Woh Apna Sa 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nisha meets mysterious person and says whats your plan? if we keep up like this then our plan will not work, I dont know what Baba wants to do, he said to everyone that he saw his wife but when I talked to him then he denied, if I get caught and stuck in this mess then I will bring your truth out too, you wont be saved, I will tell everything. Nisha hears someong coming, she says leave. Nisha and mysterious person starts leaving kitchen when Kaki comes there. Kaki gets scared seeing someone in rain coat and hoodie, Nisha gets tensed. Mysterious person starts taking of his/her hoddie, Kaki looks on. he takes off his hoodie and its Kaka, Kaki is stunned and says you are the mysterious shadow? Kaka says no I am your Dharmesh, Nisha says I understand you are worried about house’s situation

but we were doing this tto catch the shadow, Kaki says but these clothes? what are you hiding? Kaka says this was our plan, I was hiding from shadow to catch him, you swtiched on lights and he ranaway, Kaki says I dont understand anything, I want to talk to Adi. Kaka says you are doubting me? you doubt my intentions? would I want to hurt my brother? I am your husband for years and you dont recognize me? lets go and take rest, dont think too much, Kaki glares at him and leaves. Kaka is tensed. Nisha looks at him and shrugs, he looks on and leaves. Nisha laughs and says Kaki dont know anything and reacting like this, when Adi will know that his Baba’s enemy and the one who wants to kill his Baba is his own favorite Kaka then he will be so sad.

In morning, Jhanvi receives Adi’s mother’s bigger photo, Jhanvi says its her sharad thats why I have received it, Delivery person sees Adi’s mother sitting there and thinks her sharad? she is alive, he is about to say it but Maa asks him to leave as he is useless in working, he leaves. Baba calls Jhanvi and says come here soon, its Asha’s sharad today, Jhanvi says Adi’s mother’s name was Asha? he says yes, she was so stubborn and picky, I used to tease her. Jhanvi says then who Adi has gone too that he is so angry all the time? Baba says he has taken that from Nisha, they laugh, she ends call. Asha hears all the talk and thinks about her name and Adi and Jhanvi’s call conversation.

Kaki does aarti, all leave. Kakai gives aarti to Kaka and glares at him, he is about to kill her forehead with sindoor but she moves away recalling how he was the one wearing mask, Kaka says trust is base of every relation, if you dont trust me even after 30 years of marriage then I have no right to fill your forehead, Kaki says but what I saw last night? Kaka says it was nothing, you think I am involved with Nisha? Kaki says this is the girl who brought us on streets, who destroyed our honor, you made us cry all the time, you might have been under influence of her words, Kaka says I am doing all this for Baba, Baba is so worried about thsi shadow so I tried to catch that shadow, I involved Nisha in all this so that I know she is not othe shadow or involved with it but if you dont trust me then I have stooped in my eyes, I cant live like this, she says dont say like this, I trust you, you are the strongest pillar of this house and till you are here, nothing can happen to this family, he nods and applies sindoor on her forehead, she leaves. Nisha sees all this and says unbelievable, he has been acting for many years, Kaki doesnt know that this strongest pillar is python of this house, he teaches lesson about morals and one day he is going to eat everyone alive, Kaka looks at her, he wipes his glasses, smirks and leaves. Nisha is amused and says Adi’s family is weird.

Jhanvi comes to Baba’s room with Adi’s mother’s wrapped photo. Adi comes there and looks at her, he recalls confessing his love to her in his dream. Jhanvi recalls he coming to her house in drunk state and saying he missed her, they longingly look at each other. Jhanvi moves but slips, she is about to fall but Adi catches her, they share eyelock, Adi leaves her hand and says sorry. Jhanvi says to Baba that I have made photo frame and I am going to prepare for pooja, Adi says dont you understand? I asked you to not do it, Jhanvi says your anger and frustration is all fake, Adi says i am doing everything rightly, go away from me, Jhanvi says I will go away from you but how will you go away from me? he says what rubbish? Jhanvi says if I am not important to you and you dont think me as your friend then why did you come to my house in drunk state? now i am sure this is all facade, Adi says you dont know anything, Jhanvi says then tell me, Adi says do anything but my mother’s sharad will not happen and if you listen to me then you will have to bear the burnt, he glares at her and leaves. Jhanvi asks why is worried about sharad? is it because of Nisha, or that shadow or his mother?

Adi throws money at Nisha’s face and says you want money right? take it all but give me my mother, i cant ldo her sharad. Nisha says you know me well, I want money, money is everyone’s need but you are my fire and passion, I want money but with your togetherness, I have got you so I wont leave you for this small sum of money, you know I like cats as when there is chaos around them, the close their eyes and pretend its not happening, this sharad is same for you, you close your eyes and ignore this sharad, this sharad wont kill your mother again, Adi grabs her jaw and says I will find my mother, you think what you will say to justify yourself infront of family, he leaves.

Scene 2
Maa prays to lord and says Adi is a nice guy, Jhanvi wants to help him, they should have gotten together but how will they get together with all these problems? Survi comes there and says with the help of God, they will get together with his blessing, Maa says yes everything happens with his orders.

All family members sit in sharad. Asha’s photo is put on stand by Baba, Baba asks Jhanvi to come and bring garland. Jhanvi bringd garland there, she still hasnt seen Adi’s mother’s photo. Baba asks Jhanvi to light diya. Nisha comes there and says Adi said he will tell truth to family but where is he? Jhanvi tries to light diya but matchstick doesnt burn, Baba says why diya is not lightening? its bad omen. Jhanvi looks on, someone moves away from infront of Asha’s photo, Jhanvi looks up and her eyes fall on the photo, she is shocked to see who is Adi’s mother, she recalls meeting her and taking her home, she recalls Adi forcing her to not let sharad happen, she is frozen knowing truth.

PRECAP- Adi asks Jhanvi where is she? Jhanvi says she is in my house, she is staying here for two days, I didnt know she is your mother, Adi says please make me meet her. Adi and Jhanvi comes to Jhanvi’s house, they are shocked to see something there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The story has become so predictable even we can guess what could be next… It’s turning nonsense… It shows as if no one has any other work other them playing cheap tricks with family member

  2. Oh my gosh…. How come kaka is bad. I cant understand. Does this mean nisha is good all the time? Is really jhanvi came in between a couple? No no i want nisha to be bad.. And adivi have to marry and live happily ever after with baba, and janvi family…. Pls pls i want them to be united… Love adi ❤ jhanvi

  3. KAKA what the hell is he doing to this beloved family….Nisha for the first time is right Adi’s family is weird and Kaka is really a python cheating his family for 30 years and non is aware of it. Now I know that why he was believing Nisha when everyone was against her because he wanted to use her and get all the money. He did her funeral because if not then the family might think he is with Nisha and it only favoured him as now there will be no share of Nisha. Then he was missing when Adi was running behind the shadow. Really those people are very dangerous who show themselves as caring and loving but are having poison in hearts. Seriously money kills relations… Think for a moment that money(which is made up of paper) have more value then a human. There is a saying that don’t trust anyone as the one who are close to us give us more pain.

    1. farhia noor osman

      I think kaka he is helping adi!!

  4. Lol. ..kaka ji ki pakki nzar thi nisha par pehle se ?….bt i m still thinkin Such main yaar ye kaka jaisa Anaconda window se bahar uss din kaise nikal gya …hadd hai

  5. What bullshit is this….. What the blo*dy ass is wrong with you writers???? You all so freaking insane? You don’t have enough bulls hit happening already with this serial??? Isn’t fricking Nisha enough villain? So now now that Kakasa has been revealed to be bad to the bone for years, could he be redeemed, ever??? I think this is uncalled for, telling is that all these years Kakasa had a hidden agenda!!! I’ve never seen more bullshit storytelling in a long time. When I think ETRETR had gone to the lows, WAS has joined the bandwagon… I can’t even read past where Nisha says Kaka is biggest Python for years… You moron writers are damn stupid…. I am seeing no end to this stupid turn of events!!! Where do they go from here?? They should go downhill…im so angry now, I don’t care if Adivi unite.. This is because waste of my time, we never get what we want. We may see Adivi joining at the end of the serial, I don’t know why this serial was touted as that of a step-mom?? Writers misled us, i just don’t believe this.. Maybe it’s a dream, I’ll come out of it soon… What an epic nightmare!!! Go to hell you damn stupid, moronic, wacko writers, you all just like Nisha….

    1. so sad naz… kaka is main villian…..i stop watching woh apana sa becoz they dragging too much…janvi and adi going to get sepearted soon……

      i started alredy going to watching YHM,YRKHH,NAAMKARANN, soon kundali bhagya……

  6. I have to congratulate you viewers you all have the best foresight. You could read the writers mind, they don’t know how intelligent their viewers are otherwise they won’t write such predictable plots… ALL Indian serials gradually descend into chaos after honeymoon period… Even though all here had their suspicion that it was Kakasa, I’m sure everyone would have been secretly happy if it hadn’t been him..

  7. Sorry for typo errors….

  8. Hahah,!Absolutely right Nikks how that kaka how he get saved from that window but I m confused! howcvs can show kaka a dangerous person and inspite of this tommorrow janvi will also fail as they will change adi.s mother feel sad for janvi …this showw is losing its interest not happy with this track……Huuuhh!!!

  9. What is kaka doing. Is he trying to hurt his family. Is the suprise jhanvi sees at her house that adis mother is gone because nisha and suru and jhanvis mom are sick or nisha did somerhing to them. Its not very predictable. Plz answer my questions asap.

  10. Hey Arch, I’ll definitely check out PA to get a glimpse of the doctor….i have an eye for good looking men.. ? ?… But coming on this side Arch, I’m so disappointed with Kaka, sorry for the rant up there, my BP shot to the roof when it was confirmed that it’s him in this thing with Nisha…. I’ll try to keep a level head because I want to believe that good things are ahead with Adivi….and I don’t want to miss it…. I’ll definitely tell what I think of the doctor….

  11. Can anyone explain me guy’s if kaka is dng all diz for property den already its on his name including d home and position in d office. Even adi respects kaka and his position in office and babasa already a patient and not even cares about mny matter’s. Den watz d need of giviy injections and making him a patient intentionally?
    Ufcourse guy’s how can he jump dat window after getting hit by vase in diz old age if its his fitness matter pls inform me I too vil make my grandfather join d same fitness gym.

    Finally y only janavi is most and only intelligent gal in whole serial y not adi’s fnd rescue adi even a single tym
    After all he is his best buddy Fnd.
    D writers can also focus on janvu’s mother’s past and seperation track and survi’s love and clg story.
    If d adi nisha and r important in d serial den y u ppl r paying to other’s.
    Even dey may get better roles in other serials for der talent right????

    Lastly dat kid’s…… D best drama kidz dey vil always rescue nisha. Only nisha ….. In diz serial u ppl r focusing on “how to manipulate kid’s and to maintain a forcefull relationship v need kids but not for love and relationship right!!!!!!

    Plz give an opportunity to other artists for there future career writer’s.

  12. In case you still read comments AAKRITI aka TWINJ…. I’m hoping that you get this greeting. I know that the time has passed and I was hoping you’d comment once in a while so I’d know you still love Adivi….but, I’m here to still tell you that I didn’t forget your birthday on June 30th…i hope you had a beautiful day and all of God’s blessings be with you today and tomorrow
    and for the rest of your birthdays in the future….I’ll never forget the wonderful tribute you gave me for my birthday, that’s the best birthday gift I’ve ever received
    ……besides my daughter taking me to see
    the phantom of the opera stage play…. ?…. My dear friend, I miss your contributions, you are a founding member on WAS…from the very first day, you, Riya,
    Nitee, Priya …hope all of you are doing great in your respective careers and enjoy life to the max… Once again AAKRITI, happy belated birthday and all the best for the future….. ???

    1. welcome naz…..u r my best friend naz…..

      unbelieveable sterday episode kaka is mystery person wants o kill babsa and also already kill asha but she is still alive something reason behind becoz asha cme to know the kaka’s truth so he did accident or kidnapped adi’s mother so she lost memory loss….adi does not know anything but he completely trust won kaka as father….poor adi…he did babasa hand in alzmera injection so he become forget memories and kaka destroy him also betrayed him…..

      1 day janvi come to know to the truth but she ll bo so shocked telling to adi …adi wont trust janvi and brost out anger becoz adi loves kaka and trust him so much…..hope soon janvi and adi get seperated ….after janvi leaving country and city forever then adi ll realize janvi is true love and bring back her love life

      this story only showing focus on nisha …too much dragging…nisha ll win again beoz kaka helping nisha and janvi fail always…..so sad

      1. yes u are right priya, kaka is acting to behave him self good but he is the real culprit. too much twist have to be revealed to know the truth.

  13. Winchester

    Precap is scaring ?. From Aditya’s and Jhanvi’s expression on entering her house 2 things come to my mind. ?
    1) The house was empty and with no sign of Survi or her and his mother. ?
    2) Or Survi and Jhanvi’s mother were tied and Aditya’s mother was kidnapped again as Nisha and her team of gangsters got hold of her first ?
    Hope its none of the above!!! ?

  14. I think Raj is also helping Kaka because in start the person was shown fit and slim with less height then Jhanvi….and that person is only Raj. May be Nisha heard conversation Raj and Kaka so joining hands with them….do you guys remember that when Raj was telling his story that he was drunk and all that to Jhanvi after completing it still he was tensed and afraid. Even when Jhanvi said that she won’t tell anyone.

    1. bulbul agree with you might be raj helping to kaka, because raja also encouraged of relation that when adi nisha came together.

      1. Yes and that time our thoughts were that Nisha is blackmailing him with Neha’s baby.

      2. Yes and that time our thoughts were that Nisha is blackmailing him with Neha’s baby.

  15. what did i say huh huh they all start wonderful in the first couple of episodes and then WHACK they start friggin it up i wanna know this how de ass baba did not know his wife is alive? most of these serials you will find that out of nowhere comes a dead friggin mother,father sister brother all of a sudden how de rass baba did not know that his wife is alive or did kaka had her for his keep and she manage to escape with a frikkin memory loss wow what a coincidence this is now a shitty serial for me that is why i am hardly commenting shalom

  16. Hello Naz
    Hello all
    You are so right bulbul and ammu- this show is failing us and I am so so disappointed at this story line and I think raj is involved too.
    I never like Kaka Ji !!!
    Just horrible to have this show fall into boredom and dragging storyline – i still am a few shows behind on Sony so now reading all of your comments is my desired connection- don’t care if I watch or not.

  17. Knew it. The actor as Kaka, looks evil even when he is trying to act like a good person. Never understood (not only this show but most shows), how it takes 2/3 or even weeks for someone to see a picture or a person they might be looking for by someone blocking their view, turning their back, waling away as just as the other person turns lol….I think only in Indian shows this happens…..that tells a lot about the writers’ imagination

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