You won’t get this Life again…! ( Part #4)


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Wanted to tell u Itz my second last epi…!! So plz comment!! Guys This epi will not have any DIALOGUES ..! Just enjoy the episode…Plz comment…
Episode 4:

Sonakshi and Dev are now planning to make each other feel jealous, by this Dev invites Twinkle to his house and Sonakshi decides to spend her whole day with Kunj before this process Sonakshi takes Kunj for shopping so he can look more decent and same happens with Twinkle and Dev.
Dev’s Mother(Usha) wants him to marry someone by this she invited people for bringing marriage proposal but later rejects as Kunj denies. Twinkle comes to Dev’s house and tries to make Sonakshi jealous by showing her that she cares a lot for Him (Dev) , but Sonakshi is not jealous …!Same happens with Dev after Sonakshi receives flowers and is going out with Kunj.
Naman (Friend) sees Kunj with Sonakshi and asks Kunj about this and he handles the situation by saying that he treats Sonakshi as his sister. Twinkle’s Mother(Leela) is suspecious about Twinkle and spies on her she sees Twinkle with Dev and thinks that both are having a love affair. After that she takes her home and asks her that she should marry Dev. When Dev takes a fake Marriage proposal to her house and lies to Leela that he is around 80 years and is married to a women before, Leela thinks..
Twinkle’s Mom wants her to marry Dev and after she meet Sonakshi.. Sonakshi tells her that she is fully okay with the marriage, Kunj’s mom thinks that Twinkle’s Mom is interested in Dev…
Leap of couple of days..
Sonakshi thinks that Kunj is useless and making him work with her is a waste of time and she tells Kunj to quit, Same is happening with Dev and Twinkle.. every one thinks that Twinkle has a bad character and Dev tells her to quit.
Twinkle and Kunj lose their jobs.
Soon Dev and Sonakshi gets an invitation to their uncle’s daughter’s marriage, and when they are getting back Sonakshi gets shot. Dev takes care of her in the hospital, and Sonakshi falls in love with him.
Twinkle finally tells her mom that she is not in love with Dev and she was only working for him seeing this her mom gets emotional and Hugs her…Kunj tells his mother that he doesn’t want to marry soon…! Usha says Ok..
Twinkle and Kunj are not talking to each other while Sonakshi and Dev have fallen in deep love. Elena tells Sonakshi that Dev is acting to be a good man but in reality he just wants her to take divorce same is happening with Dev that his friend is telling him the same thing, because of this big misunderstanding Sonakshi a now is telling Kunj to work for him by bringing her and Dev close ..Sona tells him that Twinkle is a fraud and only loves Dev’s money, Dev is telling Twinkle the Same and exactly thing to do, but this time Twinkle and Kunj are not working for them and their answer is NO!
Because of Jobs Twinkle and Kunj are not talking with each other. After asking Kunj for help Sonakshi starts to cry because of which Kunj is ready to do her work that is to tell Dev that a Twinkle has a bad character same is Happening with Dev and Twinkle and Twinkle too agree.
Dev and Twinkle are waiting in the park Dev is telling her that Sona would be here no time so she would start doing her practice. Sona was actually following Dev when she reaches there with Kunj she asks him that he should be going and should start what he was told. Both Twinkle and Dev see each other (Dev with Sona and Twinkle with Dev) because of that both are really depressed/shocked..
Only because of their sake, Dev and Sona have destroyed Twinkle and Kunj’s relationship without knowing that they are in love or even without thinking that they know each other.
When Kunj and Twinkle come face to face
Twinkle: U betrayed me..
Kunj: Same I can tell to u….U r actually Money Minded
They get into argument because of which Twinkle holds her collar and hits him both are fighting so weirdly that their mothers came and are holding them to stay back.
Dev, is in office talking to his friend and he says that he can do anything to get Sona back and he can also kill Kunj.. His friend Calms him and tells him to be patient. The next morning Sonakshi goes to Twinkle’s home and humiliates her badly while standing on the front gate, Twinkle tries to tell her the truth which she fully denies to listen, she tells her that she has a very bad character and that she should back off from Dev, Twinkle warns her and tells her that before telling her what to do she should look inside herself and asks her that what sort of a woman would want her husband back while dating another young man? Sonakshi gets confused tells her to shut up and leaves. The Next day it is shown that Dev pays a beating gang an amount of money to beat Kunj but not badly, so for this the beating gang beat Kunj while reaching home Kunj tells the whole story to his mother tells them that Twinkle has done this seeing this there love burns while there hater grows for Twinkle. On the other hand it was showed that Twinkle tells her mom about Kunj that he is in love with Sonakshi her mom gets very angry and starts hating Kunj..
Nxt Day
Story focuses on a comedic fight it is shown that Twinkle’s Mom and Kunj’s Mom are shouting at each other and are teamed up it shows that first they argue with each other and then they start fighting with each other after tell to each other that both hate each other a lot.

Dev is talking to his lawyer to arrange divorce papers for him.

Sonakshi is Talking to Elena, she tells her that she madly love Dev but she will only be happy when he will be happy which she thinks can be fulfilled by his marriage with Twinkle same is happening with Dev…!.

Twinkle and Kunj’s life :: Both and there families have gained anger against each other…
Next morning Dev tells Sonakshi to sign Divorce papers she thinks he is doing this for Twinkle…Both have a talk about each other there DevAkshi Tells each other whole story How they Planed for making each other jealous….All Miss-understanding is cleared and both laugh out and are very happy while laughing loudly …..Karrena (Servant) hears them laughing and tells Dev’s servant Bhola that both can never love each other and can never even sit with each other so theres only one thing left that they are mentally ill so both Bhola and Karrena run away.
NeXt MorNing: Dev and Sona are enjoying there breakfast and talk about Kunj and Twinkle that because of them there love story is hurt.
Dev tries to talk to Kunj but Kunj ignores him…Here Sona comes to twinkle’s house where Twinkle tells her that she doesn’t wanna talk….!

Episode Ends!
So guys How was it?? It will be not so good ..Right?? Was it boring?? Sorry for that…
Last Episode will be submitted day after tomorrow…Want it to be best!!
In this episode there were no dialogues ..So it would have been extra boring ..Sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyy
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  1. Baby

    zakiyah amazing dear luvd it
    bt y r u ending it dear
    luvd it 2 d core han twinj hv fot wid eo
    bt i hpe evrything bcms f9 in nxt episode
    luvd it
    post nxt asap

    1. Thanks!!

  2. Awesome.. wasn’t boring at all.. hope twinj’s misunderstanding is cleared.. do cont soon ?

    1. Thanks

  3. Angita

    Oh my god meri pyaari zakiyah
    It was so supreme yaar sweetheart….
    Really looking forward to the next one
    Though I’ll be sad as that’s your last
    Love you shoo much

    1. Thanks Thanks

  4. Jisha

    Amazing… loved it

    1. Thanks

  5. Sanjanaagrawal

    Loved itvbut why are u ending it suddenly …

    1. Thanks…? I have to end it..! Studies!
      Just enjoy the last epi??☺️☺️??

  6. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode Zaku… It wasn’t boring at all infact I loved it…
    It was a first time reading ff without dialogue nd believe me I loved it nd enjoyed it…..
    Awesome.. Loved it to the core…

    1. Thanks

  7. Manya

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!! loved it ………….post asap

    1. Thanks

  8. Amazing zakiyah

    1. Thanks Sana

  9. Awesome loved it….

    1. Thanks

  10. SidMin

    Loved the way you write but Twinj Misunderstanding please sort it out soon 🙂 Loved it 🙂

    1. Thanks

  11. was awssm dear need to wrry ..n post ur nxt epi soon

    1. Thanks

  12. part 4 ???? i was waiting eagerly but part 1 2 3 kahan ha

    1. Tumnei nhi padhe just checkout the link I have given above in the episode

  13. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Zakiyah dear
    It was amazing though u were keeping a great suspense but I think so coz of time shortage u broke it in one epi only but still it was fab
    Now next one is going to be the last one soooooo
    I wish that u come back soon with a new story
    Loved it ??????????????

    1. Thanks…Thanks
      Yeah shortage of time!! Will be posting it tom …Hope u like it

  14. Awesome ff and episode. But if u don’t mind, it’s story is similar to a Pakistani drama “kahani Raima aur minahil” ki.

    1. Thanks!

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