Woh Apna Sa 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash gets to know about Krishna’s feelings

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Scene 1
Krishna says what should I do? Is this love? I love you Jia. Akash comes in. Akash says what were you saying? You love jia? I trusted you for her. Akash beats him. He hears Jia screaming.. They both run downstairs. Jia says someone threw in the stone from the window. Jia says how did you get this bruise? Akash says he slipped while coming here. Jia says sit please. She dresses his wound. Jia says how will you take care of others if you don’t care of yourself. He leaves. Akash says bini is everything okay? Se says yes. He says your eyes are red. Please share what’s in your heart. I love you after all. Bini says everything doesn’t go like your mood. Where were you when I needed you the most? Leave me alone. Good night. She leaves.

Krishan hits the wall in anger. Nisha comes and says feels bad. did akash get to know? He beaten you. I did that to save you. I saved you so you can stay away from Jia. If your emotions stop me from my mission you will be done. Krishna says don’t give me these threats. She says how dare you., Krishna says Jia is calling on Arjun’s phone.
JIa comes and says why do you have arjun’s phone? Nisha says arjun left his phone in the car. So akash gave it to krishna. Jia says Krishan are you all hiding something? Please tell me. there must be some reason. You can tell me when you are easy. I know you wont lie to me.

bini says jia why are you not eating. Akash comes in and says Jia these are your new guards. Jia says why?? We already have krishan. Akash says he needs rest. Jia says he is like family to us. nisha says krishna always saved her then why we need these guards. Jia says akas send them back. Akash asks them to go.

Jia comes to Krishna and gives him flowers. She says wanted to say sorry. I don’t know why akash got those guards. I know you have duties but I don’t want any pressure on you. Krishna says akash did that he cares for you. I care for you too and I will protect you always. Even when i am not here. She gives him flowers. Akash sees them and says I have to tell her about arjun.
Precap-Akash says Jia what will you do if I tell you that Arjun is no more.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. vijayalakshmi

    I am new here
    I want Akash to pair with just not dat police krishna
    who agree with me plz reply
    who all think same as me reply aakash and jia pair soopr so plz reply if u read dis comment

  2. Vijayalakshmi,it doesn’t matter now who is paired with whom as the show will be going off air and a new serial will take its slot from 25th of this month …Sudeep has already quit the show …now the only point of interest is how they are going to end the show…will Nisha succeed in killing Jia also or Krishna spills the beans and Nisha ends up in jail….Will Jia finally accept krishna …looks unrealistic but not impossible…

    1. vijayalakshmi

      ohh really going off air k its nice dat it will end bt at the end I want Akash and jia pair not krishna plz make dem pair

  3. Hopeless serial… Once loved by me…what a waste now… Nisha hounded Arjun out of the serial too…Lakshmi… I don’t know where the actors get their confidence from to still have this serial running…. Thanks so much for letting me know that it’ll soon be put out of its misery… I didn’t know that but it’s good news and I’m so looking forward to the new serial. However, I’ll have to follow this one too on my tab because here we are episodes behind in Woh Apna sa and won’t be seeing the premiere of the new serial with the rest of the world.

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