Woh Dushmani Hi Kya Jisme Jalan Na Ho Aur Woh Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Tashan Na Ho Epi – 9


Hiiiii guyzz I am late so now without wasting ur time let’s start
Episode – 9
Recap- kunj proposed chinki…..
As all of them were dancing…………. Suddenly twinkle’s phone rang and she went aside to attend the call…the call was of her priya mousi.
Tw- hlo priya mousi…
p- hlo beta, where r u both , from last 15 min I’m calling chinki n u , but both of u r not picking up, do u knw how much tensed we were…..
tw- I am soo sorry mousi, actually we r at our friend’s b’day party………………….
p- ha I know beta but it’s already 8 and it’s not safe for u both, so come fast… we r at ur home
tw- okk mousi, u don’t worry and tell maa that chinki is with me only and we r coming….
P – ohhkk I will bye take care
Tw- bye..
Tw – chinki !! chinki !! come we have to go..
Chinki- ohhkk, but wt happened to u , and whose call it was..
Tw- mousi called , and she asked to come back as it’s already 8, so we have to leave….
Then someone’s call kunj
Kunj- hlo..
usha- hlo kunj beta is uv with u
kunj- ha maa , he is with me..
u- ok beta come fast , it’s already night and even ishaan has come from party so come fast…
k – ok ma , we all r coming..
u- all…???
k- maa actually bhabhi n abeer is also with us..
u- ohkk beta , come fast we all r at anita di’s home.
k- ohkk ma, coming…
uv even we have to leave, maa called and even ishaan is back…
twiraj – ohk so let’s go…
all of them went out…
chinki- bye kunj..
kunj- bye…
uv- are chinki if u feel like u can go in my car with kunj, and then we’ll exchange…
chinki- ya good idea…
meher- ohkk so uv u can go in tw’s car…
twiraj – wt.!!!!!!!!!!!!
uv- abeer u have car na,
abeer- yes..
uv- then I’ll come with u…
tw- ya better..
meher- but uv , it’s night, and it’s not safe fr tw to go alone….
Chinki- ya plzz uv go with tw u promised me that if I will not b with her u will take care of her…..
Meher- yes uv, this tw is jhalli, she don’t know wt to speak when, she don’t use her common sense , she believe anyone n everyone…
Tw- hohhhh chinki n meher, u both also started like maa n mousi..
Chinki- u shut up..
Meher- we know u, it’s truth…..
Uv- okk I’ll go with her…
And the six of them left……………………….their cars were like one after another..1st was of twiraj ,2nd mehbeer n 3rd kuki… suddenly uv stopped the car.
Tw- wt happened…
Uv- the tyre got punchered…
Tw- ohno…
Then both the cars behind also stopped…actually only these three cars were there as the plce was very lonely and this road is also near forest so very few people come by this way … the 6 of theam were in a hurry n they didn’t knew about it that why … mehbeer , kuki n twiraj came out of the car….
Abeer- wt happened
Uv- bhai tire punchered…
Kunj- ohhh noo, I thought me n chinki n come in ur car as my car’s petrol is finished…..
Abeer- wt!!!!! even my car’s tira is punchered
then suddenly leela called chinki…
chinki- hlo mousi..
leela- beta where r u , it’s 8:30…
then abeer n uv were talking so leela heard it…
leela- chinki- who r those men who r talking….
Chinki- mousi it’s uv n… ( then suddenly she relises wt she said )
Leela- uv… that’s why I was thinking it sounds like I knew him, I was rgt , it’s uv, wt is he doing with u…
Chinki- mousi… woh…
Then meher takes the call
Meher- aunty… I am meher
Leela- puttar u… I am not able to understand wt’s all this going…
m- aunty actually me, abeer, yunj n chinkle r together actually me, abeer n yunj were coming then suddenly I saw chinkle and they were out of the car, so we all stopped and then we came to knw that their car’s tire is puncher n even our car’s tyre is puncher and uv’s car’s petrol tank is finished…. But u don’t wrry we all r here together n we will arrange n come
leela- ohh thank god u all r together, it’s good that chinkle r not alone they r with u…. ohkk puttar come fast but how will u all come..
m – aunty dnt wrry abeer will call some mechanic n we all will come but I don’t knw how much time it will take, it might take an hour , so u don’t wrry
leela- ohkk puttar, bt try to make it faster, bye t.c
meher- ohkk bye aunty…
n she disconnected the call…
chinki- thxx meher u saved me…
meher- anytime chinki…. N smiles
then anita called abeer and abeer told the same to anita and disconnected the call….
Scene shifts
Leela, priya,dadaji n raman came out from taneja mansion
And anita, usha, manohar n naniji came out from Luthra mansion……
All of them were waiting for twiraj, mehbeer n kuki..
Dadaji- doesn’t know when they will come……..
Manohar to raman- do u know when will they come…..
( actually raman n manohar both have jewelery showroom , so sometimes they have to do partnership in some projects thatswhy they know each other and talk but not much )
Raman- no, I hope I get a mechanic…..
Priya- btw , meher told me that ishaan has returned where is he…
Usha- actually I made him sleep otherwise he might be asking about mehbeer…
Leela- that’s good….
Precap- Abeer- no one is ready to come here… (Frustrated)
Tw- now wt we’ll do…….

Credit to: yashasvi ( yashu )

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  4. wow u wrote it v wel ..i lovd it ..ma frnd said me abt dis actually ma 2 frndz r silent readers hea n dey r twiraj fan ..dey said me abt dis i m new to dis ff ..

  5. yashasvi ( yashu )

    thxxxxx meeta , sparkle n maanvi

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    Yashu it was good….?????

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    1. yashasvi ( yashu )

      no priya it’s alright thxxx fr commenting…. even i dont like kuki pair too much but acc to my story have to write but dnt wrry kuki scenes will b very less

  9. Wow awesome yashu! Ur da best! 🙂

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  10. wow…nyc story yaar i went thru ua ff n got ua just in 8th ..can’t beleive being soo young u can write soo well ..btw ua ff iz v gud ..

    1. yashasvi ( yashu )

      thxxxxxx twiraj rocks ……………. luv u yrrrrrr , u knw wt in 1st ff mahi said me this bt after that she never commented in any of my ff , but after her u said that n i felt sooo happy……. yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it encourages me……………. luv u

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