I won’t hurt you again!!!!swasan (character sketch)


Hi guys!!! I am SRSL back with a fan fiction on swasan….. I am just giving the character sketch now and I don’t when I will be able to update part 1…. Cause my exams are going on and you people can understand my condition right….a lot to study!!!!???.so to the

Character sketch

Swara Gadodia– a sweet bubly girl.loves everyone.very sincere towards any work given to her.loves her brother a lot but always fight with him. A very obedient child of her parents and her fathers pet. Has another elder brother Arnav but does not know where he is as he is missing since last three years..misses him a lot….

Sanskaar Maheshwari– a very rich business man. A really arrogant guy only good to his family. Loves his sisters more than his life but never expressed. His younger sister Khushi is in coma since last 3 years. Hates the guy who made her life hell. Hates all girls thinking they only need his money…very damn strict in office and punctual.he hates girls because of his past( I will reveal later). Never disobeys his family…..

Laksh– brother of Swara.loves her a lot but fights with her like they are enimies from last birth…Has a crush on Ragini( his bff) but never expressed as he is much scared than girls..loves his mother a lot as only she supports him….studying in collage second year.

Ragini– brother of sanskaar.loves him allot but not his attitude towards girls. Looks after her elder sister Kushi very well and always share everything with her even though she is in coma. Loves Laksh but wanted him to express first ( which will never happen). Studying in collage second year.

Arnav– brother of swalak. Loves Kushi( I will reveal more about them later). His younger siblings are his life and loves his parents.

Kushi– sister of ragsan. Loves them a lot. She is in coma. Loves arnav…..

Shekhar- swalakav loves his daughter a lot. Hates people who disturb him while playing temple run or while listening to music. Smaller than his children in nature.

Sumi– mother of swalakav. loves all of them misses Arnav..

Annapurna- mother of ragsanshi.sad about her daughters condition.loves all her children a lot. Can’t live a second without he family..

Durga prasad– loves his children a lot especially Kushi. Cries everyday in heart thinking about her helps sanskaar in job if needed. Tuition teacher of ragini.

Ram prasad- brother of dp…lives with them and has two children….

Sujatha- wife of Rp. Speaks anything without thinking twice…loves all her 5 children…a rally funny character…

Adarsh and Parineeta– son and DIL of mm..both of them loves their younger siblings a lot…Adarsh works with sanskaar in office….

Uttara– youngest of all siblings and the most pampered one…loves all her siblings…Always enlightens the situation.

Arnav is played by Barun Sobti from iss pyaar KO kya naam doon….
Kushi is played by Sanaya Irani from iss pyaar ko kya naam doon…

So that’s it. I don’t know when I will update the next part..but will try….

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