Woh Apna Sa 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Adi and Jhanvi are back!

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Scene 1
Adi is on his bike. He saves a puppy. He is a young guy. Adi sees Kaki trying to cross the road. She has grown really old.
Adi says let me help you Mataji. He helps her in crossing the road. Kaki couldn’t see his face. He leaves.
Chini sees Kaki. She says where did you go? I was so scared. Kaki says that guy he saved me. Take me to him. Adi wears his helmet. Kali gives him thread from temple. She says this will keep you protected from everything. She ties it on his wrist and he leaves.
Kaki says he felt like someone known. Chini says lets go. Pandit ji is waiting. Kaki says you forgot what day is today. She says I remember everything. Kaki says no I want to go where Adi and Jahnvi’s memories are. Chini says why do you wanna go there. Their memories are in

our hearts. I don’t wanna see their face. Kaki says for me please. Chini says lets go.

Scene 2
Nisha is throwing a party in the house. Her face is different. A man comes and holds Nisha’s hand. She says Nisha doesn’t talk to everyone. She throws him away. Samar says control yourself. You have drank enough. She says don’t forget you are just husband by name.Its time to celebrate. He says I remember everything. Don’t make your fun in party you are my wife. She says today is the day to celebrate please. Its Jhanvi and adi’s death anniversary.I became Nisha samar on the same day. Happy anniversary.You still miss her right? I want to celebrate this day.
Nisha dances in the party with different men. Samar looks at her angrily.

Kaki and Chini come there. Kaki says stop this dance and music. Chini says we are back forever. Nisha says this is my house. Chini says we will take back what is ours. Nisha says you couldn’t do that in years. Chini says we just want pray for our parents. Nisha says celebration should stop. She gives a glass to kaki. Chini says shut up Nisha. Dadi just wants to pray for Jhanvi ma and papa in the temple. Nisha says that blo*dy woman she isn’t leaving my kids even after dying. Lets go. Nisha says I can’t allow you to enter in the house. But today is special and I am happy. So for you chini I will let your dadi do this. You wanna see temple right? Come. You remember where was the temple in this house? Memory weakens with age. Follow me.
She has made a pub instead of temple. Nsiha says go serve a coconut there. I will make you coconut cocktail.Kaki says where did our idols go. Nisha says they went out with you.
Chini says lets go we will do pooja in the temple. Nisha says stop. You can do pooja here. She breaks a coconut in the pub. She saysb now this has become parsad. Drink it. Chini throws it away. She says lets go dadi.
Nisha recalls when Chini said my jhanvi ma and papa will come back. Nisha says i think you forgot but I didn’t. You said your jhanvi ma and papa will come back. Chini says they are always with me and they will come back for us. They will come and your days will end. You will be punished for your sins.

Nisha throws a knife at Jhanvi’s photo. She says I do their funeral every year on this day. Won’t miss it today. She throws a glass on the picture. Nisha burns Adi and Jhanvi’s photo. She laughs. Nisha says poor chini still hopes they will come back. Too bad they wont. Her heart will be broken. She will come to me crying.

Prcap-Adi says to his friend my work should be done. My life partner would be smart. She will come to me. Jhanvi is a super model.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lollllllllllll…..writers could have done this in season one…marry Nisha and Samar. They waited so long and I’m sure he ain’t getting anything from Nisha because the marriage is a sham..lolllllllll…..so, Chinni’s still here and Kaki, wonder who else!!! Whole episode sounds funny especially with Nisha being Nisha!!! Still waiting to see it!!…in a week’s time ???

  2. The 1st episode was much interesting then this one not at all good…..but let’s watch some more episodes, and give it a chance.

    Hey I was 150℅ sure that Kaki won’t see Adi’s face when he was helping her, accidental meeting which is very common in these serials.

    I was laughing at Nisha, she married Samar ?? but only for the world…

    But overall episode was hell boring??

    1. Nisha is so unlucky, she’s destined to not be loved by any man….hell, her parents turned on her too… ????…but she and Samar definitely deserve each other.

  3. Hello guys. Hope you’re all fine. After 3 months of silence reading I’m back to give you my opinion after the time laps. First of all let’s face it writers completely messed the first plot. It was a total failure. So bad cause it has so much potential but maybe writers couldn’t handle it as it’s new in indian
    Shows. But it was so hard to watch so much non sense.
    So we’re back with thw same actors but new plot. This “first” episode make me feel that the plot will be more simple. I share with you what I liked. Love Adi style it suits him well. I liked the grown up Chinni I found her cute. About the new Nisha let me tell you that it was the first time I watched a show with Ridhi and I fell in love with her. I’d really love to see her in another show. But I’m a big fan of Manasi since PKDH. Can’t wait to see the new Jhanvi tomorrow.
    But writers please don’t mess up this time. I could give one more chance but non another one. Thanks to reading me and sory for the poor english. Keep it up!.!

  4. The first ‘reincarnated’ episode was absolutely booooring!! Much ado about nothing!!

  5. Oh and I forgot to comment on the new characters- none of the new characters has resonated with me so far- not even the new Adi. Something about the young and almost carefree lad behaviour irks me! I also think that the ‘new’ Nisha voice is too flat for the role and her facial expressions so far do not come across as being evil or sinister. Perhaps, with more episodes the Actors will get more into their characters … time will tell.

  6. i dont understsnd…. if adhi signed over everyting to his dad how come nishs got everything?did i miss someting?

    1. We remember these details, writers don’t…they do whatever the heck they feel like writing, just as it was in ETRETR… Maybe they suffer from memory loss too…

  7. i dont understsnd how nisha got everything wen adhi signed over everyting to his dad. csn someone clue me in im lost

    1. Leisa, even I’m clueless too, maybe in the future episodes we may know how that happened, but with Nisha..she could have killed off Babasa after he had signed off everything to her at gunpoint, I bet she did something like that OR she is a freeloader just like Samar… Remember how she had pulled off the big AK 47 from her Saree back then before she got shot and ended up in the memory loss corner??? If Jhanvi was such a goody two shoes with a guilty conscience, Adi could have pulled the plug and finished her off but then if she had died, writers would have nothing to write about because evil rules in soapland!! So I think she terrorised Babasa to get the property, she must have even murdered her parents, who knows!!!!

    2. Leisa u didn’t miss nor u lost .. It’s d writers who are lost…. They forgot many things.. They forgot to expose kakusaa n killed him… Poor kakisaa had to remain quiet before leap n now she is widow with nothing to do… Like a ghost from no where adi’s mother was bought bck from death to live n then was vanished in thin air… Jhanvi was supposed to get bck kakusaa’s lost daughter she got lost before doing that… D whole serial is lost in Alice’s wonder world.. So chill darling… Nothing to worry… In coming episodes many more things will be lost… Lol

  8. ok my dearest friends Naz and Jayashree i dont want to let you all down so I will hold on with you all for a few episodes and see if any thing changes. Anyway i really like to Sock it to the Do Do Head writers of these serials lol

    1. Thank you dear Sapphire, we need you to say it as you see it, only you can say in that unique way so I’m glad you will stay on.

  9. Teesta I am really glad you like the way i express myself, to tell the truth i like always to say things in the Raw just how i perceive it to be. We are all adults so we can use the raw language. Glad that you joined the group Naz, Jayashree and myself Sapphire, will chat soon again.

    1. You are most welcome dear…. When Nisha can be bold n raw then why can’t we.. Lol

  10. khalida hassan

    i like Adi his new look and style……..but i cant stop laughing seeing that evil women like that

  11. khalida hassan

    hi guys can i join u i’m dying fan of this show….i’m from Kenya and also i’m student

    1. Hi.. Welcome welcome welcome!! Happy to have you here Khalida Hassan… Have fun…

  12. hello, am in uganda, may you pliz put ZEE TV on GO TV so that we can enjoy those soaps. some of us we dont afford DSTV

  13. Khalida hassn

    Thanks naz

  14. Khalida hassan

    Thanks guys alot

  15. Bakwasss episode. At first this was my fav serial now horrible .is nisha a super hero or sonething like that?where was the police when adi and janvi deid?adi name his poperty to his father than how the hell nisha own the house? Chinni is older than her parent now.dont twist the story to much.its horrible .

  16. Now how writer will manage age gap between chinni binni and their new Jahnvi maa and Adi papa lollllllzzzz…… Kakosa don’t get any punishments for all his seens… And Adi’s Maa got free from kakosa’s custody but nothing workout with her too…. Whatttt a stupid show….. And how funny that Samar shameless guy married to Nisha….

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