Woh Dushmani Hi Kya Jisme Jalan Na Ho Aur Woh Ishq Hi Kya Jisme Tashan Na HO epi – 1


Hiiiiiiii to all and thxxxx fr liking it….. hope u all vll enjoy …. Now let’s start
At Taneja Manshon
Leela – twinkle puttar get ready fast chinki is waiting fr u….
Tw- maa jst wait a min… I am coming ( and walks fast on stairs and is abt to fall ……… bt……. Jst then chinki comes and saves her )
Chinki – tw araam se…. humme college jna he not hospital nhi
Leela ( angrily n worriedly )- twinkle where’s ur mind… agar chinki nhi hoti toh……. Take care of urself …. Y r u soo careless ……… when vll u be mature!!!
Tw – ohhooooo maa I am sry bt u don’t worry I don’t have to be mature as I know till the time my sis cum bff is with nothing can happen to me……
Chinki- yeah!!!! Maosi…. I know v don’t take care of ourselves bt take care of eo…..
Dadaji- hmm… v know how mch u both luv eo…. Now go otherwise u vl be late
Tw n chinki – ohhhhh ya dadji bie….. bie maa/ maosi……
Leela n dadaji bid good bye to them…… leela smiles and say- how mch they luv eo… I hope their bond vll always be like
( suddenly then someone comes and says- like us haina!!!! ….. and ya she is priya )
Leela turns – priya tu…. Kessi hain!!!!!!!!
Priya – I am fine bt wt were u talking abt chinkle ( tw n chinki )
Dadaji – yes she was talking about them only …. Bt I am angry with u , when u both meet u forget that u have a father too…………………. ( showing fake anger )
Priya – ohhhh …. I am so sry……… ( sadly )
Bt dadaji turns back in anger to tease her
Priya- ohhoooo papaji I brought moong dal ka halwa for u which I epscially made fr u as I know that u like it bt now see u got angry and I know when u r angry on someone u don’t take anything from him/her…. ( dadaji was now regretting that fr teasing her he missed halwa…. And on the other si priya n leela were giggling )
Dadaji ( laughing ) – ohhhhh priya I ws… I ws jst joking….. me kabhi apni pyarri chotti se gussa ho skta hu…. I was jst teasing u… I was not really angry on u……. and… u were talking about some halwa … where is it…..

Priya- ohh my dear papaji I know u were kidding with me ….. and here’s ur halwa ( as I told u that she is an owesome cook…. It’s smell ws jst…. SUPERB!!!!!!!! )
Dadaji taking halwa from her hand and went to his room fast…. Lelea – papaji araam se… and the two starts laughing
Priya – di what were u say about chinkle
Leela – I was jst saying that their bond should always be like this as ours…….
Priya – yes didi … even I always pray that both my daughters always live happy, be happy and together forever ( smiling ) ok di now I hav to go as I have to giv breakfast to ramanji..
Leela – ohh to my dear bro.. ok ok go fast… my bro would be waiting fr u ( and both bid bye to eo )
Scene shifts
Luthra manshon
Kunj- yrrrrrr bhai tu kitna time lgata he tayaar hone main… kitna late ho gya he college k liye
Yuvi –just take a chill pill bro… and btw tu kabse jaldi college jana lga
Anita – ohhh come on uv… now jst go u r getting late
Uv – ok bye mom as u say
Kunj- thxxxx mousi agar aap nhi hoti toh shayad 2 lectures k baad toh pahuch hi jatte ( giggling )
Anita – anything fr u kunj u r also my son……
Uv – agar dono maa- bête ka ho gya ho toh challe ( teasing them )
Kunj – ya ya let’s go ( and both leave )

At college
Tw is the class with her group of friends and then unj comes and joins their gp too. On seeing uv coming she said her to her friends that see mr. late lateef has entered our class. And unfortunately uv heard this and ws vvv angry on twinkle
Uv- y don’t u mind ur business
Tw – it’s my mind my wish whatever I mind. Wt’s ur problem
Uv – oh my problem. U r my problem.. so can u help me in getting out of this problem
Twinkle- if I am ur problem, it’s ur problem, not my problem, and my problem r u , and ur problem is me, so I thnk we both r eo problem, bt that’s not my problem ki I am ur problem, so it’s ur problem and u deal with ur problem… got it
Everybody was soo confused
Uv ( bewildered )- wt !!!!!!
Tw – wt wt???
Uv- I couldn’t believe that how can somebody say so much in one breadth that too so confusing
Tw – it’s only me
Uv- yeah!!! I thnk god has made only one piece as after making u he has realized that he had done a very big mistake .. no.. no… not mistake… it’s blunder
Tw – wt I am blunder!!!! How dare u………( fuming in anger )
Uv – yes u heard it right u…….. ( laughing )
By know tw has bcome red and she took a waterbottle from one of her friend and poured it on uv and started laughing. And uv was jst shoked… uv shoked tw rocked…..
Uv – how dare u….
Tw – like u dared to call me a blunder ( smirking )
Uv was very furious and he took that bottle from her and poured on her…. Tw shoked and uv rocked
Tw – u…. u r ….. DISGUSTING…. Ahhhhhhhh
Chinki – omg!! Tw what hav u done let’s go to washroom….
Tw – ya chinki let’s go……I vll see u later
Uv – ( laughing ) y cant u see me now…
Kunj- uv tub hi na college aaya nhi ki shuru ho gya tumhari dushmani…..
Uv – right bro… who dushmani hi kya jisme jalan na ho… aur y r u scolding me… she also did and she did it first….
Kunj- ok baba!! Jst leave her and ur filmi dialogues ….. I thnk that u both like to fight with eo… bçoz ittihaas gawah he ( history reveals ) that there is no day when u don’t fight…. Me and chinki r fed up of u both………( jst than realizes what he said ) and the whole class is also have become used to it….
Uv – ohhooo I see someone is caring is feeling fr some1… ( teasing him )
Kunj – uv stop it and come and change…
Uv – ya !!!! let’s go hope u vll meet her….. and starts running, kunj also runs to chase him

Precap – not decide yet…

Hope u all enjoyed it

Credit to: yashu

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  6. hii guyzzz i hav already told that it is a twiraj ff …. and thankew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooo much to srija, ritzi, sam n grace … n soooooo sry sam it is a twiraj ff only b’coz i am wanted to write a twiraj ff also n i am writing a twinj ff and i thnk u r one of my reader

  7. omg !!!! one more problem i jst read it n found many grammatical mistakes… sooooo sryyy

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