You are my world (Part 11)


Pihu:did u sleep well mom.shagun aunty send tea to u.
ishu:wow hw nice my daughter.lets go out,let papa sleep.
everyone welcomes ishu.
Adi drives da car.Suddenly girl who crosing da rd get hit.Adi runs for help.
Adi:a u okay!.
girl:yeah i am alriht.Ah my hand.
Adi sees the wound in her hand.
adi:My home is nearby.cme with me.
Ram coms to ofice.Ishu comes.
Ram:wht u doing here?U shud rest.
Ishu:i brought food as u came without hving brekfast.
ram holds ishus shoulders.
ram:i am hapy as u came to my life again ishu.
Ishu:i too.

adi takes the girl to da home.She tells this is ishu aunty home.I came to meet her,im aliya.
Adi:wht!im sory, ishi ma told about u a lot.lets go inside.
shagun cms to meet manoj.
sha:wht about ramans medical reports?
mano:it was taken for more tests.
sha:nothing serious ah?
mano:i wish so wht about ur mariage.did u talk with ram?
sha:not yet,i’ll talk.
mani comes to meet ram.
mani:hw is ishu?she suffers bcz of u.ur responsibal for everything.
ram:thanx 4 saving her.i knw im guilty but***

Credit to: vms

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