You won’t get this Life again…! ( Part #2)


You won’t get this Life Again….! (#2)
Epi 1 Link : Episode 1
Episode 2:
TwiNj are shown walking..
Kunj: Thank God Ur mother didn’t saw us!
Twinkle: U should thank me..
Kunj: Oh Plz This Siyappa was created by u..Siyappa Queen!
Twinkle: What …U
Kunj: Ok let’s eat ice cream..
Twinkle: Nope I have to go to Office…Don’t u have to go to boutique??
Kunj: No Itz closed for 2 Days!
Twinkle: U enjoy I m gong Bye
Kunj: Twinkle
Elena: Sona Now plz don’t cry..
Sona: I m not sad because My father left me..I m sad because Itz all Dev’s Fault…I will never Forgive him….
Dev : I can’t believe Sonakshi killed his father…
Vicky: No yaar She was so sad…
Dev: Nor she was able to be a good wife neither good daughter…If she wouldn’t have argued ..She wouldn’t have happened…
At Night..
TwiNj meet at terrace.
Twinkle: I want to marry u.
Kunj: Again this twinkle. How much time I will make u understand this can’t happen this time..
Twinkle: Kunj I didn’t request anything before..I just wanna marry u soon..
Kunj: Where will we marry…?? Will u marry me at the Gun point..or will run and marry.
Twinkle:Yes That’s great..Such a good idea.
Kunj:U r genius
Twinkle: Really
Kunj: No……..We will run and then I will leave u at an old station and I will come back here..Isn’t it great?
Twinkle: Hawwwwwww…I came to know u don’t love me Sadu Sarna
Kunj: Listen Twinkle,I m telling the truth..What’s ur salary? 50,000 and I don’t have that also..Where I will take u?? What will u eat?? Just Think!
Twinkle: I will live in ur house..
Kunj: In my house..What a brilliant brain u have…My mother will never let u in there..Got that..
Twinkle:I just wanna marry u..I can do anything.
Kunj: Anything.
Kunj: R u sure..
Twinkle: Yes ..what I have to do??
DevAkshi are sitting together…
Dev: Ur father did a big mistake..
Sona: My father didn’t do anything mistake?
Dev: To tell me to marry u…Wasn’t a mistake..It was biggest mistake in the world..
Sona: Then ur mother was also in involved in this..
Dev: Point to be noted…
Sona: One request Dev
Sona: I just want Divorce from u..
Dev: Sona…From yrs I wanted to tell u something..
Sona: What?
Dev: I want to divorce u…
Sona: Hmmmm But not so easily..
Dev: What do u mean? Did ur mood changed? I want Divorce..I will not change my mood..
Sona: We will celebrate First…
Dev: Great Idea…Lets Go!!
Kunj:Stay Quiet…No topic about marriage..
Twinkle: Kunj…
Twinkle: Ok
Dev: Actually Arjun(Lawyer) I wanted to meet u..
Arjun: I also want to meet u..Will come Tom
Dev: Ok.
Sona: Elena I m finally getting divorce…I m so happy..
Elena: Happy for u
Twinkle is walking on the road..
(Thinks) : How will I ?? Huh Kunjjjjjjj
Kunj is in boutique
Kunj: Who did this??
Sonakshi comes there..
Sonakshi: Gud Morng
Kunj Turns
Kunj: Hello ma’am..welcome back
Sonakshi: Hi, How r u??
Kunj: Fine..
Sonakshi: Kunj, U will have to take care for this boutique for 2 days..
Kunj: Ma’am why r u gong..somewhere
Sonakshi: To celebrate my divorce
Sonakshi leaves..
Kunj: Celebrate?? Divorce??
Twinkle is working in office..
Dev comes
Dev: Twinkle…any meeting today??
Twinkle: Yes sir, At 6
Dev: Cancel it…I have to celebrate today!
Dev leaves
Twinkle: Celebrate …And Him?
Lawyer comes..
DevAkshi Are discussing their property matters…Lawyer is seeing some papers..
Dev(To Sona) : This house is mine..Ok?
Sonakshi:Ok…But farm house mine..
Dev: Ok
Sonakshi: That London apartment
Dev: ?
Sonakshi: 6 Months You and 6 months me..
Dev: Done
Dev: Arjun Do it fast bro..
Arjun: Will u give me time I wanted to tell u something..
Dev: Yeah
Arjun: Want to discuss will..
Sonakshi: Will??
Arjun: Yes…..U r owner of property worth crores…Congrats for that…
Sonakshi: Obviously We know that..
Arjun: But one important point ?.I wanted tell u…U two can only avail this property for the time u r husband and wife…
DevAkshi: What?
Arjun: If Dev u will give divorce to Sonakshi then she will get whole property..And If Sonakshi will then Dev will get whole property…
DevAkshi: What…….?

Episode Ends
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