My world Lies Around You… Ishqbaaz ff OS

Hey guys welcome its my first ff so I am really excited for this. Itself an os .. So let’s start the scene begins form the the super cute aww scene of shivika… And here it goes

Anika breaks hug and feels shy she is not in a position to look in shivay’s eyes.. She turns back and starts walking towards bed suddenly she hears shivay calling her name.
Shivay : Anika.. ( he takes two secs pause and says ) you have become my life you are my sunshine…
Anika is delighted to hear this from His Shivay.. She is unable to hold her tears and her pearls fell off her eyes..
Shivay : Say something… ( he turns towards Anika and is surprised to see her crying. ) Anika did I said something wrong..
Anika : No Shivay it’s just that I was waiting for this moment for so long and now that it has came its hard to believe…
Shivay : Anika this is truth and you have to believe it…
O jaana plays ..

Anika : If this is truth then plz pinch me…
Shivay : why??..
Anika : just to assure that I am not dreaming neither haucinating..
Shivay : it’s haliucinating…
Anika: that only and stop your tadi.
Shivay : main tadi nahi maar raha
Anika : OK fine
Shivay: now..
Anika : now what..
Shivay : give me..
Shivay made a flirty face
Anika got tense and asked : what??!!
Shivay ( teasing ): what I want
Shivay came close to her.. Anika felt tensed of him coming so close to her…
Anika : What do you want…
Shivay came more close to her..

Shivay (teasingly ): my reply… I mean I just expressed all my feelings and you didn’t gave me any answer..don’t you know I am Shivay Singh Oberoi…
Anika makes a irritated face as shivay teased her..
Anika : you are such a billu.. Anyways how did you thought that you ‘ll pour your heart out and I won’t say anything.. Hmm..
Anika started moving close to Shivay… He was out of sense as his plan has backfired on his
She held his left cheek and came close to him
Anika : Shivay you are my whole universe.. My life lies around you you are my husband… And ..
( she paused )
Shivay : and?!!
Anika : and You are My LOVE Shivay..

Her last words were like bliss to his ear and his eyes were not able to hold his happiness and went wet..
(Ang laga de plays… )
Shivay : I LOVE YOU Anika……
He comes close to her and plants a kiss on her forehead Anika unable to handle her happiness hugs Shivay ..Shivay reciprocates and hugs her tightly. Slowly they lose grip and Shivay picks up Anika to bed and ly her down and both spend a romantic night comsumating their relationship..

That’s all guys. Hope you like it.. I would love your comments.. Chandani and chameli accepted..

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  1. Nita D

    It’s lovely…..!

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    Chandani and chameli ??? is really not at all required as it was fabulous

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  5. Lovely os…

  6. It is awesome dear…

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    Superbbbb……cant wait to read the next part…itz amazing

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    Lovely os

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  10. Awwww…cute

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    Beautiful os!!

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