Woh Apna Sa 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Jia sees Babasa

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Scene 1
Samar says to Nisha what to do next? She says I have planned a game and Arjun will be its pawn. Samar says I didn’t get it. Nisha says just know that we have to win the remaining part of the game as well.
Arjun tells Bablu how he fooled Nisha and samar. Bablu says you are so clever. Arjun says they gave me this money. Arjun says now I know who is Jia. She is a witch. She was in fire and nothing happened to her. Nothing was burning her at all. He says don’t make stories. Arjun says no she was in fire and nothing happened to her.

Jia calls someone and says I will be there. I won’t tell anyone. The man says I have to give injection. It will only affect her for half an hour only. Due to injection Nisha won’t be able to see or hear much. Are you gonna

steal in her house? Jia says no are you mad. Do your work and leave from there.
Kaki ma says do arti before you leave. Jia says your blessings are with me. Kaki says I don’t wanna lose you again. Please take care of yourself. Jia says Nisha doesn’t know me yet. I now have my family. I wont give up. I will get you your right. We will win this time.

Scene 2
Nisha is in her lounge. She tries to take water. The doctor gives her water. Nisha says why you look so worried? He says nothing. Its very hot today. Let me give you your injection for good sleep. Nisha says okay. he gives her injection.
Jia goes out. Arjun stops her and says you are a witch. She says I don’t have time. He takes her bag. Jia says give me bag back. I have to go. I am getting late. He says I have a condition. She says what. he says come close. She tries to snatch her bag. He holds her hand. Jia recalls her moments with Adi. Arjun says in heart its time to test this witch. He lits lighters near her hand but she doesn’t feel it. Arjun says bablu see she doesn’t get burned. She is a witch. Jia says this is why you talk about old life. Jia says let me go. He gives her bag and says I don’t steal. Give me my phone back. She says loser I don’t have time. Arjun says my madam has hired me they are big people. Jia says go to tell. She goes. Bablu has fallen asleep. He says I didn’t see anything I slept. Arjun says she is a witch. They follow her.

Scene 2
Nisha is half asleep. Jia comes there as Jhanvi. She closes the lights. Jhanvi says I told you leave my family. Nisha says why can’t I walk. Jia says you can’t walk now. you wanted to harm my family. Stay away from them. Nisha is scared and can’t get up. Jia says you will pay for your sins. your countdown has started. The door knocks. Jhanvi wonders who is that. Babasa says save me. Who is here. get me out of here please. Jia goes there. Nisha shouts Samar. Jhanvi came here. She said she will ruin my life. She found me here as well. She is a ghost. Samar says control yourself. She says i am not lying. Nisha says go there and see. She was there. Samar goes in that direction. He turns on lights and looks everywhere. samar sees the door open. Jia is running from there. She says I hope no one is following me. She sees watchman. Arjun comes there and says witch. Jia says what are you doing here. They hide behind the car. Jia says what if someone sees me. She falls on him. Arjun says you don’t get burned. can I test it once again please? He burns her hand. She hits him with stone. Samar comes there. Jia puts hand on his mouth. She says keep quite please.
Samar comes towards them.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Let adi also to get back his memory…Both will take their revenge on nishaa..Bcs adi suffered a lot Bcs of Nisha so he should get his memory first…


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