You won’t get this Life again…! (Part #5) Last Part!!


You won’t get this Life Again…! (#5)
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Episode Starts

Twinkle is shown coming to her house..
Chinki (Twinkle’s Friend) : Twinkle did u find the job?
Twinkle: No Didn’t got any job..And I will not get this job until I m in Kunj’s house!
Leela : When did u come..Ok Take this chips
Twinkle: Here i m not getting job and u r asking me to have chips..
Leela sits..
Leela: Yesterday some guests came.I had to spent some money to get something so I have bought chips..
Twinkle: Who came?
Leela: Some people for ur marriage proposal!
Chinki: They liked u..
Twinkle: What??
Leela: He is a good person!

Twinkle: Maa Did u said Yes?
Leela: No …Nothing till now
Twinkle: Just say Yes then..I m ready
Chinki: R u sure twinkle..He is somewhat weird..He doesn’t talk so much also..
Twinkle: That’s great..And the people who talk so much na they r liars and betrayers !
Chinki: So u r also a liar..?
Twinkle: Shut up Chinki
Twinkle : Maa But there is a request..
Leela: Yes

Twinkle: We will not leave this house until I get married..
Leela: But
Twinkle (Shouts) : I want to marry in this house only so people don’t think I m money minded.. Some people will afterwards respect me then!
Twinkle leaves..
Leela: What happened to her?
Sonakshi is show sitting lost in thoughts..
Dev comes
Dev: Sona They r London Tickets…I think we will also go to Dubai..What say?
Dev sees her sad..
Dev: What happened Sona?
Sona: We will not go until this problem gets over..How can we leave? Because of us TwiNj are parted..

Dev: So what should we do?? We tried a lot ..They r not ready to listen..
Sona: We will try again..
Dev: Ok
Sona hands her tickets..
Dev: So mission TwiNj unite starts..
Sona smiles
Twinkle is sitting on her bed… Phone rings
Twinkle: Dev sir! (Picks up the phone)
Twinkle: Hi sir
Dev: Meet me at the park tomorrow
Twinkle: Sir
Dev: Plz Twinkle Itz Important
Twinkle: Ok sir
At Park (Next Morning)
Sona: Dev you shouldn’t have brought me here..
Dev: Itz necessary.. I want to tell twinkle it was just a drama..

Twinkle is walking toward park
Kunj comes
Kunj: You walked this much to come to this park..My petrol got wasted following you..
Twinkle: U were following me?

Sona: Offo If I was knowing I would have called Kunj
Dev: No Don’t call him if they will see each other They will start fighting!
Sona: When will Twinkle come?

Kunj: I was not following you..Ur bad luck was following u..By the way why have u come to park?
Twinkle: None of ur business
Kunj: Twinkle u compromised so early where Dev Dixit A businessman and where Yuvraj Luthra An owner of a restaurant..When ur standard got so low?
Twinkle: Shut up

Sona: Look Dev There she is
Dev: Yeah but isn’t there Kunj also..

Kunj: U love me..were marrying Dev and now going to yuvraj’s house..
Twinkle: What problem do u have?

Sona: Kunj twinkle come here..Ahh why are they fighting Kunj Twinkle
They turn
Dev: Come here and fight here come na

TwiNj comes and sit
After a while…
Dev: Did u got it Twinkle ..What drama we were doing..Kunj and Sonakshi were doing the same!
Sona: Dev is telling the truth! Kunj only loves you.. ok now tell sorry To each other..
Twinkle: Will u tell first..Or I will?
Kunj: U tell first
Twinkle: Whenever u want to fight u always start!
Kunj: Ladies First
Twinkle hits him..
Twinkle: Ladies First??
TwiNj : Sorry Sorry and Sorry
TwiNj and DevAkshi smiles!
Dev: How come this marriage came?
Kunj: Tell her
Twinkle: My mom decided it not me..
Kunj: Who said yes
Twinkle: That’s because if u…
Sona: Don’t fight na
Dev: We have to do something practical!

Kunj: Yeah practical kill him like wise u were tried to kill me..
Sona: Dev
Twinkle: Why u want me to become widow before marriage
Kunj: Wow
Twinkle: I m not thinking of him… I m thinking that my husband will die before marriage!
Sona laughs
Dev: We will solve it!
Sona: Dev we promised them but how will we do this??
Dev: We have promised na we will do something..
Dev: Sona u have to help me
Sona: Yeah
Next day
Sonakshi comes to Kunj house
Sonakshi: Hii Maa
Usha: Sona
Sonakshi: Maa I am sorry
Usha: Itz OK
Sonakshi: Maa one wish
Usha: Yes
Sonakshi: I will do Kunj marriage where I want..
Usha: Ok
Sonakshi: Promise na
Usha: Yeah
Twinkle : Maaa u know what I have came to know Yuvraj is mentally not stable..
Leela: What…I will cancel this marriage bit these preparations?
Twinkle: Maa plz
Leela: Ok
Twinkle: Maa u r tensed
Leela: Marriage!!
Twinkle : Don’t be tensed..
Sonakshi comes to twinkle house..with gifts!
Leela: Why r u keeping this here..Kunj’s house is upstairs!
Sona: I have came to meet u
Leela: Why??
Sona: I have not came as guest I want something from u?
Leela: What? My daughter for ur husband..
Dev comes
Leela: Why have u came now …My daughter doesn’t want to marry u..
Sonakshi: U still did not understood I want ur daughter to marry my brother..
Leela: Brother?
Sona: Yes Ur daughter knows him and likes him…Say Yes na
Leela: Ok
After sometime
Twinkle is eating sweets!
Usha comes downstairs..
Usha: Sona wht r u dong here??
Sona: I was about to call u ..Lets do engagement..Kunj Kunj come..
Sona: Why did u came so late..
Kunj: Yaar My engagement ..I was dressing..
Usha: Ur engagement..
Dev: U have misunderstood..Twinkle is doing to marry Kunj..
Leela : Kunj ….Usha: Twinkle

Kunj: Yeah Maa
Leela: Kunj I like u u r a good person but one mistake u r son of this Usha..
Usha: Same goes with twinkle..
Dev: Twinkle is my sis..
Sona: And Kunj My bro..
Dev: So now u also want to cancel this engagement..
Twinkle: Maa Plz
Leela: Ok
Kunj: Maa
Usha: Ok

Kunj winks at Twinkle
DevAkshi smiles…
Episode Ends

So how was the last episode…Plz do comment…Bye
Love U!!

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