Woh Apna Sa 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Nisha is planning something and says to her daughter and says you made such nice keychain, she says you know what you have to do, daughter says i will give it to Kaki, Nisha says Kaki will give keys of this house to me and take your keychain and put keys of her new house in it and will remember you everytime she sees it there. Daughter gets excited and leaves.
Daughter Binni comes to Kaki and says i made new keychain for you as you will give key of this house to mama and put keys of new house in this keychain. Nisha comes there and says command of this house will remain to elders, Kaki says kids are always right, where will i take keys with me? i think you should key of this house with you as we are going, Nisha smirks.
Adi says to Jhanvi that i thought you wouldnt come,

Jhanvi says so what? Adi says why you are talking like this? Jhanvi says you want two words answer for everything. Jhanvi says i have made logos, see them. Adi sees Nisha’s message and it reads that she has given new keychain to Kaki, you have to become CEO. Jhanvi says i wanted your time but you are busy, its okay, i should show it to boss as what they can say, kids can never say it, elders have experience, Adi says to Jhanvi that what did you say? Jhanvi says i said that what elders can teach us, we cant know it from anywhere, what knowledge they give, you cant find it anywhere, not even books, Adi smiles broadly and says this is great, Adi smiles and leaves. Jhanvi says arrogant smiled? he is crazy.
Adi comes home and thinks that Nisha used elders to her advantage and i will use it against her today.
Survi calls someone and says i have chosen my college, its very good. Jhanvi comes there and says you didnt get admission, you should go somewhere else, Survi gets sad, Jhanvi says i am joking, you got admission, she says to Maa that they needed father’s sign, you cant simply cut it? i handled it, Jhanvi gives watch to Survi and says thank you for helping that uncle, i bought another one for you.
Adi comes to Baba, Baba says you want to send me to mental asylum, Nisha made me see papers too, Adi is shocked and hurt, he hugs baba and says i can never do it, you are my blood, i can never do something like that, i will make you get separated from family, i promise. Baba hugs him back, Adi says to Baba that i am lost one more time but i need you to guide me again, please help me, baba looks on. Adi tells him some plan.

Scene 2
Adi brings gifts for Binni and chinni. Daughters says you brought surprises without any reason, thank you, Nisha is confused with his happy behavior. Nisha sends daughters out of room. Adi is in washroom. Nisha asks what is going on? tell me, husbands and wives are two bodies and one soul, i didnt see you this happy before. Adi comes out and whistles. Adi lies on bed and says you took my night’s sleep after one year of wedding, i used to remain awake every night thinking what you will do to break my family apart, lets change it, i will sleep peacefully tonight and you remain awake and think what i will do tomorrow, he goes to sleep.
Its morning. Adi comes to dinning room and says good morning to everyone. Raj says Adi’s happiness is showing that baba is getting fine. Kaki gives him food and says i will be leaving soon. Kaka asks when are you signing CEO papers? Adi says pillar of every company is CEO and shaking it is foolishness, i want people that started this company to keep pillar intact, we never learn from books what elders teach us, younger ones cant do what we can. Kaka says what you wanna say? Baba comes there and calls out to Kaka/dharmesh. Kaka touches his feet. Baba shows him one note and says you recognised it? this was first note we earned from our shop, my fate changed when i got partner like you, you not handled my company but my son, i might not remain in world so keep this historic note with you, Kaka says you will remain with us, Baba gives him note. Baba says i gave you power of attorney but i want it back because you are going to be CEO of company from now on, Nisha looks on shocked. Kaka says Adi will be CEO, Baba says this company is yours too, i am not healthy now, you are handling everything and this is your right to become CEO only then Adi and Raj will become CEO. He gives him papers and says you are CEO of company from now on, Kaka is elated but tensed too. Adi comes to Kaka and folds his hands, Adi says you are pillar of this company so remain it like this, he touches his feet, Kaka hugs him. Adi says to Raj that you dont have to work kunder me, we both will work under Kaka and will learn from him and nobody will go to Ahemadabad, we are all family, he smirks at Nisha. He says to Kaki that Nisha was sad that you were leaving but she is happy now, Nisha take everyone’s blessing, Nisha glares Adi.
Nisha comes to Baba’s room and mixes some powder in his medicine drink. She angrily looks at him. Nisha is about to give him, she offers it to him but Baba mistakenly drops it at floor and glass breaks. Watch which Jhanvi gave falls from baba’s hands, Baba takes it back and recalls how Jhanvi made him happy, Nisha says i will clean it, Kaki comes there and says no need Nisha, i wil give him medicine again, you go.
Nisha comes to her room and throws things away in anger. Aid comes there and says to Nisha you thought that you would try to break my family and i will do nothing? my family is my responsibility and i will fight till death to keep them protect and united, all family members take you as daughter, you cant feel love because you are blinded by power and money, you just want to destroy this house, Nisha is angry and grabs his collar, and says do you ever understand me? i did this for you and for us, you think you won? go and celebrate but remember you might brightened one dark night of your life but your remaining nights will be darker now, they glare at each other.

PRECAP- Kaki says to Adi that i didnt expect this from you, apologise to Nisha. Later Nisha to Adi that i will snatch everything from you, Adi shouts Nisha and raises hand to slap her.. Later Nisha calls her friend and says i will punish Aid for what he did with me. Daughters come in Nisha’s room and sees her lying unconscious on floor, they scream, Adi, Kaka and Kaki comes there and sees Nisha lying there with foam coming out of her mouth, Adi runs to her side.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nisha I hate u.I am 100%sure the precap is a drama nothing else.

  2. Hey naz,preet,priya di,liza di,fama,anu,Riya di,RA,
    How was ur day guys?Ok coming to the epi it was awesome fab…luved it a loads…adi finally behaved sweetly with jhanvi…Adi really did a gud job.Jhanvi always inspires me whereas Nisha is so cruel…used her daughters,took support of lie,conspired Neha…she has stoop so low for power n money…I m really not satisfied with precap…anyways hoping for the best…adivi rocks…Love them.

    Hey guys,
    I am very sry coz I will be irregular few weeks coz of my xm n moreover I am not able manage time….So sry for that but I really love the plot n will always love adivi…Love u all…Bye

    1. I totally agree with you…well said…adivi rockzz

    2. My day was tiring. Happy Valentines Day in advance Aakriti. I wish you ALL success in your xms….sorry you will be incognito for a while but that’s ok….you have good reasons too for your absence and we are all grateful that you told us so that we won’t worry when we not seeing comments from you. Education is extremely important…it’s the widow to all your opportunities. All the best. Lots of love and friendship from all of us.

      1. Hey naz,
        Same here.Yesterday’s day was a tiring day.N same to u happy valentine day in advance…N happy propose day dear…Thanks for understanding…Love u to…

  3. this show started off nicely hope it continues to teach us good lessons from Adi & Jhanvi

    Love this show-Iwill continue to watch it

  4. Candiva007

    Can someone tell me what is Jhanvi’s link to Adi and Nisha? Will Adi divorce Nisha and marry Jhanvi? Is Jhanvi there to make Adi stronger against Nisha’s dirty plans???

  5. Chanpreet0815

    Adi today u rocked. Kya sabak sikhaaya tumne Nisha ko.
    Nisha kita natak krti h yaar koi hadd hi nhi h. pagal ho gai h Nisha.

  6. Chanpreet0815

    Guys Happy propose day.

  7. I luv nisha she is superb

  8. Gud morning guys,
    Happy propose day to u all…N thanks for understanding my problem guys…Hey preet,It’s b-day today…Happy b-day dear preet.Many many happy returns of the day.May god bless u n fulfill all ur wishes.Luv u.

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Thank u so much Aakriti for ur wishes????

  9. Happy propose day to all… I love the epi.we all r OK aaku.nisha always in her plan..I think nisha he adi ke baba ko patient banadiya h

  10. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Preet-i…. Happy birthday to you ????Preet,may you be blessed with good health, love, good luck and lots of friends….for the rest of your life. I did remember your birthday and thought I’d send greetings to you tomorrow but then I remembered that you are hours ahead of where I live so now is a good time to do so. It’s 11.20 pm on Tuesday still…..but it’s already Wednesday in India. So therefore I’m one of the few like Aakriti wishing you an early birthday to you. Enjoy your day my dear…..

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Thank u so much Nazreen. It means a lot to me. ??

  11. Khwaish(Riya)

    Happy birthday preet…….. May god bless u…..

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Thank u so much Riya

  12. Happy birthday preet……. May god bless you

  13. Happy birthday preet……. May god bless you and give you all the things you want in ur life

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