Woh Apna Sa 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia meets babasa

Woh Apna Sa 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Nisha says something special will happen today. Jia says Adi loved babasa so much. She recalls first time she met babasa. She says I hope babasa is fine. Jia is smoking. Chini comes there. Jia hides it. Chini says jhanvi ma never smoked. Jia says but I am Jia. I only smoke when I am in pressure. Chini says what will we do next? Jia says first of all we have to find out if those voices were of babasa. I will do that tonight.

Nisha comes to bababsa and says why didn’t you eat? Well I don’t care. She gives him some meds and he takes them. Nisha leaves the door open and goes. Babasa looks at his open hands. He walks towards the door. Babasa looks outside. He comes to the house. He tries to walk. Arjun us there as Adi. Babasa looks at him. Nisha and samar are behind the

wall. Babasa is shocked. Babasa says you. Arjun says baba sa. Baba sa recalls his moments with adi. Arjun says babasa its me your son. Adi. Hug me. Babasa says no. Arjun says me your son Aditya Jindal. Babasa goes away from him and says stop baba its me adi. Arjun says this old man knows everything. He has a good memory. I thought I was a good actor. Arjun recalls nisha said that babasa took all their money. Arjjun says if he took all the wealth why is he like a beggar? Nisha says he pretends. He wants to take rest of money from me as well. Arjun leaves.
Arjun comes out. He says I look like Adi. I look so good. But my clothes are inside. I should take these. He leaves.
Jia comes there.

Scene 2
Nisha wakes up for a drink. Jhanvi comes there. Nisha is scared. She says who is this? Nisha comes out in lounge. The lights sparkle. Nisha says enough I know its you jhanvi. Come in front of me I will kill you again. Jhanvi’s voice laughs. Nisha says I will kill you. Nisha sees I am back and know you want to me. Come after me. Nisha says wont be scared anymore. I will come. She follows the steps.
Kaki is worried for Jia. Chini says Jia is smart dont worry. Please relax. Kaki ma says Nisha is very clever. Nisha says Jhanvi.. Where are you samar? Jhanvi’s voice says scared? Nisha says don’t forget i killed you. I can remind you. Nisha comes to room. The door locks. Lights spark. Nisha screamss samar.. Samar is asleep. Jhanvi locks her there and goes towards baba’sa room.
Nisha is screaming. Jhanvi comes towards that room where babasa is. She enters there. Jhanvi says babasa. Babasa gets up and says who.. He looks at Jhanvi. Jia cries looking at him. Jhanvi says babasa me.. Jia. Your Jhanvi.
Nisha screams samar save me. She says let me take you home.Babasa says nisha killed jhanvi. You are not jhanvi. Jia says please come with me. I will explain you everything.

Precap-Nisha screams get me out someone. Saamar comes there and tries to get her out. Jia says I am Jhanvi. Babasa says no you are not Jhanvi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I can see they are going to ruin this show. There is not spark between Arjun and Jia. Jia is too overly modern and Arjun is too callous. It’s going to be Nisha in control all over again. Though this Nisha is a good actress, I actually miss the original Nisha just because I wanted to see her get punished lol

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