You are my world (Part 15)

ep starts with iyer & bhalla family enjoying the party.but ishu is not happy.she goes to her room.ram followes her.
ishu cries in the bathroom.ram hug her from behind.
ram:sorry ishu.come crying is not good for ur health.
ishu:all one care my ruhi.
ram takes her outside the room & shows pihu dancing happily.
ram:look aur ruhi is alive.she came to us again as pihu.
ishu smiles.
later ishu lies on bed.ram takes pihu to room.
Ram today aur daughter sleep with mom & dad.Ishu hugs pihu lovingly.
Pihu:mom tell me a story.adi bro told u knw beatiful stories.
Ram smiles seen pihu & ishu together. next dy family having breakfast.
adi:it’s late i am going.
ishu:drive carefully,remember wht happened that dy.
adi:okay ishi ma.
Pihu:i too late papa.
Ishu:papa wil take u after u finish eating.
shagun:may i come with u ram.My car is not starting.
Ram:why not?let’s go.
romi looks on angrgily.
At office ram calls mom.
ram:don’t make ishu remember ruhi as she may get asthma attacks again.
*to be cotinue..

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