Woh Dushmani Hi Kya Jisme Jalan Na Ho Aur Woh Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Tashan Na HO epi – 4

Hiiii I knw I’m too late….. soooooooooooo sryyyyyyyyyy ok now no more of my bak-bak….. let’s start
Twiraj , rohan and chinki reached the destination.
Kunj- come uv, let’s check the arrangements
Uv- no kunj… I mean u stay here with chinki and I and tw vll check the arrangements
All the three of them were shocked as they knew abt twiraj enemity
Tw – y me?? Cnt u go with kunj
Uv –it’s b’coz if something went wrong afterwards then u vll only say that it’s my fault and u r also miss. Abc so it’s ur duty also
Tw- ok fine… let’s go…
And they left… now kuki were left alone.. twiraj checked the arrangements and tw was abt to go but then uv stopped her and take her to the corner…
Scene shifts
Kunj – hii
Chinki – hiii
Kunj- ummm… u were talking abt something yesterday
Chinki- aaammmm.. ohh ya actually v were talking abt twiraj…
Kunj – yes yes… acha can u tell me one thg
Chinki – ya off course
Kunj- ok.. so do u know wt’s the reason of their enemity
Chinki- no… actually I wnted to ask u abt this, but….
Kunj – ohh , I thnk b’coz of their family rivalry b’coz I have never seen twiraj together and if they weren’t together then how come enemity
Chinki – ya even I thnk that it’s b’coz og leela mausi and anita aunti’s business rivalry
Kunj- hmmm….. btw u r looking very gorgeous today..
Chinki – u mean I dnt look good otrherwise…
Kunj – no….noo….. it’s not like that.. u look gorgeous everyday….
Chinki starts lughing.. and kunj was surprised chinki said I was jst joking and look at ur face… it was really funny , and starts lughing and kunj smiled seeing her laughing soo sweetly…
Scene shifts
Tw ( shouted)- wt the( jst then uv closed her mouth with hand and tw bite his hand… shouted now tw put her hand on his mouth……)
Tw – now I thnk u can understand that wt happens when u shut someone’s mouth( now uv bites her hand bt softly and tw shouts)
Uv- ok now stop it and listen to me
Tw- no 1st u tell me wt’s all this, I was going then u stopped me from going and brought me her and then closed my mouth and then even bit my hand
Uv- it was all ur mistake if u had been quiet and not shouted I wld never closed ur mouthand 1st u bit me…. Ok now please llisten to me
Tw- my ears r not close, from 5 mins u r saying listen to me listen to me… have I closed my ears….
Uv – ahhhhh ( irritatedly) ok actually I wnt to tell u abt kunj…and tells everything wt kunj feels…
Tw was 1st shocked but then was soo happy and hugged uv in excitement…. Uv was shocked and was abt to hug her bt she broke the hug and said sorry actually I got excited and tells him everything about what chinki feels….
Uv – ohh wow that’s great, but then y chinki didn’t told kunj abt it
Tw- y her, even kunj could propose chinki…
Uv- he could but b’cpz of our enemity he didn’t b’coz he thought that she is ur bff so….
Chinki – yes , the same problem is with chinki…
Twiraj together- then v can be friends till…
Tw- r u thinking the same..
Uv -yeah!! V can be frds until kuki realize their feeling fr eo and express it
Tw – mind it… v r not being friends v hav to jst pretend..
Uv – ya…. Wtever… ohhh wowww…..
Tw – wt…. ( and uv tells tw something she got’s super duper happy and shakes hands amd smiles ,both leave .. their talks r muted )
Scene shifts
Chinki – u r soo good, would u like to be my frd… I knw abt twiraj bt we can be frds… it’s ok if u….
Kunj – no.. no… I wld love to be ur frd and I thnk like we have become friend soon twiraj vll also become….
Chinki – yeah…..( and forwads her hand )… so frds..
Kunj- ( shakes hands ) ya sure frds…. ( and both smiles )
Kunj – so wt’s ur plan abt tomorrow..
Chinki-ummm nothing special , jst the same…. Home to college and college to home…
Kunj – nooo wrong ( chinki gave her a confuses look ).. I mean home to college, college to café and from café to home ( chinki was confused ).. ohhoo I mean would u like to go on a coffe with me tomorrow after college
Chinki – ohhh like that… I will love to join u but…….
Kunj – dnt thnk abt twiraj … u only tell me r u ready..
Chinki – yes …. Bt..
Kunj – ohhh that’s good I’ll handle twiraj u dnt wrry…. No fear when kunj is here ( chinki smiles )
Jst then twiraj comes and seeing them smiling and talking they were very happy…
Tw – chinki…
Chinki – ohh tw u came.. yes tell me…
Tw – chinki woh actually…. Actually… I … I was…
Chinki – tw wt happened….. tell me… is everyone fine..
Tw – ya ya everyone is fine… actually…
Uv – actually we both were thinking that this meeting is going to be very boring… but we both can’t leave it.. so I thought that if u both wnt to go u can..
Tw – ya chinki … b’coz it’s going to be very boring soo u both go…
Kunj – uv bhai bt wt abt u .. u r also here so y con’t we..
Uv – it’s ourduty as miss and mr. abc, but I dnt wnt u both to attend this boring meeting that too fr us…
Kunj – bt..
Uv – no but…. U n chinki r going…….
Tw- ok… ok???? ( kuki nodded )
Chinki- ok we both vll go bt wt abt maa.. she vll eat me if she came to know that I left u alone and came..
Kunj – ya bro, same pblm… maa vll kill me if she came to know that u r here and I am at home…
Uv – idea…..
Kuki tw- wt….
Uv – see neither chinki cn go home nor kunj.. and they cnt be here also so I thnk u both can go to dinner after half an hour the guests vll be here and by 9:30 it vll be over .. so till then u both can go somewhere and when meeting vll be over then we four can go home … hows the idea..!!!!!
Kuki – wowwww!!!!! Uv superb…….
Uv – thankew thankew!!! But I thnk twinkle didn’t like it… am I right…
Tw – noo.. it’s nothing like that… it’s good…
Uv – ohh thxxx..
Tw – chinki I thnk u both should leave…. As it’s already late…
Chinki – okk twinkle bye take care and please no fghts..
Tw – I’ll try..
Kunj – bhai I am going but please take care and remember twinkle is with u so take care…
Chinki – yes uv please I knw abt ur enemity.. but please take care of my sis…
Tw – chinki I can take care of myself on my own
Chinki – tw u jst shut up… uv vll u..
Uv – ya sure I knw abt our enemity but before our enemity she is a girl , is someone’s daughter, someone’s sis… I promise I vll take care of herself .. u both go…
Kuki left and twinkle was soo happy with his answer and was smiling seeing him…. Uv snapped finger in front of her.
Uv – hlo… twinkle.. twinkle…
Twinkle – ya… yeah… wt…
Uv – wt wt.. wt happened to u .. where were u lost..
Tw – no.. nothing…
Uv – dekha my idea worked….
Tw – yes…
Uv -hifi.. ( tw was confused… but then gave him hifi…)
Then the guests arrived and the meeting continued for 2 hrs. it was already 10 and the meeting was over, twiraj sat in the car and left for the home…
Tw – omg it’s too late… chinki vll kill me ,let me call her…
Tw called chinki but her phone was switch off….
Uv – wt happened
Tw – actually her phone is switch off I thk battery has gone….
Uv – no issues.. u can call kunj..
Tw – I dnt have his nop.
Uv – I knw, u can call from my phone….
Tw – okk thxx
Tw calls kunj…
Kunj – yes bhai , tell when r u coming.. it’s already 10…
Tw – hlo kunj, it’s me twinkle actually the meeting got over jst now and v vll reach home in 10 mins
Kunj – oh tw u.. ok… would u like to talk chinki
Tw – ya sure ( kunj gives phone to chinki )
Chinki – tw come fast.. maa n mausi called me 5 times..
Tw – oh no.. did they came to know …..
Chinki – no , I have told them that we r coming in 10 mins.. but u both come fast……
Tw – ya bye ( and ends the call )
Twiraj reached and all the four of them went to their homes
Precap – not decided yet

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