Hello everyone.. First of all lemme tell you all that the pairs are Swasan-Raglak.. and the concept is taken from the story “A woman in grey” written by Sheila Dailey.. I just took the concept but the story is quite different from the real story.. So lets go with this story..

It was summer season.. Nobody was on the street.. There was a store on the road.. The owner of the shop was sitting there and studying the accounts as no customer was there.. He was engrossed in checking accounts when he felt that there is someone at the counter.. He stood up and saw a woman dressed in a grey saree.. Her hairs were messed and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears.. The man asked, “How can i help you, ma’am??” The woman didn’t said anything and pointed towards the milk bottles.. The man understood that she wanted the milk bottle.. He took the bottle and placed it on the counter.. The woman took it.. She didn’t said anything and left from there.. The man was so touched by her tear-filled eyes that he didn’t asked for the money too.. He was thinking about her..

I was checking my accounts and then felt someone’s presence at my shop.. I went to the counter and saw a woman dressed in a grey saree.. He hair were messed and she was teary eyed.. When i asked her how can i help her, she just pointed at the milk bottle.. She looked sad..

At that time someone tapped his shoulders.. The man literally jumped due to fear???? (Poor he!!)
He turned and saw a girl laughing at him..
The girl: ????????Sanskar.. Hahahaha.. You got scared.. ????????
Sanskar: Swara!! This isn’t fair.. You scared me babe..
Swara: But why you got scared all of a sudden??
Sanskar: (back hugs her) Ohh nothing..
Swara: Sanskar..
Sanskar: Hmmm..
Swara: Really nothing na??
Sanskar: (thinks for a while) No nothing..
Swara: Okay then.. Lets have lunch..
Sanskar: Yeah..

Ohk, so guys, it was just an introductory shot.. I will post the nxt shot only after seeing your reviews.. So her is the character sketch of Swara and Sanskar:
Sanskar Maheshwari: A sweet, caring and loving hubby.. Loves his wife a lot.. He owns a big store..
Swara Sanskar Maheshwari: A cute, bubbly girl.. Loves Sanskar a lot..

So, this is the intro+character sketch.. Now plz pen down your reviews ithe comment box and lemme know about them ? I’m eagerly waiting for your reviews..
Love you all..
Take care.. ?

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  1. Vinni

    Hii manasvi☺☺ its nice dear☺ but plz show swasan scenes more.❤ u r 2years younger than me.i will support you like ur diii.all the best

    1. Manasvi

      Hey Vinni dii.. I will call you dii only..
      And i will try to show some swasan scenes.. And you can read my ff too.. Its on Swasan only.. And thanks..

  2. Kavya24

    As usual you wrote an masterpiece Fantabuloustic awesomeness ki height jhakassss one my cutiepie??? and varun is looking hot in your dp seriously?:) loads of love?:)

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks Kavya dii..
      Your comment made me too happy☺☺
      And varun?? is my jaan yaar..
      He always lloks hot??

      1. Manasvi

        Btw wanna be my friend??

  3. Aashi


    1. Manasvi

      Thanks Aashi..

  4. Simi

    Nice dear

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks Simu?

  5. Seems to be interstng…
    Contnue soon..!!!!

    1. Manasvi

      Tysm Darlzz..☺

    1. Manasvi

      Tysm Darlzz..☺

      1. Manasvi

        M so sorry Vyshu dii? i dont know how it got posted here.. Sorry..
        Thank you so much Vyshu dii..

  6. Nice..continue soon..

  7. Pretty good one dear.. I think something interesting is coming all d way..

    1. Manasvi

      Tysm Sree..

  8. Tamil

    Superb continue soon

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks dii..?☺

  9. Superb dear

    1. Manasvi

      Tysm mintu

    1. Manasvi

      Thanks Aarsha dii☺

  10. IQRA222


    1. Manasvi

      Thnks dii?☺

  11. IME

    Hiii Manu
    su lakhe che yrr tu mast avhe fata fat 1st shot submit kari de
    mane lage che ke a chokri ragini che
    hu RI8 chu ke nai
    If I am wrong then its just a bad guess
    mane lage che ke a wrong che chal kai nai
    byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dhyan rak je pota nu

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks ishu dii..
      Ane hun jaldi post kari daish..
      Iss duniya mein suspense naam ki bhi koi cheez koti hai dosto!!!
      I guess you remember??

      1. IME

        ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mari biladi mara jodej meow
        yaad rakhis huu manu
        ane haa dii kem bolave che hu 1 k j varas moti chuu dii naaa bolavis mane tu have thi

  12. AnuAnn

    Interesting dear

    1. Thanks dii.. 🙂

  13. Superbbb…horror ff ??

    1. Thanks..

  14. so its swasan

    1. Actually not nikky dii..
      Raglak are mystery r8 now..
      Jus try 2 read it once..
      I m sure u will like it 🙂

  15. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Update soon

    1. Thanks dear.. 🙂
      Will try 2.. 🙂

  16. Shifa96


    1. Manasvi

      Thannks Dii..:-)

  17. waiting fr raglak part

    1. Manasvi

      Thnks Ankita.. 🙂

  18. Aasthu


    1. Manasvi

      Thanks Dii..
      Bdw do you remember me??

      1. Aasthu

        No…who are you?????
        did you expect this or ??????????? of course I remember you little one….I wasn’t sure if you remembered me. That’s why I didn’t mention it in the comment……soooo how’s everything going????? school???? friends??????????

  19. Soujanya


    1. Manasvi

      Thnks Soujanya.. ☺

  20. Amore

    manu bachhaaaa! u r doing really good… keep doing. waise m sorry ki m not commenting par kya karu mera cell kho gaya n aaj v bht mushqil se kia hai…

    meri stories v usi me thi so sab cover karne me time lagega. saayad 2 months.

    par don’t stop keep doing I’m really proud of the way you are shaping yourself…

    aage badhti reh bachha n m feeling so great to call u my chhotu sa nanha sa shaitaan sa badmash sa manu 😉 hehehe

    hope k tu mujhe bhuli nahi bhuli toh naa… toh naa… toh… toh… toh kya karu?? tu hi bata dey *pout*

    (hope u don’t mind me call u tu.)

    Aaj pehli baar Hindi me reply dia hai toh saayad tujhe tu kaha toh pasnd nai aaya hoga. Bata dena agar bura laga toh. woh kya hai naa, apno ko tu keh ne ki aadat hai. bura laga toh sorry.. but keep doing.. miss u.

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