woh jo tum ne kiya tha , kya ishq nahi tha ?? (ragsan ) intro


Hey people . here I’m dropping some details about story … u only decide whether it is same or different from main story . if u ask me I just say its completely new thing which I’m writing after getting inspired from all serials I watch … so u may feels some similarity of this story with other serials .

Present …
Top business family in country , for them everything is possible , glitter money luxuries wat not … they r completely drowned in their own heaven of comforts … completely unaware of harsh reality faced by normal people out there . if given a chance every one would wish to be born as member of that family .
Huh ….. this is wat all people think about that family … ya may be true wat they r thinking about them but still there’s a lot mistery kept hidden under those glitters … theres a lot to get unlocked … as deep as we go into this family we will have clear cut image of their family picture which is filled with lot of trash like family politics , business affairs , unsatisfied relations , heartless talks still more … which still no one dared to clear from frame . u know about them we have to start from beginning all knows .

Late Mr. Jay raj maheshwari , we may call him beginner of everything wat maheshwari’s have today … whether it is their prosperity matter or hidden family politics … he is initiator . all generations of maheshwari’s were rich …but rather than their prosperity all the time they r known much for their golden hearts … all the gud things they did to society …. The way they took care of needy people … all villagers used to treat them as their gods … but not all the time good works right sometimes it have to face the worst … it happened with maheshwari’s too … in the process of helping spreading goodness they never imagined to fell into poverty … from their worst days have begun …. N it continued till jay raj maheshwari took charge of their family business . he has seen golden day eventually tasted the wrost days of their life . he decided to change everything . he realized wat mistake his fore father did n its consequences followed . he recalled all sleepless nights their family gone through bcoz of hunger . n there began a new chapter of maheswari’s . better name it the “ the cold hearts ” do wat ever but it should be for urself n ur family . first be responsible to ur family n every thing may be next . just ignore world as no one gonna help in ur worst times . this became their philosophy . n their empire spread all across country . not necessarly all maheswari’s r like this but surely in every generation there will be one strict follower of this principle .
After jay raj his son shiv Prasad continued same pattern … same politics in the way his father used to do . soon their politics shifted to family relation issues too … Shiv Prasad proved it by betrayed his own brother deeraj n took loinpart of his father’s business .
Unlike shiv Prasad his wife Mala is kind hearted lady always regretted for her husband deed of betraying his own brother . but no use she is completely unaware now where deeraj family exists . they completely vanished . she even have doubt on shiv behind this issue . but her love for her husband never allowed herself to express this in front of her shiv Prasad .

Shiv n mala two sons durga Prasad n ram Prasad . by that time they r completely settled n occupied no 1 position in business . they Dp n RP growing up Mala is really tensed looking them as DP is just like his father no emotion no value for relations … n RP is just like Mala … lil innocent believes his big brother blindly . mala is scared whether DP is do the same thing to rp just like shiv . she tried to change dp but no use . finally she took promise from dp not to leave his brother no matter wat . they have stay under same roof . though he given promise both knows it is not from heart . as no heart exists in dp frankly speaking .
Time changed . shiv is now no more . DP took charge of family business . RP following his brother foot steps still closing his eyes . Mala managed to keep them together till now .

Annapurna wife of DP … well mannered woman … she talks really sweet to every one … she is not interested in business deals n all . she loves to take care of family n doing same .
Sujatha wife of RP … really loud woman n wicked one too… loves her status more than anything . seeks everything to be perfect in her matters . she hates Dp to core as she feels he took her husband’s rights too . many times she tried to make this matter realize to RP but he never accepted . she always interested in knowing business deals n shares they hold but not given much chance to her as DP strictly ordered AP n sujatha to stay away from business issues n try to show interest in managing family matters . sujatha also hates him for this .
even DP don’t like sujatha as she is from middle class family . RP loved her n Mala did their marriage without thinking as only her son’s happiness matter to her much . interesting thing is that now sujatha is no way behaves like woman from middle class . she even forgot about her past .
present generation ….
Sanskaar Maheshwari ( 25 years ) , the only son of our RP n sujatha . simply we can call him follower of his family’s philosophy in this generation after DP . such a cold hearted guy , highly arrogant rude , low class people hold no value to him . his brain thinks only about business n shares . even people doubt whether he have heart or not . at end he is brand new combined version of jay shiv n durgaprasad .
Unlike all this qualities he even have some goodness of his father n grand mother . he is loyal to family especially to his brothers . though he don’t care about outsiders but family mean a lot to him . he don’t show this but truly he have this feeling in his heart . any problem comes to his brothers he will be the one in front row to face them . which sujatha didn’t like at all . in all other matter she is pretty much satisfied with sanskar as he took part in family business too n ruling in his own style . sujatha really proud of her son n thinks he will do justice n take revenge from dp for he did to rp .
Like sanskar his brothers laksh Nikhil also ready to give their lives for big bro .
Laksh maheshwari ( 24 years ) unlike dp he is like his mother so gud hearted , polite guy with all qualities to be ideal one . he just cant cheat anyone , very much interested in nature protection , currently he is an environmentalist running one own environmental working group . he stays far from business issues .

DP is pretty much upset with laksh for this . he wanted his sons to rule after him but he see no hope . only sanskar is all the way only he have all qualities to rule this empire like him . so with much dissatisfaction he is taking sanskar’s help in all issues . most of deals happens only bcoz of sanskar . he can crack any deal in his own style its just 2 years sanskar joined business profits tripled … DP is half happy n half tensed looking sanskar as he is growing powerful day by day n wondered how could he be son of rp . he is pretty worried about laksh n nikhil’s future .
Nikhil ( 20 years ) he is such a playboy … only thing he can do best is flirting . he is currently doing his degree in music . dp has no hope on him at all . DP don’t even talk to nikhil properly but Nikhil never get upset with his dad’s behavior . when he feels like spending time with dad he runs to sanskar from childhood . he feels best when spends time with sanskar . even sanskar too took care of Nikhil like just father by providing him everything n saving him from all mess he create outside bcoz of his stupidity . Nikhil asks everything from sanskar only . sansakr has been his guardian . Nikhil loves sansky more than laksh .

Uttara ( 19 years ) daughter of rp n sujatha …. sweet shy girl …. Feels so difficult even to express herself too . she cant talk openly anything . hides everything inside her . only laksh sanskar Nikhil can understand her silence . trio r highly protective towards sister . sujatha don’t give her much attention as she gives to sanskar all the time . but laksh pacifies her . just like Nikhil flows easily with sanskar … uttara has great bonding with lucky .
Inspite of many family politics Mala is now happy seeing sanskar laksh Nikhil ‘s ultimate bonding . she believed they never let family break into pieces .

Well all cant be maheshwari’s right . there are many people around who believes in reality . one such is ragini gadodia .
Ragini gadodia ( 22 years ) moderate independent girl , self respect holds much important to her than anything . she gives value to relations , believes in reality , struggling much to secure her lil brother future . she has a lot in her heart n mind but only express her happy side infront of her brother to make him believe that everything is gud which is not actually .
She lost her mom at age of 12 . her father prudhvi married another woman but she never treated ragini as her daughter . after 2 years they had a son Avian . ragini is pretty much excited looking her brother . soon family happiness snatched once again when this time she lost her father n step mother in accident . n big responsibility fell on ragini . ragini was not alone actually that time as her father prudhvi has a brother shekhar n his wife sharmishta …. They also have a daughter swara who is just 2 years younger to ragini . Shekhar n prudhvi stays in baadi in opposite homes ( remember guys just like dida n dadi stayed in baadi in main serial . )

but they turned their faces in that time . not even this time ragini broke down . she understood only she should face this alone . she made herself strong n decided to fight for her brother . from that day Avian became world for her . she is not scared of such big responsibility she got in that age . that time they only have one house in which they r staying nothing else in their hands .
Ragini some how managed to do degree by working part time taking her brother’s responsibility . now she is working . she never had time for herself all these years . she fell in run of world n now she is even got habituated to it . she never got tired of all this .
Avian ( 8 years ) he is small kid but still he is so smart to understand his sister’s life . he loves ragini more than anything . he is completely aware of her struggle , he even know that their mother’s r different . he always wanted to grow up fast n be his sister’s protector . he tries to keep her sister smiling all the time .
Avian n ragini share most adorable bonding … they both r strength n living hope for each other . shekhar feels guilty for the problems ragini facing in such small age but he is helpless as his wife sharmishtha warned him to stay away from them . sharmishta typical women she dreams of luxuries n all . she is the reason y shekhar disowned his elder brother’s children as she filled his ear’s that they don’t have anything to feed them for life long as they too have their own daughter ( swara ) n should think of her future .
Avian totally hates that family for leaving his sister alone . but ragini tries to explain him its not like that but avian refuses as he understood wat they r in such small age .

Swara gadodia ( 20 years ) fun loving girl , bored of living middle class life . wants something big in her life . she also doing degree in music . she is big fan of sanskar n even have crazy habit of collecting his pics by cutting them from business magzines where ever she finds . she too knows wat their family did to ragini n avian is really wrong . but she don’t know wat she can do . she wants to do friendship with ragini but avian is not at all letting this happen n there avian n swara gets into fight which shakes whole baadi . ragini gets tired in stopping them . only this way ragini knows swara . though they staying opposite to each other swara n ragini meet only when avian gets into fight with swara .

In spite of all struggles of lives how do ragsan meet ? how their luv story possible even after these many differences ?
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  1. Asw

    Maybe I think it’s from ishqbazz anyway keep going & rocking

  2. Awesome waiting for the epi.update soon kats

  3. hey v nice story but i think it is somewhat similar to ishqbaaz although i love ur writing

  4. Superb

  5. Sindhura

    May be it resembles to ishqbaaz still love it

  6. Jayanti

    awesome….loved this inroduction…please post the next part soon

  7. A12345

    Awesome.. lil sme as ishqbaaz

  8. Inu

    Superb intro. Continue

  9. I just love it……. Superb beginning yaar…..

  10. Superb beginning yaar…… Waiting for 1 episode hope u will update it soon

  11. Nice…concept is like ishqbaaz….but its interesting..waiting for ur updates…

  12. AahanaReddy

    Hi. Its interesting. O think your favourite serials are Saathiya and Ishqbaaz. It is similar to both. Waiting eagerly. Awesome intro.

  13. Richa19

    Awesome concept just like ishqbaaz… But I’m sure that there will b something different like a tadka in ur story… Good luck!!

  14. Sreevijayan

    Amazing concept dear…loved it….

  15. awesome next part soon

  16. Silent_writer

    Wohooooooo full to awsmwee one yaaa

  17. A.xx

    FAb sound and great xx

  18. Kats

    well thanks to all who commented … first of all a big sorry from me especially to ishqbaaz fans . yes even i do watch ishqbaaz n also fan of it . yesterday i was feeling really depressed with my problems in life so to forgot them i decided to divert from all those things so suddenly i started writing this ff n posted without thinking after going through it in evening i too felt its just another copy of ishqbaaz story with swaragini actors … now im feeling bad for doing so . i thought of changing some part of story later but still its resembles more of ishqbaaz story i think . so i’m not gonna further continue this . can anyone tell me how delete my account n article posted here ? i dont see any option over here to delete . sorry again people . n i dont watch saathiya serial .. i dont know about it .

    1. hello
      first of all i think u r great writer
      i really dont want u to discontinue this story
      bcs honestly it really seems interesting n unique story
      i havent watched any of the serial that u mentioned and it could be resemble to them but im sure u wont copy the whole story
      u must have some ideas n story in ur mind too that how’ll u process
      otherwise its upon u
      and plz dont take anyone’s comment on ur heart
      ps. if u find them negative
      bcs if ull see everyone will encourage u
      and wont judge u
      hope ull continue ur story
      if not its ur wish
      wish u all the best n happiness in ur future
      take care

  19. Ragz_teju

    superb dear… it’s really awesome… I don’t think it is totally ishqbaaz serial.. many things are different in it.. . I would love to read it… don’t discontinue dear… you should write for your self and I think you are really good at writing.. if you write it will improve your writing skills more… their is nothing to lose and many of them who are reading must be unaware of ishqbaaz also so don’t get disappointed and please continue…
    I loved it to the core.. . ???

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