Woh Apna Sa 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kaki is setting dining table for dinner. Kaka comes there and asks how is baba? Kaki says we are looking out for him. Kaka says we all eat dinner together, Adi thinks that removing separation line will make family one but family becomes one with love and dedication, i dedicated whole life to keep this family united, its not easy to run family. Adi comes there and says its not easy to run family so only elders should run it, i have decided that i will name this house to you, i will give back wealth and everything to you, i will name property back in your name Kaka.
Jhanvi says to Maa that i am worried for baba, Maa says you are so sweet that you get nervous for everyone, i just want to say to take care of yourself, she leaves. Jhanvi says why Nisha called me? is this her plan to not

install CCTV camera in baba’s room? Jhanvi sees call on Survi’s phone, she takes call and says Survi is in washroom, i am her sister, its her father who is calling Survi, he doesnt answer her and ends call. Survi comes there and takes her phone from Jhanvi, Jhanvi says your friend was calling but she didnt answer me, Survi says she must have some network problem, Jhanvi asks why her name was saved as ‘friend’? Survi says i forgot to change her name.
Kaka says to Adi that stop this drama, when you want you take things from us, you make everything in your name and now you are saying everything is mine? i dont trust your tongue, Adi says this is your house, you have built it with love, you have to take care of this house, i will name will in your name, all will be yours, Kaka says i dont trust your facade, Raj says atleast listen to Adi, Adi says i am giving you one day kaka, even Nisha wants you to take everything back, right Nisha? Nisha says yes, this is all of Kaka and should remain with him. Kaka says once you are insulted, you cant get respect back, i dont want anything from you Adi, he leaves. Adi looks on and leaves too. Nisha says Jhanvi’s mind and Adi’s tongue together is not good for me, i dont like it, i dont know why Adi wants to snatch things from me but tonight everything will be changed, just wait and watch.

Jhanvi is lying on her bed, trying to sleep but she gets call. She sees Maa and Survi sleeping, she goes out of room. She takes Nisha’s call, Nisha says i know its late but Baba.. Jhanvi asks what happened to him? Jhanvi says he is not well, he is asking for you, we are trying to calm him but he is asking for you. Jhanvi asks where is Adi? Nisha says Adi is here but Baba is not listening to anyone, he is panicking and frightened, he is not even breathing properly, can you come here? Jhanvi sees its very late at night, she says make me talk to him on call, Nisha says he is not listening to anyone, he is just asking for you, Jhanvi says okay i will come there, she ends call. Maa comes out of room and says Nisha is calling you there and you are trusting her? Jhanvi says its about baba not Nisha, he is sick, i should call Adi, she calls Adi but he doesnt pick up, she says Adi must be with baba, Maa says its not safe to go there at night, Jhanvi says dont worry, i will go and comeback soon, she leaves.
Jhanvi comes to Adi’s house, its all dark there. Nisha opens door for her, Jhanvi asks if everything is fine? Nisha says talk in low tone, everyone has slept now only, baba is not fine but we have tried to make him sleep. Its all dark in house, Nisha brings Jhanvi in baba’s room and says Baba is sleeping, you sit here, i will bring coffee for you, Jhanvi says if he slept then i should leave, Nisha says he will panic if he wakes up, it will help that you will be here so please dont leave, sit with him, Jhanvi says okay, Nisha leaves her in dark room, Jhanvi says i will weird.
Nisha comes to Adi in his room, she wakes him up and says I feel like baba is not feeling well, can you go to his room and check up on him? Adi nods and goes to baba’s room. Adi comes to Baba’s room and its all dark there, Nisha locks baba’s room door, she says my final step is completed, Adi and Jhanvi planned against me a lot, its time to end this, goodbye Jhanvi. Nisha breaks glass outside room, Inside room, Jhanvi asks who is there? Adi sees Jhanvi there and says what are you doing here? Jhanvi says Sir you? Jhanvi says i came to look after baba, he is not feeling well. Outside baba’s room, all family members gather hearing glass breaking noise, Nisha says i heard it too, lets go and see if baba’s fine, they all go to Baba’s room. Inside room, Jhanvi is searching for her phone to switch on flash light, Jhanvi tries to walk but trips, Adi catches her before she can slip, he holds her waist. Nisha brings whole family in room and flickers on lights, all are shocked to see Adi holding Jhanvi in his arms. Nisha says what the hell is this? what are you doing Adi and Jhanvi? Adi says what? Kaka says what is going on? dont even try to explain, i am ashamed. Adi says what are you saying? Nisha sent me to Baba’s room. Nisha says why you are lying Adi? i went to make coffee, i dont know when you came in this room. Adi says dont lie, dont cross your limits, Adi says to Nisha that dont drag Jhanvi in your cheap games, Kaki says enough Adi, we can see who is cooking stories and who is not, stop putting blame on Nisha. Jhanvi says no Nisha called me here, she said baba is ill, i can show you my call log, Nisha says i know i called Jhanvi here because baba is ill and he listens to Jhanvi only but i didnt know Adi would take advantage of that, i am disgusted. Kaka says to Jhanvi that you would to some stranger’s home at late night, would go to their rooms? what were you doing in Adi’s arms? Adi says what are you saying Kaka? why would i call someone at house if i wanted to do something cheap like that? Nisha asked me to come in this room. Nisha says we are shouting but why Baba is not waking up? Nisha takes off blanket from bed and sees there is no Baba under blanket but pillows, she says haww where is baba? Adi says Nisha where is baba? she says i dont know. Flashback shows Nisha coming to baba’s room, she wakes him up and says Chinni and Binni are calling you, go to their room and sleep there, baba wakes up and goes to sleep in kids room, flashback ends. Family is tensed on not seeing baba in his room, they hear Chinni and Binni’s screaming, all family members run to their room. They come to their room and find Baba there, they all come in lounge, Binni says Baba was sleeping in our room. Kaka says enough Adi, you used Baba to take advantage? you made him sleep in kids room so you can have time with this.. Jhanvi? chee. Adi says you dont trust me but we will ask Baba, Adi asks Baba who sent you to kids room? how he went there? Baba says i dont remember anything, Jhanvi says please recall it, Adi says you must remember something, say it, Kaka says what are you doing Adi? you are pressurizing him to say things, how much low you stoop? Raj takes baba from there. Adi says to Nisha that end all this, tell truth to everyone otherwise i wont forgive you this time, Nisha cries and says you wont forgive me? i blindly trust you, i stood by you, and you wont forgive me? Nisha says to Adi that now i understand everything, why you wanted to divorce me, why you bought that penthouse, why you kept staying nights at office, why you divided this house, why you kept putting me down in family’s eyes, why you kept insulting me, its all because you have an affair with Jhanvi, Adi is shocked to hear it,

PRECAP- Adi comes to Jhanvi’s house and says to Maa that i want to meet Jhanvi. Jhanvi is in her room and sobbing in Survi’s arms. Maa says to Adi that no, leave my daughter alone, she did all this for your friendship, she tried to help you and this is what your family did with her? blamed her character? this is how you treat her? Adi says i know what happened was wrong thats why i want to meet her and apologize, Maa stops him from going in room and says she wont meet you. Jhanvi hears their argument sitting in her room and cries more.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So….its this easy to cheat family…. R they trying to teach this through the show…. Even involving children

  2. Nice episode

  3. Nisha .u r going to spare for each move… as a maa (janu maa)u did 100%correct….. janu has to show the phone and nisha,accept I phoned to come to my house.and she told the reason also.she blamed adi now…psych nisha countdown start now ready to bare everything…ha ha ha

  4. Please give updates as soon as possible because u take a lot of time for this

  5. sudeep sir ausumn as usual

    1. Yes yes yes…. Sudeep is so awesome and I love him to bits….. He brings out his pain and tears like a pro…..he’s too good.

  6. Wow finally nisha plan bring Adi jhanvi close very good nisha this is the good one u done in Adi’s life

  7. Oh dear!! My heart breaks for Jhanvi, poor thing, she got burnt badly, isn’t this what Adi was warning her about? That she doesn’t know how devious Nisha is, he’s been living with that nightmare for 8yrs so you’d think Jhanvi will know what he’s warning her about….. I think however, that Adi will start comforting Jhanvi because his wife has blackened her name and start developing emotional feelings for her, I do hope it doesn’t happen now but only after his divorce to Nisha…. This will only serve to distract him and deepen the problem and will be too much for him to handle….. You see guys, I care so much for Adi, I’m telling him what not to do….. Today…. I really felt for Jhanvi and Adi…..and I really felt like murdering Nisha…..Writers, I’m finding it hard to bear what Nisha is doing, please don’t torture us longer, my patience is wearing thin and I can’t see my darling Adi in so much pain and heartache…. I want Nisha’s rear out on the road with mascara running down her cheeks, her nose snotty, her hair unkempt and nothing in her hand more than what she deserves and don’t forget….some gorgeous sarees which she can use to attend her kitty

    1. Twinj

      Yah naz I too feel too bad for janu…she was badly victimized…actually u r right adi should fall in love with janu only after divorce other else entire thing would mess up but this divorce track is dragginh…firstly adi was gonna give divorce actually the divorce was almost done but all coz of nisha it went in vain…when will their divorce happen…precap that seemed wrost…now even janu’s mom is protesting…

  8. Feeling bad for jhanvi but glad that this way the witch nisha herself will unite adhvi.
    Hell with kaka

  9. Sapphire, Twinj, Jayashree, BR…. I’ll be going on my vacation on Monday 10th and will be back on the forum on the 17th …i may not have time to comment as I may be busy but I’ll chat with you all as soon as I get back home. Take care and lots of love and hugs from me to you all.

  10. Naz u r comments really awesome I will miss u a lot.but enjoy the vacation I am also in my native place. Madurai intamilnadu state….

    1. I will miss you guys even though it’s only for one week but as soon as I get back and settle down, I’ll read all comments. I hope to see some positive turn of events by the 17th of this month.. I’m wishful… ? I have a very hectic schedule for the upcoming week so that’s why I know I won’t get time to comment and I need sleep too ehh….. ?

    2. You enjoy your vacation to my friend…..

  11. Sapphire where are you? I’m missing you and your comment. Chat soon my friend… Will be checking tonight to see if you came here……


    1. I’m glad to get a feed back from you my dear…… I will do as you say and yes…will chat when I get back….. Lots of love…… ?….and I’m going to ??now…… Take care yourself….

  13. Wow- this show is now really worth watching- now that Janvi sees what nisha is like- glad to see adi went to see Janvi – thank you for the updates – hope you are having fun Naz – enjoy.

  14. indera sanichara

    Naz enjoy your holiday girl, we woman work too much in these modern times.I feel like pushing Neisha under a moving truck, this woman is spineless and heartless I don’t know when these writers will free Adi. Jhanvi if you ever trust that Neisha again I am done with this serial.

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