I won’t hurt you again!!!!swasan (Part 1)

Hey I am back to bore you guys like hell….By the way the story I am gonna write is not like only my idea but my really close crazy friends have also helped me in this…They also watch this serial…and I can’t believe like I actually got 30 comments!!!! But please encourage me with your two minutes to write a comment…sorry this is gonna be a short episode….

Its a bright new morning

A cute lady is seen sleeping dreaming of her prince coming and carrying her. She felt the prince carrying her. But suddenly she fell down with a thud wondering why her prince charm dropped her. She opened her eyes to find her naughty bro laughing like hell.
She is none another than Swara.and lucky

Swara- lucky ke bache..and started running behind him and they reached the dining room. She caught him and started beating him. He started crying fakely.

Laksh-iss ghar mein koi mujhse pyaar nahi karta Kya please bachao mujhe is moti se…

Swara- aik tum mujhe niche girati ho uske uppar mujhe moti bula rahi ho…???

Laksh- moti ko motion nahi to patli bulau Kya…

Shekhar-kya hua Swara beta tum theek ho naa..

Laksh- are papa vo tho mujhe maar raha hai air aap uske halchal ouch rage ho….

Sumi–kya ho raja hai…

Laksh- maaaiiii…

Swara-dheko na papa vo mere itni achi sapne this do mein to qpne prince ko kiss karne vala…..
Suddenly she realize what she says and tries to change the topic.

Laksh–prince ko kiss. vava

Swara- shut up
And run to her room..all laugh at her antics…

After 1 hour

Swara- ma mere khanna do mujhe mere dostho me saath ria ko shhadi ko shopping ke liye jaana hai..

Laksh- ma aap pehle mera do nahi to vo chudya mujhe nahi chodenge…

Swara- meri
Laksh- mera
Laksh- mera

Sumi- oho lo tum dono ka khanna..

Both of them gave a puppy smile to sumi…

And they left

In collage

Laksh- sorry baba maaf Karo…
Ragini-nahi Laksh tum mujse kitni intzar karati ho..
Laksh- sorry about yeah lo cadbury silk.khalo
That was her only weakness

Ragini– silk chocolate thanks lucky….in excitement she gave him a kiss on cheeks..

Lakah- agar mujhe wise kiss milte rahenge to hear rose chocolate laungi.

Ragini blush hearing that…

In shopping mall..

Swara- Cia jaldi Karo kitni der lagati ho tum…
Cia- sorry yaar.
Liya- Swara lene do an shaadi to aik hi baar hora hai….
Cia- shut up.
Aleena- are dekhe vo kaise sharma rahi hai.

All laugh

Karen- abb has bhi Karo dekho vo kitni laal ban gayi..

Anju- haan yaar dekho to sahi.

Swara- are par Anagha kyun nahi ayi…

Anju- use such kaam tha.

All select dresses for everyone.
Swara selected a pink gown for the wedding attire..

Cia- Swara aab mere hone ke baad tummara Bari hai..
Aleena- MATLAB.
Liya- Kya karne wali hai yeh.

Cia- tumme nahi pata ko har rose yeh apni prince charming do dekhte hai to phir uska MATLAB koi hoga na.

Swara shocked all others laugh.

Precap- swara’s first day in Maheshwari company…swasan nok- jhok..

Guys over with episode1

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    Awesome chappy dear … love it .. thnk u… 🙂

  7. Aww my sweety swara u re too cutee

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        Omg I didn’t know that I have fan also. Thank you soo much yr. And yes please don’t say like this your ff is the best. In fact I’m becoming a fan of yours. You made me soo happy. Update soon. Love you and your ff. Your writing skills is fantastic.

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    Awesome yar…lovely part..loved swalak bonding it ws soo cute…nd yar hope u dnt mind but thr is so mny spelling mistakes..pls once check it..or u write in english it wil b good..continue nxt soon..

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      Thanks.. I typed it in my mobile so then this auto correct comes in between and disturbs so that’s the reason whenever I type in Hindi it changes…and I did not have time to recheck it…sorry??

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