Woh Dushmani Hi Kya Jisme Jalan Na Ho Aur Woh Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Tashan Na HO epi – 3


Hiiiiii every one……. Thankew to all my readers and silent readers………………thankew soooooooooooooo much fr liking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now let’s start
taneja manshon
tw – maa kal mujhe jaldi utha dena
dadji – tw puttar r u fine….
Leela- yes puttar wt happened to u…… ( checks her temp. ) temp. is also normal…..
Tw – maa come on…… I am fine. Who actually tomorrow some guests from U.K. r arriving and u know I am miss.abc( college name ) so I have to be there to wlcm them.
Dadji – ohhh wow !!! that’s gud.. so y r u it soo sadly
Tw – b’coz as I am miss.abc , that uv is mr. abc ( sadly )
Leela- ohhhh, tw puttar don’t get afraid from him..
Tw ( interrupting her )- maa I am not afraid of him, I am ur daughter and miss. Amritsar ko darna nhi sirf tashan dikhana aata he…. ( smiles )… I am sad only b’coz that tomorrow I hav to be with uv whole day……
Dadji- don’t wry it only till 5 pm.
Tw- no dadji…. As tomorrow guests r coming v hav to be with till dinner , and I vl be able to come after 10 only……
Leela – ok puttar , but take care, and vll chinki be with u
Tw- yeah maa offcourse, how can I go without her, me, chinki, kunj and that uv , v all four hav to go
Leela- then it’s ok…….
Tw- ok bie maa, dadji gn….
Dadji- leela- gn beta

Scene shifts
Uv is laying in his bed and is thinking ( oh god 2morrow I hav to bear that drama queen whole day, pleazz make sure that she don’t do any siyappa , but I am happy as kuki vll be able to spend time together, but at the same time drama queen vll never let kuki b together…… I ahv to do something… pleazz giv me strength to face her the whole day )
Scene shifts
Tw is on her bed thinking what vll happen 2morrow ( babaji pleazzz kal koi siyappa mat krwana….. atleast not infront of the guests … wt vll they thnk abt me… and today I saw kuki together.. and both were talking to eo so nicely.. and today for the 1st time I felt that that smile on chinki’s face was different… I thnk she likes kunj bt is not tellin g me b’coz of my enemity with uv, I’ll talk to her abt this 2morrow.. and I thnk kunj is a gud guy, he is not like his bro )
Scene shifts
Kuki r in their rooms and r thinking abt eo, then thinks abt twiraj fight, kunj says to himself chinki I thnk I am feeling fr u, but don’t know abt ur feelings, 2morrow I’ll tell everything to uv, I know he vll understand…. And smiles, hope u also feel the sme fr me and I hope that twiraj’s fight dnt come between our love, and he sleeps. On the other hand chinki is also feeling the same fr him but is worried that wt vll happen if he doesn’t luv her or how vll tw react, as kunj is bro of her biggest enemy, bt then decides to tell everything to tw tomorrow and sleeps

In the morning
Tw is shown wearing a beautiful sleeveless pink gown and is looking like a princess, chinki is wearing a beautiful blue color short dress a little above the knees and is luking stunning… jst then yunj arrives at the airport ( yes they hav came to receive the guests )and looks at chinkle.. yunj r mesmerized a seeing chinkle , and the girls r smiling… jst then uv comes to senses and snaps his fingers in front of kunj
Uv- bhai abhi se hi apne sapnome kho jayega toh bhabhi ko kesse patayega…. ( giggles )
Tw- chinki jiju toh abhi se hi tujh pr flat ho gye, dekhna yeh tujhe impress bhi jald krege…
Chinki and kunj blushes
Twiraj- luks like someone is blushing….
( actually chinki has told everything to twinkle and kunj has told everything to uv )
Jst then the guests arrives..
Kunj- bhai blush ka toh pta nhi bt guests have come
Tw- let’s go n receive them
Uv- acha , vrna hum toh yha unka muh takne aye the ( oh, otherwise v came to see their faces only )
Tw- jst shut..
Chinki- leave yrr guys , atleat not today, let’s go

They receives the guests and went to their college. The principal wlcms them, gives them bouquet and takes them to the hall.. then the discuss abt abc
Principal ( P )- wt would u all like like to take?
1st person- I would like to take black coffee
2nd- I would rather prefer a juice
3rd- umm, I want to have a strawberry milkshake, hope u know wt’s it ( and laughs )
Twiraj were fuming in anger and was abt to say bt kuki stopped them,
Then he keep exaggerating about U.K and keeps on saying that India is everything b’coz of his forefather, and bla-bla-bla. By now all of them were exhausted
Tw- he babaji is Bandar ka muh band kro, vrna me ek mukka mar kr kr dungi
Uv- Bandar, yeh toh angrezi Bandar he ( foreigner monkey)
Kunj- kitna fekta he yrr…..
Chinki- I’ll bring some snacks fr u all
Tw- even I’ll join u , let’s go
Yunj- excuse me,v’ll help them out
p- ya sure!!! Go-go
uv- yrr kya pakao he, man toh kr rha he ki sale ke 32 k 32 bahar nikaal du
kunj- take it easy yrr..
they reaches wher chinkle were
tw- kunj can u brg lassi
uv- lassi , yha us angrezzi Bandar ne pakka diya, aur tumh lassi peeni he
tw- hllo, mr me lassi ussi Bandar k liye mangwa rhi hu
chinki- bt wanted to hav strawberry milkshake chahiye tha
tw- voh toh mujhe pta he, u jst wait n watch
kunj brings the lassi and tw poured rohafza in the lassi and stired it, then uv mixes something in it,
chinki- yeh tune kya kiya, wt vll he sy

tw- wait n watch
she serves the snacks….that Bandar drinks it and coughs,
3rd man- wt’s this,
Tw- it’s strawberry milkshake sir
Person- then how come it’s sour,
Uv- no sir it’s not, even pri. Sir is having it, u can ask him
p- no jack, it’s perfect…
uv- I thnk there is some problem in ur tongue only not in milkshake ( all of them giggles )
then the man feels something and asks the way to washroom, and comes after 1 hr
chinki- sir r u fine
man- yeah ! I thnk I am not well, principal sir can I go to hotel as I thnk that I’ll not b a
ble to be her
p- ya sure, may leave, please leave
man- wt
p- nothing, leave otherwise u vll again hav to in the …………..( and the person leaves )
tw- sir it’s already 7 I thnk v should leave fr the place, as after 8 there will be much traffic
p- yes, u r right, u for leave I vll come with them, and I vll be there by 9
uv- sure sir, see you there
kunj- yrrr kal lassi thi isiliye katha-meethaid u… lga pr washroom wala scene ky atha
chinki- yes, even I was thinking the same… tw did u
tw- no chinki…………
chinki- if u hav not done then…..
all 3 together- uv!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uv- yes….. us Bandar me sir me dard kr diya tha, aur apni country k bare me bta k hum Indians ki besti mar rha tha, toh bdla toh bnta he ( smirks and winks )
Tw- aaj puri zindagi ne tumne pehli baar kch sahi kaam kiya he… gud wrk
Uv- omg!! Omg!!! I cnt believe my ears, ittihaas me, pehli baar twinkle taneja is praising me , yuvraj luthra, wt a moment, I’ll never forget it
and they all left, kunj ws driving , uv was sitting beside him and girls were on the back seat, kuki were seeing eo through the mirror, uv plays the fm and the song “” aa raat bhar jaye na ghar”” from the movie heropanti starts playing…..

precap- twiraj shaked hands
guyzzzz I hope u all liked it and sry if it ws boring and if somebody is hurt or whatever, I am really sry and sam soooooooooooooo sry I jst read ur comment bt I promise I vll writ the next episode in English, sorry once again

Credit to: yashu

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