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“Dev, tuh apne almarih ko iss tarah kyun dekh raha hai, beta ?”
Caught unaware, Dev slammed the door of his wardrobe shut – Ishwari’e eyes catching a glimpse of something white.
“Woh, kuch nahi maa.. bas aise hi dekh raha tha – woh mein …mein office jaa raha hoon na- isiliye dekhr aha tha…”
“Lekin, toone tho pehle se hi yeh shirt tho pehna hai, phir kya doondh raha hai ?”

“Woh… isilye toh maa, isiliye maine bandh kiya”
“Thikhe beta – mujhe na tumse ek baat poochna tha – woh aaj shyaam ko …”
“Maa- main na bohot late hoonga … – toh aaj too so jaana tikhe ..”
“Par thoo khaana…”
But he was already gone.

A sweet smile came to his lips …

” Mr Dixit, koi dekh lega ”
“Haan, Dev – pichle hafte Ria ne toh hame pakada hi tha – aapko meri gift sacrifice karni padi thi – Remember?”
“Lekin maine aapko ghar thak tho choda tha…” Dev pouted adorably.
Sonakshi melted. Woh would have thought that Mr.Aubhodro could be so cute yet heart-stopping at the same time? Agar aisa hi chaltha raha tho mein in par kabhi gussa kar hi nahi paungi.
“Haan, toh woh koyi nayi baat nahi thi. Aap roz mujhe ghar thak drop karte hain.” Sonakshi said, still putting up the angry pretense.
“Ok, ok – fine. Tho aaj ham kahin aur ghoomne chalte hain.”

Sonakshi blinked. Well she definitely loved this side of Mr Dev Dikshit. Itna innocent koi ladka ho bhi sakta hai kya. Man karta hain ki unhe… Kya keh rahi hai tu Sona?!! Agar Saurabh dada ya Elena ne teri baatein sunli – toh meri leg pulling kar kar ke halat kharab kar denge…. Sab inki pyaar ki side effect hai.

Dev saw a lovely blush colour her cheeks. Use pata tha pink ek colour hai. Lekin uske bhi itne shades ho sakte hain , yeh use ab, dheere, dheere,same mein aa haha hai. Aur use for the first time, yeh saare shades explore karne the, on his own. His heart swelled with pride, as he realsied he was the only one who could bring out such lovely tones of his Ms.Bose.
Her musical laughter rang throughout the wind. A smile broke out on his face as he saw her jumping up and down, splashing water around, screaming wildly when a large wave approached her. As she ran into his care, her force catching him unaware, pushing them both down onto the shore as the wave splashed onto them, soaking them in the process.

Her mischievous eyes met his contented eyes. Their chests touching one another, their heartbeats weaved music as they merged into a single, lively rhythm. Her lips suddenly caught attention of his eyes. And she became aware of the change in the air. His hazel eyes, the one she loved so much, swirled with love, adoration and flecks of desire. Her eyes closed, heartbeat rose, chest heaving with anticipation, as he raised his head, his lips a mere inch away from hers.
Suddenly, water splashed onto her face. Her eyes flew open in shock, noting the gleeful look in the eyes of the prankster.

“Dev , mein aapko chodungi nahin!!” she screamed.

He took off with her hot on his trail. Their peals of laughter mingled and rose in the air , attracting the attention of the onlookers. It was such a sight to see such a young couple so much in love. Rare to see this kind of love. Aaj kal toh sabke apni ek alag si hi definition ban gaya tha pyar ke bare mein.

Dev caught hold of Sonakshi by her waist, swinging her in a circle, causing her to squeak gleefully, as the feel of Dev’s arms around her brought a warm and euphoric feeling bubbling within her. She came to a stop, her feet touching the shallow, cool waters, her hands resting on his chest. His hand guided her head, to his chest, the other resting on the small of her back. His chin resting atop her head. Nothing could come in between them at that moment. It was as pure as a snow, as chaste as the moon, as beautiful as the toothless smile of a child.

Her lips met the smooth fabric covering his torso as she softly kissed his chest. Well technically, where his heart, ‘the organ was situated. She smiled at the memory. Organ. Well that organ gave her a reason to live.

His heart wildly thumped again his chest as soft lips touched them – and then they suddenly slowed down to a mellifluous beat as if they finally found the acceptance it had eagerly waited for all these 27 years. Her arms tightened his hold on her.

“Tumhe pata hai ki maine kaunsa shirt pehna hai?”

“Pehele soch ki tumne yeh boring si white shirt pehni hai, lekin mujhe phir pata chala ki yeh shirt maine tumhe diya tha – jab maine tumhari shirt kharab kar di thi, holi ke din.”
His lips curled up.


“White mein saare colours hote hsin, mr.Dikshit. Aap pe ye shade of white bahot jachti hai.”
Both of them smiled.

A single, lone tear dropped onto the lid of the coffee cup. Few more followed them. He gazed out of the window of his car to the right, blinking rapidly, into the distance.
He was surrounded by darkness – all except one particular direction.

She was awake.
She clutched her pillow tightly, soaking them in her tears, as she cried wordlessly. She suddenly stopped – sensing the familiar presence. She stepped out of her bed and walked to the door. She opened it with shaky hands.

No one.

She frantically searched for him, turning left and right. She was greeted with darkness. Except for a lone headlight in the far distance. Suddenly something caught her eye. A cup of coffee. At her doorstep. She bent down to pick it up. A smiley face was etched onto it. She sagged down against the door, crashing onto the floor, tears flowing rapidly against her wish. She drank the warm coffee, letting the bittersweet memories lull her to sleep.

He picked up the empty coffee cup. His hands softly wiped the still fresh tears marring her face.

Aansoon, chahe khushi ke ya dard ke, in aankhon mein kabhi bhi dekhna nahi chahtha.’
Lekin aaj ye aansoon dard ke hai, aur thoo hi iska wajah bhi hai.

Letting the fact that he had wrapped his blazer around her protrcting her form the cold as slept at the doorstep, comfort him, he silently drove away, from his home to the place he once called, home. As he liked to believe it – Home is where the heart lies – and his lay and would always with Sonakshi.

Tere pyar me do pal ki zindagi bahut hai,
Ek pal ki hansi, ek pal ki khushi bahut hai,
Yeh duniya mujhe jaane ya na jaane, teri aankhein mujhe pehchane,
Yahi bahut hai.

“Waah, maa aapne phirse kar dikhaya woh , jo aap itne saalon se karti aayi hain” said a scornful voice.
“Lekin iss baar, aapne mujhe hi chauka diya.”
“Itne saal yeh sochti aayi ki app bhai se zyaada pyar karti thi, lekin aapne toh unki bhi khushi cheenli, maa”
“Neha” a defeated voice spoke.

“Aapne bhai ki bhi zindagi barbaad kar di. Unhone toh aapse sabse zyada pyaar kiya maa, lekin apne, apne toh unki pair par hi khuladi maar di.”
“Bhai ne aapse sabse zyada pyar kiya maa, lekin aapko sabse zyada agar kisine samjha toh woh main hoon. Tujhko dar tha na ki Dr Bose agar bhai ki zindagi mein aayegi toh , woh aapse dur ho jaayenge. Galat soch thi tumhari maa. Shaayad usse zyaada iss ghar ko koyi aur jod kar rakhi hi nahi paayega – unhone ham sabki zindagi sawaari hain maa. Tu tho khud use apni beti maanthi thi na? Phir achanak kya hua?.”
“Tu jo yeh chain ki saas leh rahi hai na – woh zyaada der tak nahi. donon ki zindagi barbaad kar rakh di hai na tune”

Neha walked to the door. Turning back, she said

Tujme jab tak yeh… yeh gabrahat zinda hai na, tab tak hum mein se kisiko bhi chain ke neend nahi milegi. Vishwas kar na seekh maa. Ab bhi samay hai.
And she walked out of the house.

Ishwari broke down. Letting the tears flow willingly down her cheeks as she clutched the frame to her chest tightly. Her frame shook with the sobs, as she gazed at the family photo they clicked with Sonakshi.

A family picture – and she noticed something which she failed to recognize before. Her Dev, smiling. Something she seemed to have stolen from him a few weeks back. His hand resting atop Sonakshi’s. But that was not it. Sonakshi’s hand rested on her shoulder. Their eyes rested on her – filled with care and respect.

And this time, her sobs were not of pain or misery but of relief and regret – it seemed as if her hollow chest had been finally filled with the closure she always seeked for, but never found.
His eyes gazed over the shirt again. It seemed as though his eyes never wanted to rest again. He was fine with it. He would not take the sleeping pills. No.
Her warmth would be the one to comfort him to sleep. Her gaze would be the last thing he sees before he shut his eyes.

Woh jo adhhori si yaad baki hai.
Woh jo adhoori si chaah baki hai.

Woh kehte hain na agar koi cheez ko shiddat se chao, toh puri kaaynat tumhe madad karne mein jut jaathi hai? Aur Mr.Dikshit ne kuch chaha toh woh paakar hi rahega. Maybe it was this power of love, this determination, this courage that built the stepping-stones for the new chapter in the lives of Dev, Sonakshi and Ishwari. As the lords say, there is no force more powerful than love.

Love to see them together as soon as possible…..

waiting for your comments… Your suggestions from improvement……

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