I won’t hurt you again!!!!swasan (Part 2)

I am really sorry guys for the spelling mistakes.in mobile always this auto correct comes and disturbs me. So I will try to write most of them in English….

This is the link to part 1

Part 1

Swara-cia ki bachhi ..
Cia-sorry sorry yaar you people were teasing me so I thought why no tease u.

Swara-who told you about it..
Cia- tummara bhai aur khon….
Swara- chodunga nahi mein vo saale ko..
Liya-oho Swara tell na who is that lucky jiju..
Karen- haan afcource he should be lucky to get sister-in-laws’ like us..
Swara- chup kar besharam..aise koi bhi nahi.it is true that I dream of my prince but I never get to see his face because of your adooorable lucky..she extended adorable a bit too much…

Aleena- yaar vo such mein kitna cute hair..anyways vo mere bhai we accha hai.

Swara- some thing went to your eyes or what that you feel that the good is bad and the bad is good…

Anju- tum log yaha jagda karne aiye hu ya iske wedding shopping ke liye..

They two made a cute face and calmed her…

Liya- abb bas. Let’s go bahut ho gaya he saari puppy faces.

They left.

In mm

A lady is seen talking with another lady who is lying down.

Lady1- di tumme pata hai aaj na uss lucky monkey ne phirse late kardi..par usne the mujhe chocolate dekar manna liya but you know in excitement I kissed him and he told that he will bring chocolate evry day if its like this..

Lady2-( says nothing)

Lady1- Kushi di aap bas jaldi theek ho jao uske bad I will introduce you to him…

They are none another than Kushi and Ragini

In another room.

A guy is coming from the toilet and is getting ready..suddenly someone opens the door and comes

Person- bhaiiii!!aaj him aapke liye ladki dekhne jaa rahi hai…
Man- Uttara mujhe tang math Karo.jaa jaakar pado..
Uttara-Sanskaar bhai aap bilkul adventures or romantic nahi hu. I wonder how your wife will handle you..
Sanskaar- uttara jaa yaha se mujhe jagda karne ko Mann nahi. Mein office me liye late ho rahi hu.
Uttara sighs and went

Uttara- kab sudaregha yeh

Sanskaar- I heard it.

Uttara– haan to sune keliye kaha ta…and runs

Sanskaar smiles

Sanskaar comes to khushi’s room

Sankaar- mein office jaa rahi hu di. Bye apna kyaal rakh..

He reaches the dining room and bids bye to all.
Before he could go.

Ap- beta tumara shaadi me waqt aya hai.. Kya Hume ladki dekne doongi..
Sujata- haan jiji mujhe to pota jaldi ke jaldi chahiye.( here also pari can’t become mom).
Sanskaar- ma and choti ma please iss baath kehkar phirse math aana mene bola jab samai yoga tab mein kahungi.
Ragini- aur vo samai will never come.hai nabhaiya
Sanskaar- ( secretely)ragini tume aapni shaadi me liye jaldi hai Kya…

Ragini- bhaiiii!! And started beating him…
Sanskaar- dekho ragu chodo mujhe jaana hai..
Ragini started beating him more and he started to run..
Sanskaar- ma kab janam diya apne is ladki ko..
Ragini- 14 th November 1995.4:00 am…happily

Sankaar- vo hamare sabse bura din tha.
Ragini- bhaiiiiiiiiiii
Sanskar- bye mein office jaa rahi. Bhaiya agar aapka romance khatam hua to jau..
Adarsh- huh…ha.haa aye..
Pari blushes..
All laugh.
Ragini- maa mein lucky ko Milne park jaa rahi hu.bye.
Ap- haan beta.

Uttara acts and starts singing.
Jaaneman aah,jaaneman aah, gaale lag jaa.janneman aah aah aah.

All laugh

Ragini- chup kar besharam
Uttara- Kya hua di aapko bura laga…
Ragini starts chasing her..all laugh at their antics..

Uttara- ohh sorry mere maaaa…
Ragini- anyways I don’t have time to fight with you so bye.
And walks away…
Uttara mimics her and all laugh…

Precap- same as before…..????

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