You are my world (Part 13)


Ep starts with pihu coming to ishra room.
pihu:mom i cant understand hw.
ishu:come i’ll help u.
later ishita comes to the room & sees raman sleeping.Ishita thinks i’ll talk with him tommorw.
next day ishita wakes lately.Raman comes with a beatiful dress.
Ram:come on get ready ur late,everyone gone for the court.
Ishu:no,i’ll not let this marriage happens.Romi is bad.
ishita explains everything to raman.
ram:stop giving lectures.Romi will change after marrying mihika.

ishu:i’ll not allow my sister’s life to destroy.
At the court everyone gathers.vandu&bala calls mihika to wish her.
mrs iyer:let’s forget our hatred for the sake of our children.
toshi:u are right.everything wil be okay now on.
ishra comes.raman feels happy seing the situation.
ishu:no this can’t happen.
ishita explain.
ram:u always did this,ruining others happines.
ishu:wht?am i?its a shame to come to u.U so selfish.
Ram:then leave me.U know only that.
Adi:plz stop this.
Ishu:no adi i cant stay no more.
All cry.
Mihika:enough!Now listen.mihir..*

Credit to: vms

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  1. plz coment it will motivate me.According to my phone only 1024 words can be write.I am a sri lankan.plz i want to know who read my ff.i also cant reply as java script is disabled.

  2. ur ff is nice. if u can write only this much in one epi then pot ur epi soon.

    1. i’ll try.Its difficult
      with my exams.Thank u so much.

  3. Ur ff is goo yaar…Keep going?☺☺☺
    And make it Lil long…Its nice,I love it

    1. thanx dr.i’ll try my maximum.

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