Woh Dushmani Hi Kya Jisme Jalan Na Ho Aur Woh Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Tashan Na HO (Intro)


Hiiiiiiiiii everybody I thnk few of u know me as I am wring a ff on twinj “” Do Dil Joh Na Honge Kabhi Judaa”” btw jst leave it and now no more of my bak-bak…. Today I vll giv u the intro and the plot of my ff so if u guyzz like it pleazzz tell me and I know that there r many silent readers even I ws one of them before… bt I request all those who r reading my ff know that pleazz comment even if u want to giv me suggestion, want to tell my faults or whatever bt pleazzzzz do comment what u feel abt it and I am once again telling u that I am a little sis to u all as I am of 12 so pleazzz forgive me for boring u……..and all bhaiyas and sis luv u all who r reading my ff…. so no more bak bak as I know that u r getting bored……

Leela Taneja – a very famous business woman of Amritsar, single mother to twinkle, very caring loves her daughter and niece and can do anything for their happiness , caring , kind and a strong woman, business rival of Anita Luthra
Twinkle Taneja- daughter of Leela, sis and bff of chinki, loves her family the most, sweet, bubbly, fun-loving , stubborn bt a siyappa queen. A good dancer , enemy of yuvi
Dadaji – father of leela and priya, understanding , and wants his family to b united forever

Raman Sharma- husband of Priya , bro-in-law of Leela, father of chinki, has very big jewellery showroom , is very good at heart loves her daughter and wife, is like bro to Leela and father to twinkle
Priya- wife of raman, sis of leela , mother of chinki, is a very good wife , mother and mousi , she is a very good chef and jewellery designer
Chinki – daughter of raman – priya, sis and bff of twinkle, loves her family, cute, friendly ,helping and problem solver of tw.

Anita Luthra – a renowned business woman, single mother of yuvi , modern mother and gives freedom to her son to do what he wants,very emotional, loves her family and her sis family ( as they hav supported her a lot aft her husband’s death ), business rival of leela taneja
Yuvraj Luthra- a handsome hunk every girl dies on him, stylish, modern, good at singing and boxing loves her mom and bro the most and can do anything and everything fr his family, enemy of twinkle
Naniji – mother of anita and usha, loves yunj and wants twiki ( tw and chinki ) to be her bahu’s bt is aware of their family rivalry
Manohar Sarna- a strict father of kunj, hubby of usha , he is strict from out bt very good at heart. He also loves anita like his own sis and uv like his son
Usha sarna- mother of kunj, mousi of uv, loves both of them equally,
Kunj – loves his bro the most who is like his bff, helps uv get out of problems, a calm person

So the story is like that Taneja and luthra’s r business rivals but sarna and malhotra’s are friens and often meet bt due to their sis’s rivalry they don’t talk much
And this is the same case in college… uv and tw r enemies bçoz of their family rivalry and whenever they r together they fight and unfortunately all four ( twiraj,kunj and chinki ) r in the same class. So twiraj r very upset bt kuki ( chinki and kunj ) were vvv happy as they love eo bt r notaccepting it , they r thinking that it is some sort of imfactuation. Sooo this is all

To be cont if u liked it
All bros and sis who jst read it please tell me howz it… pleazzz ~!!!!!! Pleazz!!!!!

Credit to: yashu

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  1. The ff is on twinj aur twiraj

  2. this is TwiNj ff or TwiRaj i have bit of confusion

  3. Intro is nice but I have a doubt is it Twinj or twiraj

  4. The concept is very good… But sorry to say I wanted to see twinj not twiraj … It’s just my opinion don’t take me wrong… I like twinj… Or else your story seems interesting…. N sorry if I have hurt you by my words…

  5. the ff is of twinj or twiraj?

  6. very good like it very much

  7. Awesome pls let it be twinj

  8. hiii guyzzz it’s twiraj

  9. first of all i liked the title of your story…it seems to be interesting….n if this is twiraj’s ff then let it be…becoz there are many twinj ff….so you can also cont. with twiraj..
    intro is just awesome

  10. tanishaa sharma (tanya)

    It’s ok let it be twiraj but pls keep kunj away from this because I don’t like chinki and kunj as pair so pls remove kunj from your ff its request pls

  11. This is amazing pls let it be of TWIRAJ NOT TWINJ as the actual story was based on TWIRAJ but I don’t know why Kunj came in between

  12. hii guyzzz i sooo sry… even i am a twinj and twiraj booth fan… bt as u see there r soo many ff’s of twinj and only 1 of twiraj….. soo it vll be twiraj……. and tanya soooo sry as i cant remove kunj as he is also a prt of it
    soooo sryyyyyy friends…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. and thxxxx to alll…… who liked it……

  14. Very nyc plot. Plz continue but plzzz make it a twinj ff! Plz! Luvd it!

  15. I have never read such bakwaas ff. Uff such as bad title. All I concluded that u should end this ff. Hate it?
    Okay now change the words as written below-
    Bakwaas- jhakaas
    Uff- aww
    Bad- good
    End- continue
    Hate- Loved
    And one more thing nice title

  16. thxxx hima…

  17. omg!!!! anushka u scared me fr a while…. i lked ur style…. and thxxxxx… btw i hav already posted the 1 episode

  18. and sry twinj fans bt it is twiraj bt don’t worry i am writing a twinj ff also… “””do dil joh kabhi na honge judaa “” i have already posted 4 epis… now tomorrow i vll post the 5 one… pleazzz do read it that tell me howz it….

  19. awesomeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! superb yrr yashu…..i mean there are no words to sAY…..your this ff ialso mindblowing and that do dil jo kabhi na honge judaa is also amazing…..pleazzz update the next asap……

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