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Part 5…So much hate ?

“Dr Maheshwari please try to understand you needed here ,we are trying hard but Mr Smith is not even responding our treatment !And political leaders are pressurising us ! Please!”Sanskar cut the call abruptly hearding constant begging of his hospital staff, sipping his coffee he sat near balcony taking beautiful sunset of Jaipur.his heart is on peace from yesterday and that blo*dy staff wanted to leave his peace to treat a criminal who raped small girls ,he know it’s against doctor oath but he is like that always .Here his mind wondering that particular Malik, She is also like him in this situation when it comes to wrong or right ,she don’t care but just do what her heart told her.typical Malik!She change so much in past six years  and became more beautiful and strong women ,he is impressed and then again her eyes told him ,she is always the same for him like he is for her.He touch his right cheek “ahh” gosh it swollen,she have slapped with all her strength,he wonder she just slapped him for his manhandling or the pain he cause her in past six years,but he love this pain !Gosh he missed Her slaps,her anger,her accusion,her bitterness and her way of all becoming protective over him,the way she handled Arohi well he always knew she have given him more importance in her life then anyone.He don’t know how to make her understand that stopped her nonsense by doing all this with her But now it’s time to face reality where they both are going to be trapped in name of wedding bond.He look at his now cold coffee ,He realized she is also became integral part of his life years before which made him to hate her more.

He stood up and walk inside his room smiling like idiot because if he know his all time enemy She would have been planning to runaway by Now.He laugh at her condition.He knew her more than he knew himself, ironically.Whatever he do the more he think that she is helpless the more it made him laugh !He love to see her in pain but always knew the more she hurt the more he bleed!


Swara packed her bags and checked her mails for making her tickets confirmed for Italy ,She have to leave in one hour and take flight for London then get the flight for Italy so no one get to know,as by now she can’t take risk anymore.As she last checked she stepped out of her room and took elevator ,soon she was in reception who was pleasantly surprised by the sudden check out of the lady.

Swara sternly- Get me the bill and take this card.

Receptionist don’t give second hearding the cold voice and angry face of young women.She definately not in mood to get scolded by her.

“So which country you are thinking to visit as your hideout coward malik ?”Swara Malik clench her fist in anger and frustration,as she turned to give cold glare which have no effect on him.

“How dare You!”Swara said pointing the finger on him with greeted teeth !!

Sanskar Maheshwari smirk -“Why ? Look yourself being Coward again !

Swara stepped forward with spitting fire-“I am saving my self to feel disgust getting attached my precious name with you !

Yahan se kahan jaaun
Kahan main chhup jaaun
Ye aadha sa dil
Main kaise lagaaun

Where should I go from here
Where should I hide
How should I entertain
This half(separated) heart

Oh it’s hurt!Sanskar couldn’t help but clench his fist too,She knew how to provoke him.

Sanskar grabbed her wrist and said with hatred –I am blo*dy not here to know your f**king disgust which you make sure I have same for you too!

Hoon khud se judaa main
Hoon khud se alahada
Ye aadha sa dil
Main kaise basaaun
(alahada means: alag/separated)
I am connected with myself
I am separated from myself
How should I entertain
This half(broken) heart

Swara snatched out her wrist and rubbed it feeling hurt but spitted back –Then what f**k you are here for !Let me guess begging to save you and Do favour so that Dr Maheshwari can live in MY HOUSE ! With MY FAMILY.

O roothe dil, roothe dil, roothe dil
O jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil
O toote dil, toote dil, toote dil
Hai kya teri mushkil
O Just go to Hell Dil

O angry heart, angry heart, angry heart
O lair heart, lair heart, lair heart
O broken heart, broken heart, broken heart
What is your problem
O just go to Hell heart

Sanskar have enough he grabbed her shoulder and said dangerously close with cold voice-Not a word more Malik! Don’t forget it’s your repentance for being reason of me being orphan !

Just go to hell
O dil… just go to hell
Dil… just go to hell
O dil… just go to hell Dil

Swara eyes turned Misty green again with his accusing words and she wriggle but nothing got her to out of his hold .

Sanskar is breathing fire as he spoke in Stern voice- Dada will be here by any minute and I am not going to be trapped alone when the reason anything but our hatred for each other for that blo*dy marriage.You have to be here and explain them anything because they knew I can’t hurt them ,they are my only family after mom and dad . I will not by any chance want to be one for their anger and disappointment !

Swara was shaking as she grabbed his collar and smirk dangerously close with his lips –And you blo*dy want me Sanky to hurt them when they MINE REAL FAMILY ,why would you think I will do it?Or worse I will better trapped you in it and become innocent what’s say ! Better idea !

Sanskar smirk now and whisper in her ear –Malik don’t forget I am your enemy less but your love of life more !You love me and you can’t see me hurt right !

Hai meri ghalti
Ya khud ki khata tu
Sharminda dil bas itna bata tu
Ke ab kya paana
Ke ab kya khona
Sharminda dil bohat hua rona
Roothe dil, roothe dil, roothe dil
O jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil
Toote dil, dil, toote dil
Hai kya teri mushkil
O just go to hell dil

Swara went still ,as her heart break more but this time not her ego as she smile bitterly- you are mistaking my feelings And you know what I would really be happy when they let us forcefully make you  and me live as Husband and wife ,how say I would torcher you and even get relief from the pain too.

Just go to hell
O dil.. just go to hell
Dil… just go to hell
O, O dil.. just go to hell Dil…

Sanskar Maheshwari couldn’t stopped his heart beating furiously just by her indirect confession and accepting her feelings,he would be more than happy to live with her because he too need to relief from pain !

Swara felt him backing away from her ,she became so much comfortable in his embrace that she reluctantly let him go , feeling embarrassed and pink hue form on her cheek.She is hating herself for it !

Just go to hell
O dil.. just go to hell
Dil… just go to hell
O, O dil.. just go to hell Dil…

Sanskar noticed it and ignored it too,she look more beautiful.and he hated her for making his mind mess now to kiss her senselessly.

Dardon ki aadat si lag gayi hai
Aansu bhi meri hansi udaaye
Deti hoon khud ko main kharashein kyun nayi
Koyi mujhko mujhse hi bachaye

O roothe dil, roothe dil, roothe dil
Jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil, jhoothe dil
Toote dil, toote dil, toote dil
Hai kya teri mushkil
O just go to hell dil

Giving her last glare Sanskar left.

But Swara said aloud shouting him with all her anger -“Just go to hell!!!”
Sanskar left at distant and whisper gazing at her with moist eyes-“I am in hell!”

Pyar, mohabbat, aashiqui sirf lafzon ke sivah aur kuch nahi … par jab woh mili … in lafzon ko mainne mil gaye
Love, romance, passion are nothing else but words … but when I met her … these words got the value

And then left Swara with her bleeding heart and frustrated mind .

They both forgotten one important fact that they were not in any private room but very public area of Hotel where not just Receptionist,Hotel staff ,crowd gawking at them open mouth gaping their conversation was heard and the way they handle each other.

But the intensity of Hate was easily felt by anyone .

“They are impossible!”Ragini said  in shocked and added briefly”you have taken wrong project ,I say it impossible to let them make a couple,i can feel you are going to lose your challenge with Mom,AG!”

Arjun didn’t say anything but just stared at impossible human creatures which made him shut off just by the mere part of their hate,!He never saw these both people in his life time ,they Love each other and its defiantly clear but The Hatred is not less or to say more than love , overpowering the love !How can it possible.

Arjun said “let’s go I don’t think this Maheswari guy let Sammie out of jaipur at any cost!”

“How so sure ?”Ragini ask amused.

Arjun shook his head and said “That Dr love her but Hate her more than anything,you really think he will let her go anywhere,when he can throw her out her own house then get her to stick in Jaipur how much he wanted!”

Ragini frown “I really felt like kicking this jerk!He is anything but headache for our Sammie! I really don’t understand why are you and Mom making them as Couple?”

Arjun teased”you will know when time came now let’s go we have to be ready for Lunch ,and get ready in decently,we are going to meet Khush in laws to be first time.”

And he walk away while Ragini jaw dropped in anger.

Swara felt anger more then anything,she look around to see the shocked faces of crowd , giving them cold stare she walk away too.

Ragini seriously doubt Swara will go inside the hotel but when she saw her taking her bag and getting key from receptionist her eyes turned wide.Why the hell Sammie agree with that Jerk?

Swara smiled at her report cards ,she again came first in her class.

“Dad look I came first again!!”Omkar heard his little jumping happily ,he walk to her and take her in his arms twirl around playfully.

Omkar Malik”My Little is after all intelligent like her …?”

“Like her intelligent Daddy”Swara se quelled in happiness.

Both laugh and walk to Omkar study room,their favourite place where father-daughter have every  special moment in their life and today again they are celebrating  Swara high school result !

Omkar give Swara stick and move to another side of table ,they are playing pool and very much engrossed to see Sanskar standing at door way.

Laughing Swara said “Dad you again lost the chance !I am winning!!”

Omakar Malik smile and said -Well I am becoming Old you see ,and you being active !

Swara pouted -Daddy please no emotional fooling,and beside I am just 15!! Not 30!!

Omkar Malik said emotionally -Little you know you were just one day when I have taken you in my arms and look now time is slipping so fast.

Swara run to her dad and hugged him , feeling emotional too then teased -I know what are you doing trying to distract me from game.

Omkar Malik teased -Oh you gotten !!But see I am still going to win because my Rockstar player is here !

Swara confusingly look  her dad then she saw at door where Sanky standing quietly with his results in his hand.

Sanskar startled by Omkar Uncle ,he don’t know that Uncle have saw him.

Sanskar smile sheepishly-Sorry Uncle I should have come other time.

Swara rolled her eyes irritated and turn to look anything but him.

Omkar Malik smile -Its ok young boy and now tell me what you have gotten ?

Sanskar shyly give his reports and then he saw Omkar Uncle taking him in bear hug.

Swara too peep in reports and saw he have gotten more marks then her !She greethed her teeth totally annoyed with Shytype !!

Sanskar saw Swara annoyence and he felt elated for what he came here ,to see her defeated look.

Omkar Malik knew whats going on between them so he did what he should do best .

Omkar Malik- I have urgent call why don’t you both play pool , I will be soon.

As Omkar Malik leave them alone,They both look at each other with fire and anger.

Sanskar stepped forward and took stick smirking -Game Malik?

Swara smile more cheesily -Offcourse Sanky Game is on but I afraid you will look yuck when your face turned crybaby to shunbh more !

Sanskar fumed but then smile cheesily too-Oh like your when you saw my results or say peep !

Swara irritated took her stick and get in her position while Sanskar too .

Swara after sometime said – You are so much craving for mine father attention Sanky that because of you he neglected me.

Sanskar smirk muttering “finally here comes Real Malik!”

Sanskar play cool and smirk being ignorant to her.
Swara irritatedly throw stick frustrating -“Why the hell you are not saying Sanky?!?How dare you ignore me !!
Sanskar amusingly -Well because you are nothing but a piece of shit who is not more then me being orphan !
Swara clapped and shouted angrily-Woah great and for that you are snatching my own parents great move Sanky !But don’t forget they are still my parents whom you are living as burden !
Sanskar angrily shouted back -How dare you !You b*t*h !
Swara smile sarcastically -And here comes   Sanskari Shytype guy real beast face !

Omkar left but stand near window and he saw Sujata coming in his way he signal her to come and she confusingly to come and stood beside him and saw what he making her to look.

Sujata gasped -What they both are doing alone !!Om are you planning to see they killing each other.

Omkar smile -Suju !! Why don’t you understand that thier hate for each other is just illusions for thier coming beautiful future.

Sujata laugh slowly -Your really think they both will ever make future what I can see they can’t be cordial to each other.

Omkar and Sujata saw their kids were now draw because of equal points ,both of them nor win nor lose.

Sujata amused and Omkar said -See they both are equal points and like this in their life they will be having equal points too.But for that they need to see each other then hate !that’s it.

Sujata -But didn’t you heard accusation and hate in them for each other !

Omkar chuckle -YOU really think they both will able to hate each other all their life ,they adore each other but try to act angry each other ,they are running away with their feelings but soon they will realized what they are for each other or better say they are each other life,you will see.its just they needed to stop running away !

Sujata nodded mutely.
Flashback end…
Sujata came out of her thoughts when she saw both Sanskar and Swara gone inside the hotel ,she felt her father in law stiffening ,Oh how much she make them understand they will never stop creating scene.

Chandra Malik said firmly -Lets go.

Sujata nodded quietly ,praying for her both kids,.They suffer so much in their life that she is afraid whatever is she going to do will bring happiness or not in their life !?She knew Omkar’s soul will be in peace if they both be together happily.It was his last wish!


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