You are my world (Part 16)

Ep starts with mrs. bhalla gives cloths to fold.
toshi:ishu daughter after this help me to cook bcz neelu is not at home these days.
ishu:yeah mom.
ritu:i’ll help ishu sis.
ishu:yeah,really i need a help.thnk u.
toshi:no! u come with me,ishu can manage.

romi comes to meet raman.
ram:why u came here?was ashok throw u out as we united.
romi:no,bro.these are the files containing details of ashok’s illegal buisnes.i went to work with him to catch his weakness.
mihir:i heard everything.let’s get together to throw out garbage in the buisnes industry.
romi:but i can’t understand one thing.why adi join with him?
ram:he is angry with me.give some time he’ll understand.

adi attends a buisnes meeting on which winy takes part in.adi stares at winy not listing the presentation.
ashok’s eyes caught this.he thinks”now i got a tool to handle adi.let’s see raman”

ishu thanxs mrs.bhalla 4 helping to forget her sorrow.raman comes.
toshi:ur husband told me to do so.toshi goes.
ishu & ram stares at each other.

to be contin..*

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  1. Guys i can’t write a ep more than 1024 words via 4n.So keep on reading & commenting my short ep everyday.

  2. very nice

  3. thank u sowmy.

  4. Ho..Ok?
    Good episode dr☺
    My small req..Make some ishra scenes

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