Woh Apna Sa 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nisha is acting like she is unconscious, Adi sees sleeping pills bottle near her feet, she stealthily glances at Adi. Adi is tensed, Kaka goes to call doctor. Nisha murmurs Adi forgive me, forgive me. Kaki says Nisha why you are punishing yourself for others? get up Nisha, she says nothing should happen to her. Binni asks what happened to mama? Kaka says she will be fine. Raj says i have called ambulance. Kaki asks Adi why he is not taking her to hospital? Raj and Adi lifts Nisha and takes her to hospital.
Jhanvi’s maa is in market, thief comes and snatches her purse, he pushes her away and runs. Jhanvi comes to Maa and says i will run behind thief, Maa says there was nothing in purse. Jhanvi says its not about purse but why did he push you away? Jhanvi runs behind thief,

he is running away. Jhanvi sees thief pushing baby’s cot away from his way, Jhanvi saves baby’s cot and says now i wont spare that thief, she runs behind him.
Nisha is brought to hospital, she is taken to operation theatre. Adi tries to talk to Kaki but Kaka stops him from going towards her, Kaka says Sharda(Kaki) to calm down. In OT, doctors treat Nisha. Doctor comes out and says we need some medicines, we dont have it, Adi says i will bring it, he goes. Kaka says to Kaki that everything will be fine, i think we should inform Nisha’s parents, Kaki says okay call them, Kaka goes to call.
Binni calls Adi and asks if mama will be fine? will she go away from us? Adi says she is resting, i wont let anything happen to her, Binni says i want to see Mama, Adi says kids are not allowed at hospital, when Mama will become fine then i will bring her home, you both have dinner and sleep. Chinni takes call and says tell Mama that we love her a lot, Adi says we love you too, he ends call and goes to bring medicines. Adi is driving and recalls Nisha’s words that she wants business and house on her name, how she kept forcing Adi to become CEO, he is worried, he recalls Nisha acting all innocent infront of family and making Adi look bad in others eyes, Adi stops car and cries, he screams and weeps, he says why all this Nisha? for money, power and freedom? i did everything for you but i wanted my family’s happiness and unity but you couldnt bear it, you have obsession now, before it starts hurting our kids, i will have to take care of it, i will have to stop. He drives away. Jhanvi is running behind thief but Adi comes infront of Jhanvi. Jhanvi scolds that he made thief runaway, she sees Adi, Adi is surprised to see her.
Doctor says to Kaka that Nisha is out of danger and this is suicide attempt, we didnt call police before treatment as you are trustee of this hospital but we will have to call police now, luckily she took only 10pills thats why she got saved, police will take Nisha’s statement, he leaves. Kaki says Nisha didnt think about us and kdis before doing this, i wouldnt have forgiven Adi if anything happened to Nisha, Kaka says nobody ever talked to Nisha like that and she is soft hearted thats why she couldnt bear Adi’s scoldings.
Jhanvi asks Adi if he is fine? Adi scolds Jhanvi that why she is running on road? you dont think what others are facing, i have to go to hosp.. Raj calls Adi and asks him to come fast, Nisha is fine now, Adi drives away. Jhanvi calls Survi and says i couldnt catch thief because my arrogant boss came inbetween, i am going to police station for FIR, Maa says no need for that, Jhanvi says he pushed Maa away and i wont allow it.
Adi comes to hospital. Doctor says Nisha is out of danger, operation was successful. Adi asks Kaki and Kaka to talk to him. Chinni and Binni comes there, Adi asks who brought them here? Nisha’s parents come there and says we brought them, we dont know if Nisha will live or not, atleast her kids should see her before anything happens, she might forget her negative thoughts. Nisha’s mother says that dont know if Nisha will stay alive, kids are dying to meet her. Adi says to kids that they can meet her later but kids are stubborn to see her now, doctor takes Chinni and Binni to OT to make her meet Nisha. Inspector comes there and says there is FIR against Dharmesh(Kaka) for domestic violence, Adi says he didnt do anything, how can you arrest him? who filed FIR? Inspector says we have to arrest him only then something further will happen, Adi says Nisha will become conscious soon, he asks doctor to take inspector to Nisha’s room and make her give statement. All come in wardroom and sees Nisha unconscious, inspector says she is not awoke so we have to arrest them, Adi says usually husband is arrested in these cases so arrest me, inspector says FIR is against Dharmesh and Sharda so we will have to arrest them, Kaka says i am ready to go to jail but our women are respected and dont go to police stations, Sharda will not go, i am coming with you, inspector takes Kaka with him. Adi says to Raj to take care of kids and inform him about Nisha, he goes behind Kaka.

Scene 2
Jhanvi, Survi and Maa comes to police station, Jhanvi says to policeman that thief pushed my mother away, he has tarnished her dignity and disrespected her which is not acceptable, thief shouldnt roam around, Maa says leave it Jhanvi, Jhanvi says i am not going to leave without filing FIr, file FIR inspector. Policeman asks what was valuable in purse? Maa says i had only 100rupees in purse and some old and not usable notes, policeman says we dont file FIR for such small stuff, just leave from there. Jhanvi says no robbery is small and what about insult my mother had to bear? if you dont file FIR then write down why you are not filing FIR and then i will leave. Inspector asks policeman to file her FIR. Adi, Kaki and Kaka comes to same police-station. Kaki says to inspector that we didnt do anything wrong, try and understand, Nisha is like our daughter, we can never harm her, you can even ask Nisha. Otherside Jhanvi and Maa are in same police station to file case against bag thief.

PRECAP- Adi says to Sameer that Nisha played game but i am sure she must have done some mistake, i should go home and check her room. Nisha is in hospital and says to her father that bring her phone from her room in house, make sure no one catches it. Adi comes home and searches Nisha’s room, he finds her phone and calls Sameer, he says Sameer i have found proof against Nisha, come to police station fast. In police station, Kaki asks for water, Kaka says to policeman that kindly give water and i left my wallet at home and dont have money rightnow but she has high BP, can you bring medicine from chemist? nobody listens to him, Jhanvi is near Kaki and Kaka and hears Kaka pleading people to bring medicines. Adi and Sameer comes to police station and are stunned to see something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Adi u should bear this how u tolerate ur wife 8yrs now she is good and u are bad for others not others ur family also

  2. I hate u nisha.feeling sad.

  3. Nisha you ar good actoress. Super…. Super…

  4. poor adi…he is crying becoz of nisha….nisha’s parents too bad…..want to everything getting money……..adi take blame himself saving kaka and kaki…adi is in jail then janvi ll save him may be……plz janu qucikly fight against nisha

  5. Why Adi been suffering form 8yrs for Nisha, what the reason is behind of that, why did not tell with his family about devil nisha, plz reveal the untold story.

    1. Why Adi didn’t tell his family? That’s your question… What is playing out on this serial is a TRUE to life story. Countless relationships around the world are plagued with problems similar to the one Adi is facing in his life. I’ve witnessed one such marriage in my own family. A person shoulders a lot of responsibilities when kids are involved so that when in a
      situation like this, one needs to make kids the priority over their own sufferings. Then there’s family interest and a degree to
      which religion plays in ending or mending of a marriage. In East Indian culture, particularly Hinduism, when a couple ties the knot, the women are taught to not
      leave the marital home until she is dead.
      Courting and living with a person are two different state of affairs. In this case, it’s Adi who is faced with this dilemma. He stayed in the marriage because of his kids and his family and is sacrificing his own happiness and state of mind just to keep the home united. So…..there’s a level of tolerance within everyone and there comes a point in life when for own sanity, a person has to decide where they go from where they currently stand. It’s not an easy decision because everyone within the circle becomes affected. A basic human right is the chance to happiness and love and when it isn’t found within the partner, it is sought elsewhere. That’s the reason for many broken relationships…..hope that answers you question ,Ammu. Didn’t want to write too lengthy a comment but this is just about good for this forum. So let’s see how Adi’s life plays out in this story…..

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