Woh Dushmani Hi Kya Jisme Jalan Na Ho Aur Woh Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Tashan Na Ho Epi – 14

Hii guyzzz did any one of u missed me , if yes then do comment , I knw I’m too toooooo tooooo late this time bt wt to do jesse hi vacations off khatam kya hui , teachers roz itna saara kaam deti , upar se holiday homework bhi mene kch nhi kiya tha n 2nd se exams he continually 9th tk , got the datesheet………. Uff!!!! Bt I knw that my personal matters should nt affect my story bt all I could do is say sorry !! bt it’s nt like that ki I didn’t wrote anything I submitted twinj ff on 5th then TWIRAJ OS on 10th and then mehbeer os also on maanvi’s request bt sad that she didn’t read…….
Bt here r the links fr TWIRAJ OS
So now without wasting ur time lets start….

Episode – 14
Recap – all were playing truth n dare
Uv – ohh hoo guyzz stop it yr , it was such a useless thing to tell u both n also that girl was just………………
Tw – wt was the girl ha, wt do u think of urself u will say anything n I’ll listen…..
All r shocked
Chinki – tw , wt r u saying………
Tw realized – I …. I meant dat . dat 1st he proposed dat girl n now saying such things abt her……….
Uv – ohhh miss drama queen till now I haven’t tell anything bt if will also then wt pblm do u have ha…..
Tw – bçoz……… bt then stops n uv winks at her…….
Scene shifts
Usha – dii atleast eat fr yunj , wt will I tell them dat I couldn’t took care of their mousi/mom ……. Plz eat……..
Anita – no I will not n she walks toward the mandir…….
Anita – hey babaji plzzz take care of both my kids n even mehbeer n chinkle , plzzzz take care of all of them n let then return soon , help them if any trouble comes………… help them and she faints……….
Everyone shouts – anita / dii…………. And rushes to her , listening their sound even the taneja’s came there n r shocked to see anita on the floor. Everybody panics , ramam calls the doctor and usha , leela n priya take anita to her bedroom………….
Scene shifts……….
Uv is just restless n shouts – mom!!!!!!!!!

All lool at him.
Kunj – uv wt happened y r u panicking so much…..
Uv – kunj…. Kunj. Something is not right. We need to go home ……. I can feel something is wrong……….
Abeer calming him down- uv u dnt worry , nthng id wrong n it’s too dark n we r lost in forest , we’ll surely move as soon as the sun rises
Meher – yes uv , dnt think anything wrong , believe in god uv……..
Chinki – yes uv have faith on him , till the time he is with us , nothing bad will happen
Tw – yes , if haven’t done anything bad to anyone then nothing will happen to us also , I think u should take rest n then we’ll decide 2morrow wt to do further………
Abeer – ya uv , tw is right , u need rest , nothing is wrong , it’s all that u r taking too much of tension……….
Uv – bt………………
Kunj – bro no buts vuts , u have to listen to us…..
Uv tries to speak bt Abeer n kunj makes him sleep over there……….. and then all of them just sleep near the fire , actually they all made some place fr sleeping with woods n leaves .
kunj – uv slept , I think we all should also take some rest.
The girls went to their tent n boys went to their…………
At Girls tent
Both meher n chinki was asleep bt our twinkle was thinking about uv

Tw’s POV
I think uv’s intuition is somewhat correct , I knw it should nt be , bt his intuitions r always correct n if he’s feeling something strange then surely something is wrong is happening , bt I just hope babaji , that both of our families r safe n hope they r fine
Scene shifts to boys tent
Uv was awake

Uv’s POV
I kne abeer n kunj would never let me wake n they would have made me sleep , better I pretended to , bt don’t knw y I’m missing mom so much , I miss her bt like this way it never happened , hey babaji , hope all is well , plzz take care of my family , plzzzzzzzz …….and his eyes r moist though he don’t knw y……….
Scene shifts…..
The doctor is checking anita , she is still unconscious……….
Manohar – sir is she alright , wt happened to her
Doc – I think it’s all because of stress n tension , her BP is hight , dnt give her any sort of new that can break her down or any sad n shocking news , just make her laugh , smile n be happy n as a doctor I cn get that she is logging for someone who’s very close to her heart.
Usha sobbing – yes doc actually my son n her son , she loves both of them , they r two part of her heart n they r stuck in some jungle n neither we knw where they r nor there is any network over there…………….
Doc – oh that’s sad , hope everything is fine soon , these r some medicines , give her……….
Manohar – thxxx doc , come I’ll drop u……….

Precap – not decided
Hope it was good n ya if u all missed me then do comment guys , I’m logging fr it , and ya hope mujhe sabne maaf kr dia ho , and pray dat I get full marks vrna ff na likhna ka koi mtlb hi nhi hua , hehe
Luv u all ……………………. muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  1. I read the ff and the os thanx a lot dear and thanx u wrote ff ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sorry I dintk. Know abt that I’m really verrrrrrry sorry pls forgive

  2. Thamx for the ff and os just loved them and soRry for not reading as I didn’t knew abt the os I’m verrrrrryyyyy sorry pls forgive me???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Yashasvi

      it’s ok dear !!!!!! glad u liked it……….???❤️❤️ , no need of sorry , after all we r frdz , i think ?

      1. No friends we all are a family

      2. Yashasvi

        thats really sweet of u dear

  3. Hi..this is my 1st cmmnt on ur ff pls try to post daily there are many ff of twnj nd tthere is only 2ff of twirj nd ivl read only twirj ff so try to write it daily..i vl b watng fr nxt epi.

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxx zunera fr comenting , i knw there r only 2 of twrj , bt dnt knw when i’ll post the next epi as i’m having fever

  4. Meeta

    Yeahh I missed u.
    Epi was amazing.

  5. Yashasvi

    thxxxx meeta yrrrr , only wnted to hear dat any missed me………..
    thxxxxxx ???❤️❤️???❤️❤️

  6. Manny

    I missed ur ff so much dear, thx for updating it 😀 <3 .
    It's ok dear take your time cuz studies should come first 🙂

    1. Yashasvi

      thankew so much srry fr replying so late actually having fever , thxxx yr fr understanding

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