I won’t hurt you again!!!!swasan (Part 4)

Hi guys…ik you all did not miss me but I missed you guys.sorry for late update. You. Know I am studying in 8th and everyday going to school and all that stuff.so I don’t get time specially cause I live in Abu Dhabi and here its really fast.before we can understand what’s happening around the day gets over…..???

So to the episode

All are shocked to see swasan in that position. The other to guys starts badmouthing her.

Guy1-chii.for getting job she is even ready to sleep with sir.

Guy2-ikr she does not care about her dignity just for a job.chii chii she us really bad example for society…..

Swara is in tears.sanskaar and vaani pass a deadly stare at them. They get scared and goes from there….

Swara runs from there….sanskaar goes behind her and stops her..

Sanskaar-miss dekho…

Swara- its OK sir don’t tell anything. Its not your fault. Its my fault I should not have kept on talking. Its because of me that people are badmouthing us….and again continues blabbering….

Sanskaar gets pissed of and tells

Sanskaar-shut up can’t you keep quiet for two minutes.won’t you allow me to talk.oh god kaha phass gaya…


Sanskaar-its OK. Anyways u came for interview right. Come in….

Sanskaar takes Swara’s interview. She was really smart and sanskaar understood that she was perfect for the post he was looking….

Sanskaar-miss swara you are appointed as my personal secretory. Vani does all my job and its too much for her. So I advise you to take care of my business works and vaani will do all other things. You can join tomorrow…

Swara is really happy.she goes from there…

In baadi..

Swara-maaaaa!!!! Mujhe kaam mila. And starts spinning her……

Sumi-baap re…swara leave me my heads spinning..

Swara-oops!! Sorry…

Laksh-arre vo akri insaan hai Jo mere saath deti hai.tum isse bhi marvaunga Kya.And how did you get the job after all your blabbering which idiot fave you job…

Swara-huhhhh…tube kese pata be…..

Laksh-for your kind information from last 20 years I have been suffering with u.so ik know very well what you do….

Swara starts chasing him and all sighs…

Evening in mm.

Sanskaar comes home tired…

Ragini-kya hua bhaiyaa why are u so tired…

Sanskar- now what to say I saw a crazy girl today. She can’t control her mouth..ooofff..I had to keep on closing her mouth for her to shut up….

Ragini immediately thinks of swara as she also does this. She slightly smiles and goes from there…..

Next morning in mm office…

Sanskaar was doing her work while swara comes inside.. He dose not look up.he thinks it is ramu kaka and tells to bring coffee. She doesn’t move as she as confused….sanskaar again tells to bring it fast..

Swara goes hurriedly and makes milk coffee…she comes inside and goes slowly to give it…as she reaches there she is about to give but then she feels scared as she doesn’t know whether he will like it so she drinks it…he looks at her confusingly…

Swara-sir aapko acha nahi lagega…its not tasty…

Sanskaar sighs…vaani comes in with sanskaar’s black coffee.

Vani-sanskaar milk coffee nahi peeti….you do all his business work I will look after rest….cause it will take a decade to learn his likes and dislikes and sighs….???

Sanskaar glares angrily at her…

Swara-sorry sir…and was about to go.

Sanskaar gives her a tissue and says wipe your coffee mustache…

She stands there embarresed.

Precap-swara to mess up the entire office. Sanskaar taking swara to mm….swaragini meets suprisingly…..

Hope I did not bore you guys..if yes a big fat sorry and don’t forget to comment…

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