Woh Dushmani Hi Kya Jisme Jalan Na Ho Aur Woh Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Tashan Na Ho Epi – 11


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Episode 10

Episode- 11
Recap- twiraj fight,some sweet n sour moments among all of them…..
Abyunj (abeer, uv, kunj ) starts running and mehchinkle( meher, chinki , twinkle runs to chase them after sometime all of them r tired n stop…
Uv (breathing heavily) – kyo…junglee billi…r u …..tired….
Tw (breathing heavily)- no…. i..i am not tired…..
Uv- ohhh then y did u stop
Tw- I can ask u the same
Uv- no
Tw- y
Uv- b’coz junglee billi has no right to ask Yuvraj Luthra ( n laughs )
Tw – wt the hell, apni shakal dekhi he , mujhe toh lgta he that u r brother of that jack. (the guest that came from uk)
Meher- yrrr stop it, tum dono na kahi bhi shuru ho jate ho..
Abeer- toh tum kya chahti ho ki who pehle jagah decide kre aur fir lde ….( laughs )
Mehr- not so funny, by the way where r we
And all looks around…..
Chinki- omg…… looks like we r lost in the jungle….( tensed )
Tw- hmm…. It’s all b’coz of u boyzz
Mehchi-yeah tw is right, u all ran and now we r here..
Abeer- ohh hello madams , we all only ran when u three were glaring us…
Meher- and u only said that all girls started to feel then we glared at u…..
Kunj- toh bhabi u both said that u r feeling that wt uv said u heard it before…
Chinki- ha toh we said this after uv said…
Uv- n I said that b’coz abeer n kunj were teasing me
Abeer n kunj- and u were teasing us…
Uv- this all is b’coz tw’s 6th sense……
Tw- wt’s my fault………. It’s all ur fault. Got it…!!!!!!!! I didn’t do anything
Uv- ohhhh hoo dekho toh junglee billi ko, pehle khud start krti he aur fir mujhe bolti he… disgusting!!!!
Twiraj points their fingers at each other and glares at each other having a tashan-e-eyelok with tashan-e, tashan-e, tashan-e-ishq playing in the bg……….
Chinki- ho gya inka tashan shuru…..
Kunj- right…
Abeer- uv…
Meher- twinkle….
And both of them comes out of their tashan –e-world…
Kunj- if we r stuck in this forest , so it’s only b’coz of ur stupid silly fights…
All except twiraj- yes…!!!!!!!
Meher- now wt will we do………
Tw- I think first we should inform our families , they would be worried it’s already 1 am…
Uv- ya….let me call, he called then hanged up
Kunj- wt happened..
Uv- no network dude……
Chinki- oh now how will we inform them they would be worrying about us n neither we can go nor call..

Scene shifts…..
Taneja, Sharma, Luthra and Sarna, all the four families were impatiently watng for twiraj, mehbeer and kuki….. all of them were out of the house in the front area
Leela- yeh waheguru , yeh sab kya ho rha he, meri bachiya na jaane kis haal me hongi……( and sobs )
Priya- yeh waheguru twinkle aur chinki aur sabhi bacho par apni meher bnaya rakhna ( cries)
Leela wiping her tears and goes to priya and consoles her
Leela- priya u dnt wory , nothing will happen to them god is with them and till the time twinkle and chinki r together no one can harm them and they r not alone yunj and mehbeer r also with them and hugged her and both of them sobbed.
Now the camera is on Luthra mansion
Anita is walking here and there…..
Usha- anita di eat something plzz….
Anita- no usha, I don’t wish to…..
Usha- mummy say something to her , she is neither eating something nor drinking…..
Naniji- anita beta, I can understand , even I am a mother but beta plzz eat something otherwise it will affect your health
Anita- no mummy , how can I eat or drink, don’t know how r uv n kunj, where r they, have they eaten or not , how can I eat then and started crying…….
Mahonar- Anita calm dowm, all six of them r together , they’ll come soon, u plzz eat something
Anita- no bhaiya, till the time yunj will not come I ‘ll not eat…….

Scene shifts
Uv is restless , he is walking here and there… actually all of them lit up the wods and r sitting near to it b’coz cool breeze is blowing and everyone is sitting on the ground except uv……..
Twinkle- ohhhh mr.boxer looks like u r doing ur night walk n giggles…….
Abeer- wt happened bhai , y r u so restless
Kunj- and y r u walking like this from past half an hour u r doing this………
Uv- yrrr I never believed in intuitions and all but don’t y I am feeling like mom……
Abeer- ohhh hoo dude u r thinking too much , nothing is gonna happen .
Kunj- yes this is a mere intuition………
Chinki- yes leave it……………
Meher- ha uv, nothing is gonna happen to aunty, after all ur mom…………..
Tw- yes uv, come and sit, leave all ur tension on babaji, he will handle………..
Uv smiled but then also he is feeling something weird……………

Precap- anita faints

Credit to: yashasvi ( yashu )

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