You won’t get this Life again…! ( Part #3)


You won’t get this Life Again..! (#3)
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Episode starts:
Leap of some days..
Sonakshi in is boutique with Elena
Sonakshi: What should I Do now so that he will give me divorce..
Elena: U should try something that he dislikes..
Sonakshi: What can I do??He will never divorce me..Ahhhh Papaaaaa(Shouts)

Dev: Yaar I m seriously right now like a dead person..
Vicky: But I m talking to u..Bro u r alive..
Dev: What a joke ..I forgot to laugh!
Vicky: Bro I m serious
Dev: How can he? How can my father in law and my dear mother do this..U know what Vicky Now I came to know one thing they two were very intelligent..
Vicky: I don’t think so bro!
Dev:Then I think they will have got a time machine..When they traveled to future 2016..They came to know we will divorce..
Vicky Laughs…
Sonakshi: Elena I tried few days back something it didn’t work..
Elena: What did u try??
Sonakshi: U know my friend Becca..
Elena: Yeah that school friend
Sonakshi: Yeah
Sonakshi: Few days back I made a plan to show that Obhodro that I m interested in another man..So i took Becca’s Husband for Lunch..Becca saw us..She was seriously very much angry..I handled the situation and told her I was treating him like a friend in reality..! Then yesterday they left for America!!
Elena: Sona you actually have a bad fate..Related to the boys especially..
Sonakshi: Actually You r Right! Tell me an idea..Elena Plz
Elena: I think u should date someone of ur boutique
Sonakshi: Good idea..Will try!

Dev: Yaar I wanted to show Sonakshi that I m having affair..But that girl whom I was dating..She was a thief..She took my phone,wallet and my favourite car!
Vicky: Haha Which car Dev
Dev: Don’t remind me of that day! Yaar
Vicky: I think u should date any girl from ur office..
Dev: Ok
TwiNj are shown at a beach!
Twinkle: Thanks Kunj …This is the best day
Kunj:That’s Great U liked it
Twinkle: I liked ur surprise this time..
Kunj: Yeah Thank u Queen!
Twinkle: U know what Itz hard to be quiet and not talk about our marriage..
Kunj: Itz a task Twinkle..
Twinkle: World’s Worst Task
Kunj: World’s Biggest Toughest Task for My Siyappa Queen
Twinkle: U Sadu Sarna
Kunj: Just Don’t call me that
Twinkle: I will Sadu Sarna
Kunj: Wait
Kunj’s goes and comes back with one ice cream..
Twinkle: U only got one ice cream..
Kunj: Yes Siyappa Queen Only for me.
Twinkle: Sadu Sarna!
Kunj: Sadu Sarna?? Kunj puts all his ice cream on his face..
Twinkle: Kunj…..
Kunj : Look at ur face
TwiNj Laughs!
Kunj: Twinkle There r some financial problems Then I will surely marry u..
Twinkle: Itz OK Kunj I will wait!! Rub this ice cream from my face Plz…
Kunj Laughs : Wait….Rubs off the ice cream!
Next Day
Kunj: Maa Give me my shirt..
Kunj: Maa
Usha: Ku…Nj
Kunj comes outside..His mother is bleeding..She slipped from stairs..
Kunj: Maa….Twinkle ..Leela Aunty
Twinkle: Kunj what happened?? Usha Aunty
Leela: Usha U will be fine..
Kunj: Maa Nothing will happen to u..
They reach hospital…
Doctor:She needs an operation…Rs 2 Lac should be given..
Kunj:Sir Give me Time..
Doctor:Ok 1 week..
Kunj: Ok

Kunj comes to boutique..
Sonakshi: Hii Kunj
Kunj: Hi ma’am
Sonakshi: Kunj I wanted to talk to u ..
Kunj: Yes ma’am
Sonakshi: Kunj u have to become my boyfriend..U have to date me for few days..I will give u money in advance..I want myself to be divorced ..Plz
Kunj: No ma’am I m sorry..
Kunj Leaves

Twinkle is sitting in her cabin working..Thinking How to get money?
Dev comes there
Twinkle: Yes sir
Dev: Twinkle I want u to become my GirlFriend..I will date u..only for some days
Twinkle: No sir I m sorry ..I can’t do this..
Dev leaves..
TwiNj meet at night in hospital..
Kunj tells twinkle everything…Twinkle also then tells him..But both tell the some other work…Not the real work that they have to become BF/GF..
Kunj: I will work for Sonakshi ..I will get money..For operation
Twinkle: Kunj u r right I will also work for Dev..So that financial problems get over
Kunj: Yeah then Weill marry..

Kunj calls Sonakshi..
Kunj: Ma’am I m ready…For the work..But I want two lacs in advance..
Sonakshi: Ok Kunj i will give u two lacs Tomorrow..From today u will tell me by my name Sonakshi..
Kunj: Ok

Twinkle Calls Dev
Dev: Yes Twinkle
Twinkle: Sir I m ready for the work
Dev: Great meet me tomorrow
Sonakshi gives Kunj money in advance…Usha gets recovered……
Now Kunj is working for Sonakshi while Twinkle is working for Dev.

Episode Ends
Did u like it?? Was it funny?? How is the twist???
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  1. SidMin

    Loved the episode it would be a great sock for Twinj when they see each other with Dev and Sonakshi respectively Loved it waiting for the next episode 🙂
    Post soon 🙂

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      What about ur ff??

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        will post it soon 🙂

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Lovely epi
    It’s gonna be exciting to watch twinkle with dev n kunj with sona
    Loved it ?

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  3. Awesome.. eager to twinj’s reaction when they know they are working as gf/bf for devakshi. . So cont soon ?

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  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi

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  5. Baby

    zakiyah amazing yr
    osm twist
    luving it post nxt asap dear

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    Awesome …. ??

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    Nice epi

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      Post ur ff sooooooooooon

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        I will post by saturday or sunday
        Sorry for not posting as i am toooo busy these days

  9. Aamu

    aleeeeee…shollly…i was busy so dint cmnt…
    ur evry epi was just awesome…n about d twist…wonderful…..
    loved it…….
    i like ur zakiyah….it sounds great…
    shorrryyyy again

    1. Thanks………….????

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