Woh Apna Sa 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Arjun destroys Jia’s plan

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Scene 1
Jia says to baba that I have come to take you home. Baba says no you are not Jhanvi, Nisha must have sent you. Jia cries and says no I am Jhanvi, let me take you home then I will explain everything to you. Baba winces in pain, Jia takes him from there.
Nisha is locked in room and shouting to bring her out.
Jia makes Baba sit on couch and says I have to clean red stains. She wipes the notes she wrote on tiles with red color. She says to Baba that I will take you home. He says no. Jia hears someone coming there and hides. Arju comes there and says what is oldie doing here? Jia sees him and thinks what is Arjun doing here dressed up as Arjun? Arjun comes to Baba and says where are you roaming? Jia hides behind pillar and thinks if Arjun didnt come at this time, I would have

taken Baba with me, I have to leave now. Nisha shouts to bring her out of room. Nisha runs to Arjun’s arms and screams. Samar smirks. Arjun says I am here. Samar says Nisha are you okay? she moves away from Arjun and says yes. Samar drags Arjun to lounge and shows baba sleeping on sofa. Samar says you wanted to kidnap this oldie? you locked me in room too? Arjun says I came to take my clothes. Jia thinks it means they are all involved. Nisha asks Samar enough, she asks Arjun to take clothes and leave.
Jia comes to room and packs her things, she leaves but her anklet falls there.
Nisha says dont know what is happening. Samar says how can I get locked and you too, maybe like Adi, there is someone will similar face like Jhanvi? Nisha thinks about him and asks him to remove baba from couch, she leaves. Samar moves to baba and finds Jia’s anklet there, he looks at it and takes it, he thinks.

Jia says to Kaki that dont worry, we atleast know that Baba is alive, I will bring him back soon. Kaki cries and says he was living such bitter life all these years. Chinni says I cant believe that Arjun is with Nisha and being involved in this plan? Jia says I know Arjun doesnt have morals but he was looking like Adi when he was dressed up as Adi, dont worry, we will figure something out, I will bring baba here soon, Kaki says no, if you bring him here then Nisha will doubt us first, she will get suspicious of you too, we have to take next step after thinking, Jia says you are right, we have to be careful.

Arjun is at his home. He dreams about getting more money from Nisha. Babblu comes there and says dont dream, go for job interview, dont trust these rich people. Arjun says my job wont change. Babblu says you might be doing mistake. Arjun says I am getting money, I feel like they are upto something, I will get clingy to them and we will have solid future, he recalls how Nisha hugged him and smirks.

Jia says oh God my headache. Kaki says you have headache from havan’s smoke? Jia says I dont believe in God but after all this, I feel like God is there to guide but this smoke makes my head spin. Chinni thinks cigarette’s smoke doesnt do anything. Kaki says we have to be careful of Nisha and plan accordingly. Kaki says you should rest, Jia says I am fine, dont worry about me, she hugs her. Kaki jokes about her holding wrongly, they laugh.

Nisha says to Samar that when Jhanvi came here, she said these things, she writes it on board and says last time we both got locked in room. Samar says I cant believe you are making presentation of all this, we can go to a vacation, away from all this. Nisha says no I cant live a scared life, I have to solve this. Samar says I cant believe you are believing in ghosts, ghosts dont wear anklets. Nisha says exactly, maybe that ghost is trying to give a message through that anklet or maybe its Kaki and Chinni’s plan, like they have Jhanvi’s doppelganger, we have Adi’s lookalike so maybe they have Jhanvi’s lookalike, tonight we will find everything out, Samar asks what are you going to do? she says just wait and watch.

Jia asks Chinni if she saw her anklet? Chinni says no, they look around. Chinni says what if you left that anklet in Nisha’s house? if Nisha finds it then she will know your reality. Jia says it must have not happened if that idiot Arjun didnt come there when I was there, I have to go there and find anklet back, Nisha cant have it.

Arjun is singing in his house, he opens window and finds Jia glaring at him, he is stunned and says witch? you dont even sleep in daytime? She comes in his house, he tries to runaway, she runs behind him and slips, he catches her. They share eyelock. Jia recalls all their sweet moments from past life, Hawain plays as they are lost in each other. Arjun looks away. Jia says I want to talk. Arjun runs and says I dont want to talk. Jia says its important, Arjuna says go away witch. He locks himself in washroom. Jia says listen to me,its important, Arjun says leave. Jia says dont come between my work. Arjun says go away. Jia says I dont have time, I have go to Nisha’s house otherwise I would have brought this Arjun out of washroom, she leaves. Arjun comes out of washroom and says she is so clingy, leave her, think about money, I have heard that if married women get bored of their husbands and marriage then flirting with them a little can make them feel very good, I can flirt with Nisha too.

Nisha has put Jhanvi’s picture on dart board and throws dart at it, she says today her truth will come out. She throws another dart but Arjun comes there dressed as Adi, he stares at her intensely. Nisha gets tensed. Arjun comes to her and says its me Arjun, your loyal, not Adi. She says why you are dressed as Adi? Adi says he was your husband, I have to look convincing as Adi, we have to make oldie believe that I am Adi thats why I am practicing, I am sure Adi used to talk like this.. he holds her hands and says Adi would say darling, I am made for you only, give all pain to me and come in my arms. Nisha smiles and gets lost in his eyes. Arjun moves away. Nisha jerks away. Arjun says sometimes you get scared of me and sometimes I get scared of you. Nisha says no, I think I just saw a ghost. Arjun says ghost, I saw a ghost too, no it was a beautiful witch. Nisha asks where? Arjun caresses Nisha’s hair and says I have seen many beautiful women but your beauty is just different. Nisha is flustered with him close. They hear a glass breaking and turn to see Samar glaring at them.

PRECAP- Nisha is sitting in lounge. She sees Jhanvi’s ghost there.
Samar is hiding behind curtain. Jhanvi says Nisha I am back. Jia steps on carpet. Nisha throws lighter at it and carpet catches fire, Jia is surrounded by fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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