I won’t hurt you again!!!!swasan (Part 3)

Hi!! Back to disturb you guys…this is the link to part 2

Part 2

The episode starts with Ragini going to meet Laksh in the park. She looks everywhere and find him playing cricket with children..he barely knows what cricket is but whenever he sees anyone playing he would want to play….
And she saw something which happens every time..

Boy 1- bhaiya usne ball catch kar diya abb aap out ho gayi hu.

Laksh- are I won’t be out so soon.he caught the ball after it fell down.

Boy2- nahi bhaiya we all SWA he caught it before it fell down.

Ragini silently laughs seeing him fight with small children…..
She goes and calls him

Ragini- yaha aao. They are children why are u fighting with them..

Boy1- samjao na di isko..

Laksh- chup kar.and walking towards ragini..giving her a deathly glare.

Ragini- now why are you looking at me like this…

He was gonna say something then he rembered the last time she shouted at her,she threw a big coconut on him while he was going back.after thinking about that he screamed.

Laksh- ouch!!!
Ragini- Kya hua..concerned

Laksh- kuch nahi Ragini chale..

Ragini- haan chalo.

Everyday Ragini in the evening go to Laksh to his house….. She does that everyday and she behaves with everyone there as if she is a family member and they like it…

They reached house

Ragini- maa mein pahunchi aap mere kheer do..

Everyday Sumi makes kheer and gives it Ragini when she comes so its a daily routine…

Ragini- maa where is Swara di?

Sumi- she went with her friends for shopping with her freinds….

Ragini then went to see Shekhar. While he was sitting and playing temple run turning the other side. Ragini went and opened the door. Shekhar thought it was Laksh and

Shekhar- are monkey kitni baar tume samjaou ko jab mein khele rahi hu mujhe disturb math Karo..

Ragini- papa you called me monkey..and starts crying fakely..

Shekhar- nahi beta meinne to socha ki lucky ti.

Ragini- so u will only call lucky monkey….

Shekhar- haan kyunki tum hamare pyaari banderiya ho…and held her ears…

Ragini- aou papaaaa..chodo

Shekhar leave her and hugs her…

Swalak- to hum do no bahar..
They both spread their hands for them and have a group hug..

Ragini- bye papa I think I have to go now..
Shekhar- tike hai beta apna kyaal rakna…and continues playing.they 3 go down.

Ragini- bye ma mein chalti hu.and hugs her

Sumi- bye beta kyaal rakh apni.

Ragini goes and hugs Swara and bids bye…
Next she went to Laksh and is about to hug him.

Laksh- every time you do this you come to hug me but before I can hug u run away. So why will I make a fool out of myself.

Ragini- aww sorry..I didn’t know that you will be so angry…sorry aa is baar mein sach mein hug dungi.

Laksh- sachh???and goes to hug her while she runs…
Laksh- raginiiiiii…..(bechara)

All laugh.

Sumi- Swara tum khana kha kar so jau kal interview hai na…

Sumi- yes maa
Laksh- maa why ain’t you asking about me.
Sumi- haan tum bhi..

Next morning

Swara- maa make it fast I am getting late.
Sumi- haan beta theek hai.lo tumara Baal bhi hogaya..sumi still ties her hair.

She goes

On the road.

Swara- hai bhagwan mein to bahut der kard aur uppar se yeh scooty ruk gayi.with a lot of hard work she again starts it starts driving…after some time when she was about to reach office a car hits her scooty

Swara- are koi tammez naam ka cheez hai Kya tume.

A man gets down. He is our sanky…

Sanky- tum jante ho tum kiss bath kar Rahi hu.

Swara- haan I know you are a human right not an alien.


Swara- anyways I don’t have time to fight..
And goes…
Sanskaar also goes..

Swara reaches the office and then she goes to the receptionist.

Swara- mera interview hai aaj..mera naam Swara hai..

Receptionist- hi aap thodi der rukiye sir abi take nagi aya.

Swara- thank god..

While going to sit on the sofa she collides with a person..she closes her eyes due to the fear of falling but then two strong hands catches her. It was sanskaar. He was mezmarised to see her so close.She opens her eyes to see the same man who had hit her car. She stood up.

Swara- arre tume aur koi kaam nahi hai Kya…tum mere piche large karte yaha tak as gayi……mein bahut achese jaanti hu tum jaisa type ko..and continued blaberring.

Sanskaar- miss..again miss..again miss.

He gets irritated and closes her mouth. They share a cute eye lock which was broken by sanskaar’s PA…..vani.

Vani says sorry to Swara and takes sanskaar inside….

Swara- wonder from where they come .Swara take vare of youself all are falling ir your beauty.???

In the room.

Vani- sanskaar control control gussa bahar mat nikhalo…..

Sankaar- arre but that girl..

Vani- its OK relax.( guys Thapki from tpk is doing the role and here she doesn’t stammer…and she is positive role and best friend of sanskaar)

Sanskaar- vo interview ke liye koi aaya hai na usse becho.

Vani- theek hai..

After some time Swara comes inside and
Sanskaar had turned the opposite side….

Swara- sir…

Sanskaar- come in and he turns both are shocked to see each other….

Swara- mere piche karte karte tum sir ke seat than pahuncha and continues blaberring..

Sanskaar knows there is no other way other than going towards her and closing her mouth. So he goes to close her mouth but he trips on the chair and falls on top of her and they both turn and now Swara fell on sanskaar.. She was standing next to a sofa kept there so they both trip and fall. Swara was on top of him.They again share a cute eyelock….

Then suddenly Vani and 2 other people come inside and see them in that position..

All shocked specially swasan…

Episode ends..

Guys I am getting really less comments..please if you guys don’t like this I will surely stop it….???

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