Woh Apna Sa 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jhanvi and Adi dead

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Scene 1
Samar hits Adi. He falls down. Jhanvi runs after Adi. He grasps her and says Adi is gone. I am your today he was your yesterday. She says I hate you don’t dare touching me. She shoves him and runs towards Adi. Jhanvi screams everywhere for help. Samar and Nishar are looking from above. Jhanvi screams and cries for help.
Jhanvi says Adi please open your eyes. Adi opens his eyes. Nisha says this is all your fault. you took my kids and adi from me. They were mine. Because of you Adi is in this situation. Why did you become his wife. Samar says Jhavni is only mine. She won’t be Adi’s anymore. Jhanvi picks up Adi and takes him towards the car. Samar shoves adi away and grasps Jhanvi. She says don’t touch me. I hate you. You thought I would come to you if you do

this to my husband. I hate you. He says you are making a mistake. Adi is gone. I won’t let you be his. Jhanvi runs towards Adi. Nisha tries to go them but a fire surrounds them. Nisha can’t come close to them. Nisha says see your Devi ma has also made things difficult for you.
Nisha says Adi wont be yours ever. I will be Adi’s widow and you are just a third woman. Adi says Jhanvi is mine and I am Jhanvi’s. You have no space in my life. I love Jhanvi. Even when I die Jhanvi will still be my love. Jhanvi says nothing would happen to you.
Nisha shoots Jhanvi. Adi screams her name. Jhanvi falls down.
Nisha says she will die Adi. Come to me. Adi holds Jhanvi. Nisha says Adi stay away from her or I will shoot you too. Adi caresses Jhavni’s face. Nisha shoots Adi as well.
Adi and Jhanvi are covered in blood. They hug each other. Adi closes his eyes. He recalls their moments together. The song Hamari Adhuri Kahani. They recall their wedding and all the moments spent together. Jhanvi rests her head on his chest. She dies as well.
They both die.

Scene 2
Adi and Jhanvi’s funeral is going on. Chini is making their photo wear garland. Nisha comes there. Babasa says don’t dare entering this house.
Raj says no more drama. Get out of here. Nisha says I know I have hurt you all. I don’t want any drama either. I just came to meet my Adi. Want to do pooja for him. Trust me it was very difficult for me too. With Adi I will have to see this other woman Jhanvi’s face too. Please dont’ stop me today. I am Adi’s wife. His widow. You can’t stop me from praying for him. Babasa says you ruined his life. You took his life. No matter what you say we all know you killed him no matter what you potray otherwise. Kakasa says get out of here. She says shut up. You can’t ask me to go from here. We were not divorced. I am his widow. I have right to live in this house. Everything he has was mine. No one can stop me from living here.
She sits in front of his picture and prays. Babasa says you no right on this house. Adi knew what would you do so he named everything on my name a few days ago. Chini says to Nisha go from here. We don’t need you. You will pay for your sins and my Jhanvi ma and apap will come back. We hate you.

Precap- A young guy is running on the bike, its Adi. Jhavni is a young model.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Know what

  2. And by seeing this epi I will die….
    What the hell?
    In starting of this show I thought something and it came out something other…..
    Hate you CVS and writer….

    In promo:
    *Jahnvi will take care of Adi, his family and his daughter. This story is about a step mom how she take care of her step children.*

    Now there is no clue about Cinni Binni.

    Its title woh apna sa does not suit ?

    Go to the hell. All of you so called writer and CVS.

    1. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying…. The writers have totally deviated from the namesake of what this serial is based upon… What a waste! No one is ever happy in these serials… No one!!!

      1. Hmmmm……..
        total shit……
        There are just wasting time……
        I want to break their faces……

  3. hahahahahahahaha once again a joke has been played on d viewers and we’re left again with another dead couple hmmm these writers only kno pne ting reincarnation. y cant couples b happy in d here and now y dey gotta die and b reborn to die and b reborn damn im gettin a headache wei

  4. This show is very disappointing at this time…smh

  5. What crap. I think, midway the writer/ producer forgot what they started out with. They got misled. lol.

    1. Dear Angel u are right d writers forget wat they themselves started with… DON’T u remember d best serial BALLIKA BADHU!!!!!!!

  6. What nonsense episode was this! Just u people dont hv creativity n sense u can show watever u feel…how happily u show devi maa too wants death of innocent n samar n nisha succeeded in killing two people n still not arrested… leap dikhane ka yeh kya tarika hua bhala…I must say u writers should quit this writing profession.. again u ll start afresh the same drama of conspiracies plotting trouturing n again a punar janam or this time get bhoot pret blackmagic or same old rotten drama… when u hv nothing more in ur creation then u could hv ended d show by showing nisha behind bars n adi n jhanvi living happily ever after… why this dragging??? I m sure after few episodes with this rebirth drama u guys will be lost n so will ur track n them again another leap with some stupid storyline…. its better to listen to old music then to watch such absurd serials n waste ur time n damage ur brain…now hw do d writers expect the audience to watch chinni binni accepting a young couple adi n jhanvi who would be close to their age as their mom n dad… I wont watch this
    serial anymore… just scrap scrap scrap…

  7. i will continue to watch this shitty serial even i love a good laugh hahaha

    1. Good Lord Jayashree u hv loads of patience… hats off to u

  8. Adi looked stunning…love adi

  9. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha this is shit writers i suggest you go do a complete cleansing of all the shit in your brain; so now evil wins once more again and the evil ones are not exposed, writers you are so damn stupid that in all the serials the one thing that the viewers look forward to is the exposing of the evil ones yet you always mess up now tell me who on earth want to see adi and jhanvi come back as kids; this is total crap, so what enjoyment did we get out of this serial and all the others none; poor jhanvi never got to feel adi inside her and experience marital bliss and as for adi at least he got a taste of it when he laid nisha but poor jhanvi left this world a virgin and adi left with blue balls for all the suffering she put him through for nisha so all in all this serial was just a waste of precious time looking and waiting for poetic justice anyway this is the norm for all you serials to end so i am truly serious this time i quit watching all of them and to all my good forum friends naz and jayashree i am sorry to stop but i cannot continue watching serials that just aint making sense especially when they never and i say never have good ending.

    1. Dear Sapphire how wonderfully u hv used words n how truly u hv justified d feelings of adi n jhanvi… mindblowing… mr writers please read d comments of d viewers u people will definitely get to know wats creativity from d viewers… am I not right Sapphire????

    2. Missy, you better not go anywhere.

  10. Heights of the stupidity n crap of d writers is not only we viewers hv to see adi n jhanvi as kids but also this dat nisha n stupid samar living together as couple… wat a love nisha had for adi n samar had for jhanvi… evil kill good people n without being exposed are going to enjoy life for 20years happily with getting inside eachother n enjoying every morning blues…. horrible

  11. no no sapphire i will miss your comments will you leave poor ole me to watch this chaotic nonsense all by meself? na do not do that and Teesta you made me laugh i am losing patience but i want to see if the same shit will happen when the rebirth takes place for now i am keeping my cool lol its only so much nonsense one can take what was once a good serial has now gone kaput

  12. Memory loss for producer

  13. I am taking Aldith’s advice, just watch and have a good laugh, not letting this get to me AGAIN…. I refuse to get any extra grey hairs because of this crappy ass of a serial… Since many months, today I’ve LMFAO with what I’ve read….and the comments today are so damn awesome!!! Sapphire darling, I agree with your comment 100% ….and like KC and the Sunshine Band says… PLEASE DON’T GO…. I’M BEGGING YOU TO STAY.. and to Cathy, Teesta, Angel, Indi, Leisa, Arpita Ragini and Heidi…please don’t go too. Jayashree, I know you ain’t going anywhere. To those who probably left us, I wish they’d come back, just to have a good laugh!! ?????.. Winchester, Fama, Priya, Alia, Bulbul… Hoping to read your comments again here…im sure they’ll be priceless!! So…… When this website was being upgraded, there was a feedback section and I gave my contribution along with others and each comment was personally answered by the Administrator. I would think that the telly update website has a direct link to all these serials, so I personally believe that writers do read the comments but since they all start out so grandly and optimistically, when the shit really stick in their assess, they don’t know what to do or where to go, so they start the reincarnation thing. Sapphire, Jayashree and Leisa knows what happened in ETRETR ,I think Cathy was there too…what a sordid mess writers made with that serial …..my darling Raja and his Rani, reincarnated not once but TWICE…. So in my mind, writers know that they have screwed up and it time to clean the mess, so it’s reincarnation time. If Jhanvi suffered Adi so much for a romp in the sack, would she be more daring now to give him her cherry??? I always saw a reservation on Disha’s body language when she was in intimate scenes with Sudeep, she was too wooden whereas Riddhi was more relaxed and a helluva s*xy mama, even her walk was hottttt….. Now that Adi and Jhanvi will be reprised being a couple, how the heck are writers going to incorporate their resemblance to two daughters left behind as being related to them? What’s going to happen with all the family members? Are writers going to wipe this previous script off as if it never existed? So was all these months a waste of time? What blasted connection will Sudeep and Disha’s characters have with this family? They won’t be Jhanvi and Adi… They’ll be someone else so what business of theirs will it be to bring an aged Nisha to justice?? Because they happen to look like Adi and Jhanvi?? For the umpteenth time I’m saying… The title of this serial is wrong…..it should have been ” the homewrecker ” …because that’s what was done with Jhanvi’s character….writers made her earn a fan base of haters….

  14. Like seriously rebirth… They were showing 2017 now what they will show 3017…. The scene with etretr was different that show was showing 19s century so rebirth was logical but, what WAS will show us??????
    Aldith and Naz both of you are right let’s have a good laugh instead of stress taking. So I had a good laugh. And joining again….

    Well not what to do got such good friends.

    Well now the show is not about the step mother or changing the definition of another women… Now it’s a simple, same, common serial nothing new, they lost it’s cham, and the meaning of title. Really disappointed with the writers.

    1. Read “Well not want to go got such good friends..”
      Sorry for typo errors

    2. Gosh… Welcome back Bulbul. ???…good idea, no more stress, let’s find common ground to have a good laugh, so from now on no more stress taking, it’s stress buster from WAS. I laughed so hard when you asked… What will they show us when we are in 2017…i wonder what 20 yrs from now will look like?? ??…ohh wait, let’s see…. WAS will show us soon. I hope Jhanvi wardrobe changes and she is wearing hot psychedelic colors, hairdo to kill, an attitude to die for and definitely a brain in her head!!!

  15. i actually like the person who will be our next nisha i do not think i have seen her in a negative role let us see if she is as good as riddhi and naz i am not going any where and i hope sapphire is not too you better give your valuable comment here it is always a pleasure to read your comments sapphire let us just see what WAS has in store for us i am wondering if they will die again and again lmao

    1. Jayashree, Divali will be celebrated across here on the 18th…forgot to tell you. From your comment, I was wondering..are you up to date on current episodes or suffering like us from delayed telecasts?? As you’ve mentioned, you said the actress portraying Nisha’s role is known for good roles….i will really miss Riddhi, it’s the first time I’ve seen her work and she was fabulous as Nisha, hoping this new entry does justice!!! ??

  16. Winchester

    What the hell!!! ??? Like seriously…. Another good serial gone to waste???

    Well guys have already cursed the writers to the hearts extent…. I don’t think there is anything left for me to say… So i’ll say something good.
    The actors did justice to their roles…. The dying part broke my heart…. And i had tears in my eyes… It was very emotional scene.
    Hey Naz… And everyone else… I know i’ve been gone for a long time… But i was very busy… I wasn’t even watching it daily…i just started catching up this week and realized so much has happened… There is nothing we can do. It was obvious with the last part that chini bini will take revenge of their parents death from nisha… And might play cupid too.
    About the reincarnation thing…. I think writers should be prepared for that… And set the story in time accordingly…in the present time and 20 years later… They are still using the same technology ???

    It is tough to say goodbye to Adivi…????

    1. Winchester dear… The morgue is probably almost filled to capacity with dead leads. I was hoping that you come on to at least check where this serial was heading, thank goodness you did. What would you prescribe for us the viewers to calm our runaway emotions?? While you were away, we have decided to use a tablespoon of laughter with honey to calm the head. No more abuse we would accept, writers can do whatever they want from now on, laughter is proving to really be the best meds around. I’m exhausted from being a beast with narration, so I also want to say…kudos to the actors for having patience to carry out their roles even though they must have secretly thought “what the blazes”.. Sudeep was always super in his role because writers didn’t deviate from his purpose, Riddhi was the boss!! How she could be so seductive, calculating and charming all in one was amazing. Disha was almost perfect till the writers decided to get more comments in this forum so they made her a weak character which wasn’t fair because Jhanvi was a career driven young professional till she fell in love and became a nanny to Nisha , never mind Chinni Binni, they are kids, even I would do the same. As you’ve said, we really just have to go with the flow now. I’m sad to see these pretty girls go and since we are so far behind in actually episodes, I won’t accurately describe how the end scenes of this season went till I see it. I’m sure I’m going to cry a bucket.. ??….wonder if the other cast members will be changed!!! ??..anyway, I know you schedule is busy Doctor but drop in now and then when you can, ? ..always happy to get you feedback. Take care …

  17. Hi Naz and other friends, I have totally enjoyed reading all your comments. I had a good laugh!
    Well, as I said in a previous post, WAS has bitten the dust! The show ended up being a total disaster! The writers totally lost sight of the main theme of the show when they allowed Aditya to play husband to both Nisha and Jhanvi, and forced Aditya/Jhanvi to play hide and seek to spend time with each other despite being newly wed ! While we got to see Jhanvi being a stepmother to Chinni and Binni, we never got to see Aditya/Jhanvi as a true married couple nor did we get to see them and the children being a true family. Not to mention the fact that Aditya/Jhanvi never got to consummate their marriage before their deaths- total waste of a storyline and totally disappointing!
    Now as to the pending reincarnation track- since I don’t believe in reincarnation, the storyline does not appeal to me in the least! Further, I don’t look forward to Aditya playing the role of a 20 year old since I enjoyed him acting as someone in his 30s (just as his real age) and Jhanvi acting as someone in her 20s (just as her real age) as I have enjoyed their age difference dynamics! With the reincarnation track. this ‘age difference’ aspect will be totally lost and to make matters worse, Chinni and Binni will be older than their ‘reborn’ parents! What a disaster!
    I will most likely watch the first few episodes to see if it the new track has any appeal BUT as far as I’m concerned, WAS in the true sense died along with the premature deaths of Aditya/Jhanvi. I hope for the writers/producers sakes, that their Indian Trp audience will love and watch the ‘new’ reincarnated WAS.

  18. This is stupidity of the highest level i cant believe that they are showing such freaking crap plz critisize so that the trp goes down and it goes off air i cant tolerate it any more am so done with it like seriously done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. sigh..hmmmm… wat is it wit reincarnation dat all writers lose their mind and go of on dat track. y is it dat evil always win and d evil doers r never punished. y only d law-abiding god fearing ppl always loses and end up dead. im deeply disappointed in WAS thought someting more positive wouldve happenned but total disregard was shown for d msin theme of this WAS. nas, jayashree, saphire bulbul i agree wit u all im jus gonna sit back and get my jones on how these writers tend to go about dis reincarnation crap

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