up with panic & sees ritu in the room.she gets panic.
Ram:wht u doing in our room?Are we act a film to watch.
Ishu:oh!Ritu,she came to go bathroom as their tap was broken.I completely forgot u there.
Ritu:sorry bro,i destroyed ur romance.
Ishu gets shy while ram burning with angry.ishu goes by telling i think pihu is calling me.

Adi meets aliya at iyer house.
Adi:Hi! hw are u.are u fine.i am sorry 4 wht happened that dy.
ali:it’s k yaar.i knw u hv a good heart.ishu aunty told a lot about u.
adi:i got to hear that ur going to stay at here until papa came.

to be contin.*

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  2. Nice episode?
    Thankyou for making ishra scenes.. That was superb

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