I won’t hurt you again!!!!swasan part 5…


Hi guys m back to disturb u…..I know its boring but sorry what to do…guys I am literally crying because of swaragini writers..there is a new as that Laksh is gonna come back as abhimanyu…I just hope ki vo Laksh hi Hai….

This is the link to my 3and4 episode..
Part 3

Part 4

Here is the link to my os…..


The episode starts in then morning….

Swara gets ready and runs for her office….she reaches there and looks around.she gets really happy…and looks around.

she doesn’t notice one person was coming toward her carrying a jar of hot water.she goes and trips on him.the whole water falls on another person and he starts running.he goes and again trips on a person carrying a lot of files. All the papers fall down along with the guy. Another guy who is carrying all the powders needed for kitchen trips on the papers and falls on a desk.the desk falls.

some of the chilli powder falls on swara’s eyes who could not understand what is happening around…she starts running…..

by hearing the sound sanskaar comes out..swara goes and dashes on him….they both fell down and their lips met each others. Both of them lie there having an eye lock.

It is broken by all staffs shouting at her. They both get up…sanskaar sees all the mess she has made and starts shouting at her…

Sanskaar- what have you done???the day u came here u have been continuously doing some thing wrong….problem Kya hai tumara……..and continues shouting at her….

Swara was on the verge of crying. She the bursts out crying….

All look at her shocked as she is crying like baby….

Sanskaar had fallen for her cuteness. She looked damn cute…..

Sanskaar tries to calm her but she doesn’t…..

Sanskaar sees that while she fell down she had got hurt….

Sanskaar-chalo mein tume ghar chodti hu…

Swara-par mere ghar to bohot dur hai….sobbing…

Sanskaar-mere ghar pas hair.tum mere ghar aao.my mom will do your first aid…..

Swara-mahi sir mein apko aur parishan nahi kar sakta….sanskaar cuts her in between….

Sanskaar-before you start blabbering again come with me…you are full of powder. You look like a ghost…

Swara makes a puppy face.sanskaar instantly falls for her…..

Sanskaar takes Swara to mm.

In mm

Swasan enter mm.

All are in the hall. They see them coming and get surprised.as they know that sanskar hates girls….

Ap-yek koun hai beta…

Sanskaar-vo maa yeh…

Swara- I will tell aunty…actually mein swara.I am working as his assistant…I just joined today. And today itself I made a big hungama…and blah blah blah…….

Sanskaar is seriously getting angry……

Sanskaar-thinks.How can this girl speak a lot.doesn’t her mouth hurt.uffu.this girl is seriously going to make me crazy….

Sanskaar-sorry par mujhe maaf kardo…and goes and kisses her…to make her stop…..all are smocked but then he realize that it is a dream…

He knew the only way to shut her mouth is to go and close her mouth…he goes to close her mouth with hands(no bad thoughts???)

They have a inch difference between them… Swara also falls for him…..they again trip and fall in the sofa…all are shoked….

Ragini comes from her room….and is shocked….

Ragini-bhai I just asked you to get married.but you started open romance….there are kids like utts and me here…agar khushii di dekh Liya na tume lak marungi….

Swasan gets embarrassed and gets up…all likes swara a lot cause only she had been able to shut sanskaar’s mouth…

Swaragini gets shocked to see each other…ragini runs and hugs her making all more confused…..

Ragini-swara diiiiiii!!!!!!

All are happy to know that.it is swara who she always talks about…

Swara-rags tum yaha Kya kar rahi hu…

Ragini-mein apne ghar mein nahi rahungi Kya…aur aap logo se kitni bar kaha to come here at least once…don’t listen.

All are surprised to see swaragini bonding….

Sanskaar is shocked by the latest news he got…..

Sanskaar-to ragini will you please tell your dear swara to shut her mouth in the office and try to control her tounge.she won’t spare me a day…

Swara-arre yeah Kya keh rahi ho tum…mene Kya kiya…you took me forcefully over here…I did not tell you….

Sanskaar is shocked because nobody has dared to talk to him like that….and he is not even shouting at her…

Sanskaar-first remember I am your boss???

Swara-you are my boss at office. This is my Ragini’s house. I am not going to call you sir here…

Sanskaar-tumari itni himmat…

All who were trying to suppress their laughter burst out on this…

Swaasan stand there confused…

Precap-leap and love to blossom!!!!????

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